Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 25th June 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asthana mansion
Meera sees a blood stained knife in her child’s crib, and goes on to take it, with horror and is scared for her child, and runs shouting about her child. the family assumes that she has killed the child. As shyama comes in with the child, all are relieved, but get scared when meera runs towards the child with a knife. ammaji stops her saying that does she want to kill the child with this knife. Meera realises that she’s carrying the knife, and gets scared herself. She throws the knife away, and forcibly takes the child from shyama. nandini comes in and tries to calm meera down, saying that shyama would take good care of her child, and asks her to come with her to their room to rest for a while, as she trusts her, and

gives the child from her to shyama. Meera goes with her. Asthana watches this from a distance. All are shocked to see this. Asthana says that its very dangerous to keep a mental patient in a normal house, as Meera is the biggest threat to her baby, and that they should put her in an asylum. All are shocked and badi bi expresses surprise to send meera, the orphan in such a condition. Asthana tries to reason that its for the best, and decides to call the asylum. As he turns around, he has a victorious smile on his face, while badi bi is shocked.

Nandini tells meera, in her room that all are with her, but she has to be able to control herself. Meera keeps ranting for her

child, and hugs nandini. Nandini assures that her child is in good hands, and that she should focus on herself. Badi bi comes and asks if she trusts nandini. Badi bi asks her to compose herself, or else it would be very worse. Meera asks what happened. Badi bi doesnt tell her anything, and tells that nandini would handle her child, and offers to sit with her in the meantime. Nandini leaves, while meera sleeps on her lap. Badi bi highly tensed for her, remembering Asthana’s suggestion. She hopes that all the power is in wrong hands, and that Balraj is doing whatever he always wanted, and that meera was just a medium to get what he wanted, and now she would be left to die. She resolves herself that she wont let this happen to her, as she cant lose her. She puts meera to sleep on the bed. She accidentally throws the oil bottle, and when she realises that this is the bottle that is used for massaging Meera, and she understands that balraj has tampered with it. Badi bi thinks that this is Asthana’s cruel plan.

Asthana talks on the phone, saying that now’s the time to send meera to the asylum and that her condition shouldnt progress, and that he’s sending the injections. He says that they should send people to take meera to the asylum. He changes his tone to a sympathetic one, seeing badi bi in front of her, saying that obviously meera’s care would be better in the hospital than in the house, pretending to show concern for meera. Badi bi cancels the call, and asks how dare her do this, and that she is cursing him for stooping to such levfel, that for an heir, a son, and for the wealth, he turned inhumane, and a demonic character. she says that she was so tensed as to what is the problem, as all the medications were given under her supervision, and that is when she stumbles on the oil bottle. She tells that she has found out his truth, about him lacing the oil with poison, thats causing her to go mad. She curses him for being a father who killed his newborn daughter, and tried to kill his wife too, but she kept quiet just because of his children who she didnt want to be orphans. As she sees asthana smiling, badi bi asks him that he doesnt have any regret. She says that she would also reveal everything behind the curtains. Asthana mocks her that he’s very scared, and asks her what would she say, and why would anyone believe her. He reclines on the sofa, gloating that whatever he does, he doesnt have any evidence, then how would she prove, as her own medical history shows lots of diseases, and hallucination too is one of them. He asks her whats the proof. She says that his own wife would give testimony against him. As asthana laughs at such an idea as dead people cant talk, she tells and shocks him saying that Uma, his wife is alive. asthana says that he’s lying, and that badi bi was tgaking care of her, when he was in foreign, and that why had she lied about this, for all thses years. She laughs at the idea that he is one to ask such a question. She says that she did this for his children in the hope that one day he would grow to love them. She says that his own son, Ani also didnt get any love from him. She reminds her about his changed attitude towards meera when he got to know that meera was carrying ani’s child. she deems him to be mad. asthana says that he isnt mad, but ambitious that he wants to rule the world on hsi own terms, and that they all are mad, and have no significance but he is the destiny maker, and has this power, and today too, that would happen what he wants. Badi bi says that if this is what he wants, then so be it. She says that she would get Uma when she asks her to, to show his true face to his sons and all the world. Asthana looks at him surprised, refusing to believe that uma is alive. Badi bi says that time would prove her right.

Agastya and his brother decide what is to be done next, and that they are going according to plan. As he is asked why is he doing so secretively, agfastay tells that he wants to use Asthana’s contacts against him, and once he is sure of that, only then he would come out full frontal against him. His brother wishes him good luck. Agastya leaves.

Meera is behind the closed doors, and is crying out for her child. As nandini and shyama go to give her the baby, they are stopped by ammaji who tells them that meera has gone mad, and that she herself doesnt know what world she is in. Meera, on the other hand, resigns to sobbing, crying out that she doesnt want her child to be taken away, as he needs his mother, and that she isnt mad, and that they should believe her. ammaji laments as to whats happening. nandini says that they are doing injustice to meera by taking her child away from meera. Ammaji reminds her the knife incident and leaves it on nandini’s discretion. they ask badi bi what to do now. Badi bi asks them to be with meera, and also take the child, but without anyone seeing, thinking that it would calm meera. She tells them to wait for tomorrow. They ask what would happen tomorrow. She says that something volcanic would happen, and then things would take a turn either side, for the best or the worst. While they are surprised, the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Badi bi is determined that tomorrow Uma would come and tell his children and the whole family the truth behind Asathana mask, and that would be the end of his reign. Asthana, in his office calls up and tells them to come and take the person tomorrow from his house. they ask if its someone, who poses as a threat. He says that it isnt a man but a woman, and that she doesnt bear any relation to their family, and that she isnt mad also. But he instructs them to come and to tell her repeatedly that she’s mad and take her away.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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