Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th June 2013 Written Episode, ABade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with a scene at Ram’s house. Soumya comes and Ram tells her he has seen something for Karthik on internet. He asks did she had a fight with Rishabh. They have a talk. He tells let them tell against me, so what, let them think anything. Soumya tells we are a family. Ram says till when, they will learn one day, why should we fight. Soumya goes to prepare food.

Pihu comes to Pihu, Pihu says my tooth came out, how will I sing? Priya says where do you have to sing, Pihu shows Priya the form which Kush gave her. Ram comes and says you can still sing, you don’t need teeth to sing. Priya says we did not hear you sing. Pihu says come in the competition and listen there, Pihu asks can I participate, Ram says yes and fills the form.

Scene shifts to Ram:

Ram is sad thinking about Priya and Natasha. Ram says she is not talking to me, whats going on. Ram says we were in car and I wanted her to talk to me, but she did not. Whats this, we need to talk. But these matters have come between us. Vikram pacifies Ram. Vikram and Ram have a discussion, while Priya and Neha have a discussion. Neha tells you are being unfair towards Ram. Ram was emotional in Natasha’s case, he was not listening to anyone. Priya says he should have told me once about his plan. Neha says I heard Ram and Natasha talking, Natasha have given Ram a choice to choose between her and you, and Ram without thinking chose you. Priya says why is Natasha doing all this. Neha says Ram really loves you, you should understand him, you need time. Priya says it hurts me, even I want everything to be normal again. Ram should have thought the consequences, Ram thinks about Natasha. Neha says he needs you. Priya says I know. Neha asks her to inform her about her appointment, as she will come with her. Neha leaves.

Scene shifts to Shipra:

Shipra brings tea for Rishabh. He comes to meet Natasha. Natasha comes there taking care of the baby. Shipra asks her to take care of herself. Natasha says no, I will do the work. Shipra leaves Rishabh and Natasha to talk. He says I don’t believe its you Natasha. He says I will arange a maid for you, she says I don’t need any help. She cares for the baby. He asks what happened, she thinks about Ram. She says Ram did not call her, he would have come to meet Karthik. Rishabh says he is worried about Priya. She is annoyed on Ram. Rishabh says Ram is only worried about Priya and his to be baby.

Scene shifts to Priya:

Priya is on the way to the doctor, she says she is pregnant second time and she can take care. She says she does not understand why Pihu came with her. Pihu says you are wasting energy talking so much, Pihu gives her instructions. Pihu says you have to listen to me and papa. Priya hugs Pihu. Pihu calls and says we reached the clinic, you come soon. Priya says why did you call, he has a meeting. Neha comes and says she called me, not Ram. Priya says she gave me so many instructions all the way. Priya meets the doctor, the doctor says there is nothing to worry. The doctor shows some magic to Pihu, she shows the baby to Pihu. Pihu cannot see it, and says where is it. Pihu says she cannot see the face. The doctor says look at the broad smile. Pihu says can I talk to the baby, she says yes, go close to your mum’s tummy. Pihu talks with the baby. Priya kisses Pihu.

Scene shifts to Ram:

Ram sees time in the meeting and everyone ask him to start the presentation, Ram asks them to wait. Vikram says Rishabh is not taking the call. Ram says the papers are with him. Vikram talks with the clients, asking them to reschedule the meeting. Rishabh comes and asks why did they go. Ram says you came late, why. Rishabh says yes, I was busy, I went to see Natasha. Rishabh says Bhai, do you remember Natasha or you forgot. Ram asks for files, and Rishabh says this is not my work. I will not do it, you ask Vikram. I’m not a slave, I m the company’s director. Ram and Vikram see each other’s face.

Scene shifts to Rahul:

Rahul and Cadu are sharing some time. Rahul tells her about the lipstick’s story. Cady says if anone asked me so many questions, I would not have answered it. Neha and Priya come to the same restaurant. Rahul sees Neha and hides his face. He says he has to go, you handle everything. Rahul goes to the washroom. Neha sees Cady, and talks to her. Neha asks her are you with Rahul, Cady says no, I m with a friend. Cady goes to say Hi to Priya. Neha goes to the washroom. Neha calls Rahul, he picks up the call. Rahul says I m in college. He says I;m in my class. Neha says ok. She knocks the washroom door. Rahul is inside. Neha leaves from there. Neha sees Cady, and asks the waiter with whom did Cady came. The waiter says she came with a guy. Rahul comes out from the washroom. Neha says she cannot eat, she is worried, and cannot take risk with Priya’s health.
Priya says I want to talk to Natasha. Neha says thats a good idea, the confusion will end. Priya hope so, they leave from there. Neha thinks Cady and Rahul are not together.

Scene shifts to Shipra:

Priya, Neha and Pihu come and see Natasha. Shipra asks them to get in, they see Ayesha and Natasha. Priya asks Natasha how she is, Natasha says she is fine. Priya asks about Karthik. Priya asks about the baby. Natasha says fine. Ayesha tries to look friendly with Natasha. Natasha talks to Ayesha, not Priya. Shipra asks Ayesha to give the baby to Priya. Natasha does not agree. Priya feels bad.

Precap: Pihu talks to Ram, saying she saw the baby. Ram asks her to go to her room, he will come. Pihu goes, Ram comes to Priya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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