Junoon 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Junoon 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Junoon 25th June 2013 Written Update

Shalu and Ishwar Pandey’s confrontation/Prithvi is hostage
Shalu says that Ishwar Pandey was a self-centered man and he used to treat Shalu as an object who was meant for embellishing the house. She weeps and tells how Ishwar Pandey used to ill-treat her nad rests her head upon Prithvi’s chest. But it turns out to be Ishwar Pandey and while Shalu weeps he takes out a gun and points it on Shalu’s head. The latter is taken aback and pulls back and Ishwar Pandey smirks and says that he is back. He tells her that she needs to be punished for whatever she did to him and teases her that she looks too beautiful when she is angry. Shalu also takes out her gun and aims at Ishwar Pandey and confronts him. She says that she is not his doe who used to get hell-scared of him. She is Shalu Pandey and she knows

how to give it back. Ishwar Pandey gets a shock to see this new, confident Shalu and suddenly the lights go off. Prithvi tries to reach the glass bottles while still being tied to the chair and in his attempt to do so he falls down. But still he staggers forward and manages to get hold of a broken shard. He holds it in his mouth and then takes it in one of his hands and tries to the cut the rope tying his hands. While doing so he injures his hand but after a lot of difficulties manages to free himself. Mishra jee and Chachi rush into Shalu’s room to see her sitting on the floor. They ask her if she is alright and said that they heard a pistol shot. Mishra jee asks her the name of the person who tried to attack her so that he may kill him. Shalu says that Ishwar Pandey is back. Mishra jee and Chachi get the shock of their lives. Shalu tells them whatever had happened and also says that all these while they were mistaken that Prithvi was the real culprit. She also tells them that it was Ishwar only who went into her room on that night. She says that he must be lurking nearby and they must find him and kill him. Shalu and Mishra jee begin to look for Ishwar Pandey all around the house. Suddenly they hear a strange noise and enter Prithvi’s room and Prithvi comes in. They both point their guns at him but Shalu spots Meera’s photo in his pocket and lowers her gun. Mishra jee is not convinced when she says that it is Prithvi but reluctantly obeys her. But it is actually Ishwar Pandey and when they leave he smirks at having fooled them. Prithvi finds himself in a room with black walls but there is no exit in that room. He desparately tries to locate an exit door or window when suddenly he sees a glass wall in front of him and on the other side of the glass wall is his own bedroom where Ishwar is sitting. Prithvi bangs on the glass wall but no one can hear him. Iswar Pandey looks at Meera’s photo and says that he never took any help from anyone but today he sought help from Meera’s photo. Prithvi gets furious to see him looking at Meera’s photo and shouts at him but he cannot hear Prithvi. Ishwar was about to throw the photo but he looks at it and says that he will keep that photo safe, may be it can again help him in the future and kisses it. Mishra jee asks Shalu how she can be so sure that it was Prithvi and Shalu says that he had Meera’s photo with him. Shalu plans to teach Ishwar a lesson and trap him in his own game. On the other hand, Ishwar Pandey recollects how Shalu looked at him fearlessly when he aimed the gun at her. He says to himself that the old fear is missing in his doe’s eyes and it is that fearful Shalu whom he loved. He has to bring back the fear in her eyes again.

Update Credit to: sue

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