Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 24th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 24th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 24th April 2013 Written Update

Madhav speaks to Aaru. He tells her not to spoil her studies bcoz of him. She retorts that she will not spoil her life bcoz of him. Her contacts get lost. Madhav tries to help and she shouts at him.

Dadi enters and Aaru asks permission from Dadi to go out with friends. Dadi insists on Madhav accompanying her. Madhav and Aaru try to avoid the situation but she insists.
Dadi gives earrings to Aaru and asks Madhav to help her. Madhav tries to help and manages
to put them on her. Aaru and Madhav are totally embarrassed.

Aaru and Madhav are in the car. Radio is on and all romantic songs are played on all channels. Madhav finally switches it off. Aaru removes the earrings and orders Madhav to drop her then and there. She says she doesn’t want her friends to see with him. Madhav drops her and leaves.

In Madhav’s office, an employee is reporting to Rahul about the reduction of calls from female fans due to revealation of Madhav being Ehsaas. He replies that everything will be back to normal once Ehsaas is back.

The employee agrees and praises Aaru. He furthers adds that Rahul also must get married now and that many girls are interested in him. Rahul replies that they are not my type. Madhav enters and asks what his type is. Rahul tries to evade but on Madhav insistence describes a girl’s characteristics. Madhav completes like Aaru. Rahul is shocked and questions him.

Madhav tells Rahul the reality of his marriage and that Divorce is inevitable. He also says that he wants Rahul to marry Aaru once the divorce happens. Rahul is angry and shouts. All employees are shocked. This alerts the two and they continue their chat softly. Rahul and Madhav try to convince each other but both are adamant in their stance. Rahul leaves defeated. Madhav looks on.

Bharthi calls Madhav to inquire about Aaru. He replies that she need not worry abt Aaru. She’ll be back fast from wherever she went.

At Madhav’s home, Pallavi gives the good news to Dadi and her dad about food coming from hotel. Dadi asks who got it. Aaru replies she did. They ask the menu and as Aaru replies

Bharthi comes and taunts her. Bharthi says in the morning she was giving lecture abt oily food and now she orders from outside. Aaru gives a befitting reply which shuts Bharthi up..

Madhav enters and Dadi asks Aaru what she ordered for him. She replies cold sandwich as he likes cold things.

Madhav asks abt Rahul and on finding that he hasn’t reached calls up office. Madhav gets to know Rahul is not there in office also.

Rahul is driving and thinking about what Madhav said. He decides to speak to Aaru and clear up all the misunderstandings.

Precap: Aaru asks Madhav his wallet to pay for the food and finds her photo in it. She is shocked and Madhav is feeling awkward..

Update Credit to: Maria

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