Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 21st May 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Pallavi asking Dadi to call her regularly when they are in Mumbai. Dadi replies with her sincerely happy smile and promises to call everyday. Pallavi then asks her to take care of herself, Dadi again replies about her “amazing bahu” being with her, and how she is there to look after her. Bharti asks her to take care of herself , and to take her medicines on time. Dadi again tells her not to worry because Aradhya is there. Dadi then tells Rahul with a grin plastered on her face to take care of everything , Rahul promises to do so.
The scene shifts to Mumbai, they arrived at the airport. Dadi asks Madhav if Rahul’s friend is coming to pick them up. Just then his friends calls , informs them he sent his chauffeur and a car. So they should be able to get back. Madhav goes on to look for the driver.
After he is gone, Aradhya asks Dadi if she needs water, Dadi tells her that she does. When Aradhya is on her way to get the water, she bumps on to a girl. (the new entry)
Aradhya looks annoyed and says ” EXCUSE ME” (quite different from usual Aradhya) but then the new girl says ” oh I am sorry I am in a hurry” Aradhya replies back with her gloomy smile “that’s okay”
The new girl is now elsewhere and she is talking to herself and complaining on how the agency people are always late! they never send the car on time. Just then she sees Ehsaas. She runs after him , and thinks to herself how is it possible that he is in Mumbai.

Against all odds the new girl is running after Madhav(Ehsaas) but can’t reach him. He is so close to her but he didn’t notice her despite her yelling “EHSAAS EHSAAS”. They are in the car, and they are seeing Mumbai closely. Just then Brij calls and enquires whether they’ve reached properly!
Madhav replies that they have. Then they reach Shinde residence (Gaurav Shinde and Smriti Shinde) are the couple with whom they are staying. Dadi tells Aradhya Gaurav is a close friend of Rahul’s. After Gaurav opens the door, he greets Dadi and Madhav. He is confused who she is, just then Madhav very awkwardly tells him she is his wife. Then they go sit at the living room. Gaurav apologizes for his absence at the airport. Dadi tells him that’s okay. Madhav asks them if it is okay that they’re staying here. Smriti says they are more than welcome to stay there and also told them about another guest who will be living with them. Anisha, is the guest’s name and she is Smriti’s friend’s sister. Smriti then guides Dadi to her room, and tells Maya their room is upstairs. Aradhya tells her she will stay with Dadi. But Dadi tells her that it’s fine, Smriti is there to look after her. aradhya is reluctant but they are then gone to their room. When they leave, turns out Smriti knows everything about Dadi’s plan. Dadi thanks her. Smriti then asks what the next plan is. Dadi says she has no idea, she has to call Rahul. When they call Rahul, Rahul is with Prerna at an ice cream shop. He lies and tells her the call is from Radio station. When Dadi calls, she asks Rahul what the next plan is. Rahul tells her to arrange a candle light dinner for MaYa. When Rahul hangs up, he comes back to Prerna and she is looking at a couple sharing ice cream. Rahul asks her what ice cream she will have, she says Raspberry. Rahul is startled, he asks Prerna he thought she doesn’t like Raspberry. But Prerna replies saying she loves whatever he loves. he runs off to get Prerna’s favorite chocolate ice cream.Rahul holds her hand and tells her he likes her the way she is.

Much to Prerna’s dismay, Rahul was unable to understand her wish to have Raspberry Ice cream in a cone TOGETHER. Prerna smiles to herself. The scene then shifts to Madhav and Aradhya in Mumbai, they are in their room, sharing a dresser. Aradhya tells madhav she forgot to get her toothbrush. Then, of course, Madhav went and got her toothbrush, pink, soft bristles. Just when he is getting out of the house, the taxi enters, Anisha comes out, Smriti’s friend’s sister and the same girl.
Smriti welcomes her. Anisha tells her she saw someone really special and she hopes that he even gets to know her when they meet. Madhav and Aradhya are in their room. Madhav returns with the brush, just then she finds her own brush. Madhav then asks her what he will do with the new toothbrush, she tells him he can use it. They are friends, so they share the same color. They are sharing a laugh just then Dadi enters and tells them they have to go for dinner with Gaurav. It doesn’t look good if they don’t , Dadi can’t go because she is not feeling well. They are reluctant but eventually agree. Anisha is on her way to the hotel (she is a hotel manager and has night shift). As she leaves, Dadi comes , Dadi asks about the guest and Smriti tells her that she just left.
Madhav comes out, a few seconds later Aradhya comes out. Dadi as usual praises her darling bahu on how khoobsurat she is.

They are at the hotel. Just then Madhav answers a call from Dadi. Dadi informed him about Gaurav’s inability to join them for dinner. Aradhya and Madhav are surprised. Anisha notices Ehsaas.

P.S – Anisha is a hotel manager. Works at night shift. Madhav and Aradhya are in that same hotel.

Precap : Madhav asks Aradhya he thought she was confused but she ordered all his favorite dishes. Aradhya tells him she didn’t order them. And they are both confused.

Update Credit to: ilovedhanjanird

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