Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st May 2013 Written Update

Saga Continues And Moves On With the scene of Baby Shower ceremony taking place. Kokila is wondering where the granny – mom side – to be is ; when Urmilaa rushes in along with Dhawal and Kinjal.

Just as they are about to begin the proceedings, Nani makes her grand appearance and everyone is happy.

Nani catches up with Meethi and comedy of errors starts. Well Nani says Meethi does not look like she is carrying and Kokila tries to correct the misinterpretations, misunderstandings in Nani’s mind but in vain. After much effort by Kokila, she is able to somehow make Nani see things correctly to some extent.

In between ; Urmilaa is mistaken to be Meethi’s Mother. At the end of it all, Nani says Urmilaa on the face of it does not look good and impressive. All those who are present enjoy and are amused by the whole incident of comedy of errors.

Nani presents Raashi with some jewelry and blesses Raashi. Rest of the family do likewise, and other invitees too follow the suit. In the background, Urmilaa’s face lights up with happiness.

Kinjal is called upon to tie the sacred thread on Raashi’s wrist by the Pandith. Kokila explains the significance of the thread that is to ward off evil and has to be tied only by the Aunt, from the father’s – of the child – side and later when the child is born it has to be removed by her, the Aunt.

Later Nani calls up for fun and dance. All present dance to the music.

Kinjal’s dress gets torn and Gopi takes her to her room and asks Kinjal to choose a saree from Gopi’s collection that are inside the wardrobe. Kinjal chooses a blue coloured saree, similar to Gopi’s.

Meanwhile, Kokila gives Prasad to Dhawal and blesses him with the wish that he has progress and success in life, and have a child soon.

With sheer misgivings writ large on his face, Dhawal excuse himself and goes in search of Kinjal.

In between the scenes ; Kinjal had come down from upstairs wearing the blue saree but she is not happy with the something and she goes back upstairs. Dhawal sees her.

In Gopi’s room, Gopi is having her back to the wall. Dhawal comes in and mistakes Gopi for Kinjal.

And Dhawal tells that they ought to inform the family of their divorce as he cannot carry on with the so called drama of marriage in front of the family.

Gopi is shell shocked. Dhawal leaves. Gopi wants to inform her Mom in law, Kokila.

Gopi as usual gets bogged down with Hetal and other things and hence not able to catch up with Kokila.

Also seeing Kokila happy, Gopi is left wondering what to do.

Baa gives documents pertaining to her bungalow to Raashi, the document gives rights to Raashi’s forthcoming twins.

Similar papers are given to Gopi, in Meera’s name, a factory. Kinjal too is promised of a bungalow whenever she informs of them of the good news, that she is pregnant.

Somewhere in between ; Dhawal is piqued, feels awkward, takes Kinjal aside and tells her whatever he had said upstairs to her, but in reality to Gopi, she ought to inform the family now of their divorce. A confused but angry Kinjal denies that he ever told her of any such thing. And Kinjal says in any case later or now, what difference it would make, that she would inform her family right away – of the divorce. She leaves. Dhawal follows, leaving behind a worried Urmilaa.

While Baa is talking of giving Kinjal’s child the bungalow, Kinjal tries to say something but is prevented by Urmilaa, Urmilaa stuffs a Sweet into Kinjal’s mouth and says the good news is in the offing, near future.

Gopi somehow wants to do something to prevent the impending divorce from happening. She is in deep thought.

And Episode Ends ! ! !

Update Credit to: Manzz

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