Anamika 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 21st May 2013 Written Update

Jeet is perplexed how the door got locked, but Anamika asks him to leave that and look at the house as this looks like a very different house. Jeet is looking confused, so Anamika asks what happened, so Jeet said that he is getting a feel that he has been here before. Though its getting dark, Anamika insists on seeing the whole house. Jeet says that this house has a lots of old stuff and she would have to change a lot of things if she wants to stay here, but Anamika says that she likes it this way with all the antique things giving the house a vintage look. She goes to see a mirror and scrapes her hand on the edge, and Jeet rushes to suck her blood to ease the pain (hayye so romantic). When he comes to senses, they both have an awkward moment and then they decide to leave, but the door is still stuck. Then the house door suddenly opens and the house agent comes and asks how they entered the house to which Jeet replies that the door was open. Jeet informs the agent that they have finalized this house and Anamika says she would like to shift tomorrow itself.

Jeet comes home and have a minor family chat while Rano asks Chavvi to call Jeet up, Chavvi says no as what excuse she will make, but just then Jeet calls up and asks her to get ready by 6 tomorrow as they have to go to Delhi for a press conference. next morning they are on the way, when Chavvi asks why they are going from a different route, to which Jeet replies that he has to pick Anamika up. Anamika is waiting on the road for Jeet and she gives a warm smile to her. Chavvi offers that she can sit in front with Jeet, while she herself will sit back, but Anamika says she does not travel with strangers so she would come on her own in her car and they can go in Jeet’s car, but Chavvi tells Jeet to go with Anamika, while she will bring Jeet’s car. She starts following them, but Anamika goes on increasing the speed which worries Chavvi.

Anamika stops her car at the same haunted haveli near Delhi and says that she found the house very interesting, but Jeet says this looks like some bhoot bangla, Anamika insists on seeing the house from inside, despite Jeet telling her that they have to go to Delhi. They enter the haveli and then within the house they move in separate directions. Jeet turns back and finds no signs of Anamika so starts calling out her name, then suddenly turns back shocked.

Precap: Chavvi’s car breaks down and some road side romeo is harassing her and she is pleading Rano to do something.


Update Credit to: dishu

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