Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 20th June 2013 Written Update

Starts with Aaru asking what Madhav and Aradhya are saying about her. Madhav says nothing and Aradhya says that he is tense and she was explaining there is no need for tension.

The phone rings and its a taxi for Aradhya. Aaru offers her a ride and invites her home. Maya and Aradhya come home and she is introduced to Bharti and Dadi. Madhav’s phone rings and he goes off. The ladies are all chatting with Brij as well. And Aradhya says that their babies should be born on the same day. Brij says that their destinies seem to be linked. Aaru wants to make tea, but Bharti refuses. Aaru says they treat her like glass. Aradhya agrees and says its nice that Aaru has someone to look after her. But that she and her husband have no one. Dadi says treat our family like yours and she is like a bahu and she will be in trouble if she does not look after herself. Bharti says come whenever she wants to. Dadi wants to do both of their godh barai together.

Days pass and Shekhar and Aradhya are also visiting. “Itni si hasi” playing in the background and the calendar used to show time passing again (they have arrived at June 2013 ). Both couples are shown. Aaru is feeling her stomach and Madhav says that the baby will be there soon. Aaru asks what if something happens during delivery? Madhav says nothing will happen. Shekhar tells Aradhya to go over to Maya’s house because he does not want her to be alone.

At the clinic Madhav and Shekhar are talking about delivery dates. Both ladies are in their ninth month. Shekhar hopes that the babies are born together, then they can grow up together. Shekhar says that because of Madhav’s family, nothing will happen to Aaru. He tells him to make sure that she takes her supplements.

Both ladies getting mehendi for godh barai. Dadi says that their husbands names should be written as well. Aaru says one minute. She says write Ehsaas. Aradhya is told the story of Ehsaas. Prerna is teased about Rahul and asked what she calls him and when she will give good news. She has planned a surprise for the godh barai.

Bharti dresses Aaru up for the function. Nice saas-bahu moments. Bharti tells Aaru to put sindoor and come down.

Aradhya is being readied by Dadi and Pallavi. Aradhya says that she feels like her own mother has readied her.

Aaru is searching for sindoor. She smiles patting her stomach. Madhav comes and says that he remembers their wedding. He has brought her a gift – a necklace. He promises that both she and the baby will never want for anything. Aaru says that when she opens her eye after delivery, he should be in front of her with the baby. She holds out her hand and says promise me. He goes to put his hand on hers, but hearing Bharti’s voice call out stops. Their hands don’t touch.

Aaru asks him to take her downstairs, he says have you taken your medicine. She says that he is acting as if she will die if she does not take it for day. Madhav puts his hand over her mouth and says if she ever says this again, then he will also give up his life. Aaru in turn puts her hand over his mouth. They hold hands, both serious.

Precap: Madhav gives Aaru a flying kiss. On the street, he is picking something up, when he is knocked down by a truck.

Update Credit to: slmu

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