Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th June 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with all the ladies singing the song while cooking in the portico. Bhoomi comes and says wonderful, this is a good barbeque. Ansubaa says you will talk with me in English? Bhoomi says no baa. Ansubaa asks about barbe que. Bhoomi tells her about Barbeque parties in America. Bhoomi says they have to do their own work in America as the law is strict. Ansubaa asks her about her family. Bhoomi tells about her mom and Nans and says her nans has same values and likes as Ansubaa. Ansubaa says she wants to talk to her Nans. Bhoomi says she will make the call but Ansubaa says she wants to talk on the palmtop as other side can be seen. Bhoomi says she will bring it but she is stop by Kishan who holds her hand and as usual gets romantic. Avni sees them and smiles. Ansubaa asks her to bring the palmtop. She says she is going to bring it.

Kishan comes back and sits on the sofa, Avni gives him corn to eat and tease him. Dilip tells Kishan we will eat now as we have to leave for Rajkot. Bhoomi bring the palmtop and connects the videocall to Nans. Nans says Paddy told her everything about her family and he is very happy with them. Nans says Paddy told her about the order which Paddy gave to Kishan on your insistence. Nans says paddy can do anything for you. Bhoomi and others are shocked. Bhoomi tells Nans that Ansubaa wants to talk to her. She gives the call to Ansubaa. Ansubaa greets Nans. Nans tells her Kishan used to miss her when he was in America. Kishan listens sadly. Nans thanks Ansubaa for accepting Bhoomi in her family. Ansubaa invites her to come to India. They cancels the call. Kishan gets tears in his eyes and so as Bhoomi. Bhoomi comes to Kishan to say her version but Kishan ignores her and tells Dilip we shall leave now.

Kishan comes inside his room, Bhoomi enters and says she was about to tell him. Kishan says but you didn’t tell me. Bhoomi says you are thinking wrong. Kishan says I thought you respects me but I will never forget your favour. He says I was about to surprise you but you surprised me before that. Bhoomi tries to speak but Kishan says he thought he got this order on his merit and now he is feeling really low in his eyes.

Bhoomi cries and tries to reason with him and says Paddy gave them order and he didn’t do any favour on them as he himself was in trouble. Kishan says but it was not looking with Nans talks. Kishan says he is feeling bad now. Kishan says truth is that you did a favour on me by asking a favour from your brother. He thanks her and says I will never forget it.

Lily fayi, Avni speaks that Kishan is over reacting. Bhoomi comes there, Ramila asks what did Kishan tell her. Is he still angry? Ramila says Kishan’s anger will vanish in no time. Bhoomi cries and goes inside her room. Ketki says see her attitude, she went inside her room. Karsan asks Parul to check on Bhoomi. Karsan tells Ansubaa that someone spell a bad eye on them. Ansubaa says kishan might not have talk to her that’s why Bhoomi cried. Ketki tells Karsan to speak with Bhoomi. She goes on blaming bhoomi which irritates Ramila and she asks her to shut up. Ramila says Bhoomi did whatever was for them. Ketki continues to speak against Bhoomi. Ramila says you didn’t get the Bahu Rani tag until now as you didn’t deserve it because of your wrong doings like this. Hasmukh asks her to calm down and says she is getting hyper because of the large dose of medicines. Ketki is in about to cry situation. Hasmukh tells Ramila that he got her reports today and it is not good.

Parul consoles weeping Bhoomi and says in real terms your married life started today. And says this happens inbetween all couples. She explains husband- wife relations and says anger is like salt. Parul asks Bhoomi to call Kishan and talk to him. Bhoomi cries but Parul says she is with them and if you dont talk then it will create the distance and we want to lower the distance. She calls Kishan, but Kishan disconnects the call. The episode ends on Bhoomi’s sad face.

Kishan comes home and calls Bhoomi. Parul informs him that Ansubaa scolded Bhoomi badly, she cried and unable to take it anymore she left home and went somewhere. kishan is shocked…

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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