Amita Ka Amit 20th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Amita Ka Amit 20th June 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 20th June 2013 Written Update

Amit asks her if she is hiding anything from him. ammu replies in negative. Plus there is no one around me. amit smiles and disconnects after telling that he would be reaching in 5 minutes. Ammu smiles happily but then realises that Amit might have understood about the surprise party. I am a duffer. In my excitement I would have told it all to him.
Fallu and Varsha notice her talking to herself. She explains that she was so happy that she might have told about the whole thing to Amit. I think he understood it but I am not sure. Why can I not digest happiness? They smile. Varsha tells her not to worry. Amit Kumar would not be able to guess it. Preeti adds that this party is nothing in front of her surprise. Ammu smiles broadly. He can be here anytime. She goes to stage and tells everyone to hide for Amit will be reaching soon.

Everyone obliges. They keep peeping from their places to see if Amit is coming. Ammu too waits excitedly but then comes out of her place worriedly looking towards the door. Everyone else joins her back. The lights have been switched on again. Hemant & Varsha enquire about Amit. Ammu refuses to call him as it would confirm that there is a party at home. He must be coming. They go while Ammu stands unsure herself about what she said.

Ria and Tina are overjoyed to see Amita’s party going down the drain. I guess he is angry with Ammu. Now her surprise will be ruined. They laugh happily.

Sanjay suggests calling Amit as it is getting very late. Don’t worry I wont tell him anything. Preeti thinks maybe he has gone to get your surprise dress. Ammu declines saying he got it home yesterday only. Sanjay rings him up. Amit tells him that he is on his way only. Are you at home too? Sanjay affirms. Why would I not be as I always come on your birthday? Amit smiles yet tells him that he is stuck in some work. He will be home shortly.
Ammu asks Sanjay about Amit and is told that he must be reaching soon. Ammu wonders as he is saying the same since so long but hasn’t reached yet. Preeti tells her to wait a little more.

Antara puts her head on Amit’s shoulder. Were you going somewhere else Amit? He nods in a no. Antara thanks him as she really needed him a lot today. Thanks for coming for me. Amit smiles at her though is a bit uncomfy.

Fallu tells Ammu to start the party as the guests are getting angry. Ammu doesn’t want to start till Amit comes. But Fallu tells her that its been 2 hours already. We cannot keep them waiting like this. Some kaki slept while waiting only. Ammu agrees to start the party.
Ammu asks Preeti and Jigna if they know what they are supposed to do. They nod and rush off to the stage. They announce on stage that the birthday boy will be a little late but chief guests anyhow come late only. They start the music and everyone gets into couple dancing. Ammu is noticing the couples enjoying happily.

Just then a bell rings and Ammu’s face brightens up. She notices Amit coming in. He stops to look at the decor and is happily surprised. Only the spotlight is on. She runs to him. amit you….he puts a finger on her lips. Don’t say anything. Today is maybe his life’s best day. His thank you would be small in front of her efforts. They share a long eye lock. She wishes him happy birthday!
He says if he can ask her something on his birthday today? She nods. Ask what you want. He holds out his hand for her – one dance! She smiles looking at him and they move towards the dance floor. Everyone is watching them content. They are dancing on thoda sa pyaar hua hai. All of a sudden, Roohan and Ria collide with her making her come out of her reverie. They smirk while Ammu realises the reality.

Kirath is upset with Amit and tells the same to Fallu. These are his habits? Why should I not be angry with him or scold him? He will never change his habits. What was more important for him today than his family? fallu tries to calm him down. He must be stuck in some important work. We already gave him a long list of work. He still speaks against Amit. He should have at least called to intimate about the same. He is not even picking any calls now. She looks visibly tensed.
Ammu asks Batuk bhai if he called Amit. He nods positively. I tried for the 5th time but he isn’t picking.


All guests start leaving one by one including Preeti & Jigna. Hemant again asks for Amit Kumar. It is too late. Ammu tells him not to worry. Amit must be stuck in some work only. He will come. I think you too should go home for it is very late now. They share a hug. Varsha also hugs her telling her to take care of herself. Patel family leaves.

Kirath is super upset with Amit. Why are we here? He will come as he pleases. Let us go and rest. The party is over. Everyone leaves. Ria & Rohan smile happily at Ammu’s party flopped.

Ammu looks at all the preps and is in tears. The cake stays untouched as it is. Amit enters (finally!) and looks at the preps. Ammu notices him and breaks into a huge smile. She goes to him. He apologizes stating he was stuck with something (or someone :/ ). Ammu tells him to let it be. Only 5 minutes are left for the clock to strike 12 lets cut the cake. She takes him where the cake is kept. He smiles happily blows off the candle and cuts the cake while she looks on sweetly. She takes the piece and wishes him. He looks at her awkwardly and takes the piece from her. She looks away. He smiles and makes her eat the cake thereby surprising her. Thank you Amita. She takes a bite and offers him the rest. Why did you not come today? There were so many guests everyone was waiting for you. He asks her for a gift. She feels shy. Ask whatever you want. He tells her not to ask him where he went today. She is taken aback.


She nods that she wont ask him anything about today. Amit turns and notices his pictures on the wall. There is every pic of right from his childhood to his & Ammu’s wedding pic. He feels very happy. Where did you get them from? Ammu looks at him. We can even find God if we search for him. If these pics are important for you then they are equally important for me. He looks at her surprised with her answer. They must be with Nani. She has the habit of storing all my stuff. Ammu adds – and I store memories. He asks her if she said anything. She nods in a no.
Ammu says, Nani told me that you were such a cleanliness freak that you…Amit completes for her….I used to wash my soap with another soap before bathing. They both smile.

He notices one photo and asks her from where you got this one. She replies, from Baa. He relates the story behind it. I cried so much for this blackboard. She shoots him a puzzled look. Everyone had black coloured board and I wanted one in different colour. She laughs at his answer.

They sit at one place eating the cake. Amit says, all his memories have been revisited….every memory. Its weird as they make me happy. ammu adds, upset too. He looks away. She asks him if he liked it. He nods in a no. She looks down sadly. He smiles looking at her. I liked it very much! Both smile!

Precap: Ammu has a gift parcel in her hand with a written note. She is excited. It must be from Amit. I dint knew he would surprise me like this. She reads the note – Dear Amit, From Antara? Thank you for this beautiful dress. I cannot thank you enough. You have come as an angel in my life.

Update Credit to: pooja

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