Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 1st March 2013 Written Update

Aaradhya and gang are in Jhaankar office. Decides to go inside through back gate. Wears monkey cap.

Aardhya and Nimmy split ways to check where Ehsaas’s room is.

Ehsaas’s show starts n Aaradhya sees ‘On Air’ light on outside a room. She calls and says wants to meet him. I am trying badly to meet u.

Ehsaas – Lets see if u r able to reach me, until then the song ‘dhoori’.

Aaradhya touches the door , alarm rings. Office people get alert. Aaradhya tells Nimmi to escape and runs. She collides with Madhav and scold him whether he cant see.

Aaradhya removes the monkey cap and watches Madhav. She gets scared.
Police enquires and asks Nimmy, Aaradhya to give their address.

Aaradhya asks Madhav whether their faces resemble to thief. She tells him that they came to meet Ehsaas.

Madhav tells his subordinate not to take any action and register any case.

Rahul asks whats the matter. He doesnt see Aaradhya and her friend.

Aaradhya’s father is tensed as they had made her stand before police. She defends Jhaankar office ppl and says about the stake of their 35 marks. Her father tells he would have arranged to meet him and decides to make her entry in the radio station.

Barathy’s saas discuss about a marriage proposal for Prerna. Barathi objects and asks her to leave the matter. She tells that she didnt want to have any relation with her friends. Bharathy’s saas asks her not to make opinions when she has not met her friend.

Argument between Barathy and her saas regarding the proposal.

Barathy’s saas tells her son that what will be problem if there is both education and beauty in the same guy.

Aardahya at Jhaankaar office. Guard stops her but she hands a letter. Its her internship letter at Jhaankaar.

Madhav’s subordinate hands him the letter of Aaradhya. He talks to Rahul.

Rahul says she is the daughter of biggest business man and so she will be of some use to their business. He asks Madhav to give some small work.

Aardhya enters Madhav’s room. He is showing his back and standing.

She uses a word ‘Pichku’ – Pichli baath ko bool jaayiye.

Madhav asks her to sit indirectly through Guptaji .She is not able to adjust the chair.

Madhav asks in what she is interested. Aaradhya asks whether he also joined today. Madhav tells her to observe all departments. She asks whether she can observe Ehsaas also. Madhav grants permission to join the office next day.

Aaradhya thinks why didnt he say ‘Thank You’. Gupta ji asks her not to talk about Ehsaas and not talk unnecessarily.

Aaradhya talking to her collegues and tries to collect information about Ehsaas.

She and Madhav clashes and something spills on him. Madhav calls Gupta ji. He asks to tell Aaradhya to leave soon if formality is over. Aaradhya says Bye to everyone before leaving. She informs that she will meet them at 5 pm the next day.

Madhav has flash backs of Aaradhya opening her monkey cap as he watches her while leaving.

Precap: Rahul and Aaradhya are at some lonely road. He tells her that he will show what it means threatening to suicide. Rahul catches her hand and drags to middle of the road and asks her to stand as such until the big truck approaches her. He also stands with her.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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