Anamika 1st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 1st March 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 1st March 2013 Written Update

Jeet returns home
Anamika walks as if very lonely to the lake where she remembers how Jeet had met her and promised never to leave her at any cost. Then she speaks to herself that nobody was actually able to defeat her but today her love itself had defeated her. Not only Rano had snatched her love away from her but had also destroyed her power.,And so that has made her to visit the lake once more. Saying this she jumps into the lake.
In the Saluja’s house,Jeet gains consiousness for a few seconds and collapses again .After a while when everybody’s gone Rano sits besides Jeet remembering all the happy memories.
As for the last 2 days there had been no improvement in Jeet’s health, Balraj advises Pratap to ask for a second opinion regarding the same.The same night, doctor tells that Jeet is perfectly normal and will gain consciousness soon.
The next day everybody’s into making special meals for Jeet. When Nani asks Jeet where he had gone, Jeet is not able to tell her properly. Everybody finds that either Jeet is not able to remember whatever has happened or he is just trying to conceal it.Nani tells Bebe to call upon Panditji once again to check if the evil spirit’s shadow has left Jeet. Jeet wishes to go for a walk but Pratap forbids him and asks to take rest. Jeet agrees but after going to his bedroom,he jumps from the window. When Rano comes upstairs to give Jeet medicines, she finds out that Jeet has jumped from the window, and hence alarms the whole house about it. Jeet tries to run away in his car but is stopped by the family members on time. Balraj tells Jeet to go inside the house when Panditji arrives. Nani tells Panditji that Jeet is behaving in a odd manner as if nothing has happened to him.
She also requests him to find out if Jeet has escaped from the clutches of the evil spirit.Panditji tells that Jeet is completely free from the clutches of the evil spirit due to Mata Rani. Rano then asks if she can take Jeet to Mata Rani’s temple as promised by her before. Everybody initially declines however accept it later after Rano’s convincing. Bebe says whether Jeet will agree to come with her, to which she replies that she’ll convince him.

Next episode’s Precap : Rano is sitting in the car waiting for Jeet when Bebe comes and tells her that Jeet is not in his room

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