Phir Subah Hogi 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Phir Subah Hogi 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Phir Subah Hogi 28th February 2013 Written Update

Diwakar gives the money & leaves when amma stops him & says chulbuli is not up for sale,and tells him to take the money and go, diwakar asks her not to get emotional & senti and that chulbuli belongs to him and he will come in the evening to take her forever.

chulbuli comes and says who is he to buy her,diwakar says she was earlier eager to be with him, chulbuli says she now knows his true face, diwakar says you are born to be sold & you dont have the option to choose. Chulbuli throws his money on his face and asks him to get lost as no money can buy her.

Diwakar says a product for sale cant expect the price for itself, whatever the seller asks the buyer pays & your amma has quoted a price for you which I have paid for her so you belong to me and asks her to be ready by evening. Chulbuli scared hugs amma and pleads her to save her, amma is quite which shocks chulbuli and amma leaves. Vikram witnesses all this and thinks he should somehow stop all this and save sugni.

JT asking about Reva when she comes and thanks him for remembering her, suman says reva spends most of her time doing seva and asks reva to fill her glass, reva comes and sits next to her and starts eating snacks and asks suman to serve herself, MS happy to see this while JT & DV look in shock. Reva says nagania is missing which shocks suman, JT too asks about nagania, suman is getting scared says she doesnt know & shows the tijori keys. Hukum comes all sad and DV says he is looking as if his wife passed away. JT makes fun of hukum, kuhu asks where is nagania, reva says why is he hiding the whereabouts of nagania. All are getting doubts when reva says nagania’s mom is unwell so she has gone to meet her.MS looks suspiciously at them while suman leaves in haste.

Suman in her room thinking how to tackle Reva when she calls police station to speak to some inspector who offers help & suman says she wants to murder someone, the police advices her to kill without proof, suman asks his help, inspector says if she has left any proof then she will face death penalty, suman gets worried.

Vikram at the bar playing cards to make money.Some goons try to throw him out when Vikram challenges them to defeat him.

Chulbuli in her room thinking why Vikram didnt help her and stop divakar.

Vikram looses the initial games.Chulbuli hugging amma when divakar’s goons come and chulbuli says she wont come when the goons keep gun on amma’s head, chulbuli cries thr goons say they will kill amma. Vikram continues to loose the games. Chulbuli gets ready in a saree. Vikram has no money to play when the men ask him to leave or pay. They check his pocket which has Sugni’s mangalsutra. Vikram says it belongs to someone else & the men say if he wants it he should win this game, Vikram says he will not go without winning this mangalsutra.

Divakar comes to take chulbuli.Vikram thinks he has to win this for sugni.Vikram starts to win the games, Ama tries to stop divakar who holds chulbuli’s hands and drags her with him. Amma looks helplessly while Vikram is making huge money & wins the mangalsutra back.

Precap – Amma trying to stop Divakar who pushes her and she falls hurting herself. Vikram comes and holds amma.

Update Credit to: tulipdaisy

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