Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 18th April 2013 Written Update

Aardhya is talking to her mother on the phone who tells her to be aware of Madhav. Aardhya sees Madhav entering the room and gets furious. Madhav shows his gratitude to Aaru for saving his dadi’s life (Finally we had a convo between MaYa).

Aaru however has her back towards Madhav and is on full anger mode. her eyes fall over a knife on the fruit basket in the room. she picks it. She fears madhav would try to get close to her. whereas we see Madhav taking the pillow and turning towards the couch and at the same tome Aaru turns towards him with the knife planning to attack in her defense only to Madhav sleeping on the couch. She calms down.

Aaru is sitting on the bed all awake staring at Madhav. she is acting like her own body guard waiting to pounce on madhav as soon as he tries to come close to her. she hides the knife under the pillow.

and the nightmare… Aaru has a nightmare where she sees Madhav is trying to get intimate with her. she shouts saying , “paass mat ana (don’t come near me)” she shouts. Madhav gets scared and gets up. He tries to approach aardhya asking her what’s wrong. she goes on screaming. she shows him the knife threatening him not to come close.

she throws the fruit plate and the fruits. accidentally she trips over the fruits and there goes the knife in the air madhav catches it protecting Aardhya from getting hurt. they both fall on the bed. Aardhya gets over her dream now!! madhav tells her that he won’t do anything with her at all…he assures her and goes back to the couch. Aardhya has a relaxed emotion on his face and keeps the knife aside

BOTH of them looked utterly cute and innocent…suuuper cute!!!!!!!

@Dadi, Rahul n Pallo
Dadi expresses her happiness for MaYa and says now she can die peacefully. Rahul stops her from talking her n tells her she has loads of work to do. n tells her to take rest now.

rahul thinks to himself how everyone will react n feel once Aaru leaves the house. he hopes this doesn’t happens at all.

Morning :
Everyone’s waiting at the breakfast table for MaYa. Bharti says madhav doesn’t sleeps till so late. Brij says they just got married so must be tired

Madhav is all ready. Aardhya is still sleeping. sunlight from the window is disturbing her. madhav stands infront of the window and stops the sunlight from falling on Aaru’s face. he then closes the window.

he thinks of letting her sleep and going for breakfast alone. Bharti comes and sees Aru sleeping. he tells madhav to tell Aru about the rules of the house.

he hears Aru calling some one’s name asking for juice. she suddenly gets up and realises she’s not at her house.
she gets up and tries to lift up her bag. it’s too heavy. madhav tries to help but she vehmentally stops him.
she takes her clothes and goes to the washroom with the knife

Aardhya is all ready in a blue suit. Madhav tells her that breakfast is ready. she tells him to go and have it. he says everyone’s calling THEM. she pays a deaf ear and is busy getting ready. she takes out her make up box and puts on the make up where Madhav is still patiently waiting for her.

@Breakfast Table:
MaYa arrive… Aaru says sorry for being late. she says she was ready on time but Madhav told her to put on make up so they got late madhav is taken aback. Rahul understands the lie.
Dadi sweetly scolds madhav for telling aardhya to put on the make up. she then tells Aaru to start with her breakfast.

@aru and her beauty gyan:

she looks at the oily food at the table. and starts with her beauty gyan. she tells dadi that such oily food is not good for skin. she advises Dadi to have fruits and cornflakes with her

Dadi laughs. she then asks Aru for a favour. she tells she wants both of them to feed each other. MaYa are silent.

Precap: Aardhya gives halwa to madhav. he’s looking at dadi n smiling. aru sees him smiling and talks to herself. she says she l make his life hell from this very day. she will give him all the pain he gave her; will leave him with no reason to smile..

Update Credit to: nb.neha

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