Anamika 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Anamika 18th April 2013 Written Episode, Anamika 18th April 2013 Written Update

Its morning and Rano wakes up with a heavy head. Doctor comes in and tells her that Jeet has come to take her and gives her a CD. She plays it..she watches herself break ties of her hands and legs and address her thru the camera. Rano(possessed by Anamika) is addressing Rano now that “does she think herself as very smart. She can destroy all this in a minute but she wouldn’t do that. She wants to give Rano the same pain she went thru when Rano snatched her husband from her. Jeet will always remain hers and tells Rano whatever you do I will succeed in my mission.

Rano thinks that now she knows that after sunset she gets possessed by bhuri aatma ..she wants to tell Doctor and Jeet about it..the nurse comes there and Rano asks her to take her to the doctor and both leave.

Bebe is telling Pratap(Jeets Dad) that its weird the way Rano was reiterating about being affected by bhuri shouldn’t be that it’s the truth and we are not believing Rano. Jeet’s Mum tells bebe that last time when Rano had mentioned this we had got the pandit and he had confirmed that there was no bhuri aatma…she suggests that we should now focus on Rano’s treatment and may be she is telling all this as she is insane…Pratap shouts at her and asks her to shut up as Rano is not crazy but will be fine once treated. Jeets bro tells that we should treat Rano at any cost and Mum is also right that since Jeet was cured of the bhuri saaya we have not seen anything unusual happen. Bebe too agrees.

Rano is thanking doctor that she is so grateful for helping her get the clue as to what happened to her. Now she will be able to tell Jeet and the family with proof as to what happens with her. Jeet comes there and takes her home. The doctor is happy. Suddenly she gets pulled to the wall …a pair of hands suddenly comes thru the wall and strangulates her and pulls her into the wall. The doctor disappears into the wall..Anamika is playing guitar and sidekick is asking her the reason for her happiness….what if Rano reveals the truth to everyone. Anamika tells her that she knows that they can always stop Rano from doing so.

Jeet and Rano are coming back when Rano tries to tell Jeet the truth..he tries to stop her but she still tells him about the bhuri aatma but he doesn’t believe…Rano tells him that she feels uneasy when suddenly they are about to get hit by another van. Jeet asks her to please stop all this and they will go home and talk.
Rano and Jeet reach home…Jeet goes inside while Rano goes to bebe who is sitting in the garden…Bebe is very happy to see Rano. Rano tries to tell Bebe about her being affected by aatma after sunset when suddenly a lamppost from the terrace falls…fortunately Rano sees it and pulls bebe to safety. The family rushes and takes bebe inside. Rano then realises that whenever she tries to tell anyone about the aatma something bad befalls them as the aatma doesn’t want her to tell anyone what should she do now as it will become evening and then she is again possessed. Jeet comes there and apologises for not listening to her earlier and asks her to talk now..but Rano tells its nothing.

Jasleen(Jeets Bhabhi) is telling her hubby she wants to go to her mummys house but he refuses becos of the present condition of the house. Bebe and Mummy come there and Jasleen cries. She confides in them that she wants to go as she fears that Rano might harm her son Monty as she did to Guddi. Mummyji to agrees. Balraj, Jeets bro tell so the same can happen to him also…Bebe agrees with him and convinces Jasleen that during difficult times family should support each other and live together and aks her not to worry.

Rano is worried as to what to do… she calls her friend Bubbly…and asks for a tantric’s address. Bubbly tells her that he lives near the old mansion. Rano thanks her…she remembers the doctors words that aatmas cant read so takes a paper to write. The episode ends.

Precap: Tantric is praying and Rano comes there…he asks her to stop and tells her that he knows she is possessed and wants to be freed..he promises to help her.

Update Credit to: zuzana

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