Amrit Manthan 19th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 19th April 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 19th April 2013 Written Update

Epi starts with amrit asking bani that does nimrit o this always that she gives more value to jojo .. ? bani sai yes , she do this , because jojo is my small sister .. Agam a bit jelaous … Amrit said since i have come to the palace i have seen the same reaction from Nimrit always …

Tej comes , jojo said papa u have not come and we have cut the cake tej said ok so go and bring cake for me , nimrit and everyone come they asked have tej found the bone marrow tej said not yet , amrit comes and said oh u have not found the bone marrow uptill now .she said now toady , now bani will be mines forever . nimrit said amrit what are you going to do ? amrit said just keep ur eyes and ears opened everyone was a bit worried .

amrit steps forward ,,, she looked at yug and nodded her head .
Yug looked at the servant and gave him a sign . bani and jojo were standing on the pool side , the servant want there while yug comes he hit bani and jojo from his hand and because of which both fell in the water , yug said what have you done the girls have gone in the water …
everyone looked there .. tej and nimrit ran , amrit hold nimrit’s hand and said no nimrit i will save bani and you go to jojo … both were saved . jojo was crying , bani wake up she said mama mama , she got up ,she saw nimrit with jojo , amrit said that ur mama is with jojo , she do not care any longer about u . bani go to nimrit she said jojo are u alright nimrit scolded her and said can’t u see jojo is crying and u r askign her questions , this is all because of you ..

amrit said to bani , it seems nimrit is much worried about jojo then u though she is ur mother but doesn’t care for you … amrit said bani i will take lot of care of u please go with me at my home …

Nimrit was giving milk to jojo , but jojo said that un till bani didi will not come i will not drink it , bani amrit and yug entered , bani comes in front , she said mama , i am very heavy load on you , if i have ever made u sad please forgive me i am going with amrit aunty away from you all .. and amrit said now nimrit tell me what do u want ?
Nimrit said take that bad girl with u amrit , so amrit and bani along with yug went inside to do packing ..

Bani was keeping nimrit , jojo and her photo with the cloths but amrit said its better that we get old memories back from our lives if we are moving on .. and so the whole family comes they insists bani not to go except nimrit , she went away … amrit followed her and said that finally bani is mine’s today

nimrit warned amrit that u will never be happy snatching a daughter from a mother and remember this if becasue of u my bani got in any pain than i will kill you with my own hands , and she leave
Bani hugs everyone , then amrit come and then they got down and were going …

bani and amrit sit in the car, when car started going bani turned around at her family and she cleared her tears and the entire family also did the same and everyone and bani with smiles on their face wished bani best of luck …

Precap : Bani was talking to nimrit on phone and said mama don’t worry aunty thinks that i have forgotted u and now i will do the end of the evilness

Update Credit to: -Mehak-

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