Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 17th June 2013 Written Update

Dadi, Menka and prerna are worried for aaru and stay beside the washroom door. Dadi asks whts wrong and aaru comes out telling she is fine. She tells that she isn’t feeling well since last 10 to 15 days after which dadi and menka understand the reason.Prerna is confused when dadi tells something in her ears. She goes outside while aaru asks what happened. Madhav rushes in asking abt aaru.s health and tells he will call doctor but dadi refuses. Just then bharti n prerna enter and they all send madhav away from the room. They ask aaru to go in and check if the pregnancy test is negative or positive…aaru is hesitant but finally agrees. She comes back announcing that the test is positive. Prerna goes out and announces the good news to everyone. Madhav rushes to the room and dadi,bharti and menka congratulate him and leave mata alone. Madhav hurries to aaru and asks if the news is true. Aaru shyly tells that the test sats so but they need to confirm from doctor. Madhav announces that they will go the next day itself.

Its next day and maya r in hospital for the test. They happen to come across aaradhya there and they are glad. She tells that she had also come for pregnancy test. Maya are called jn. They get another surprise in the form of shekhar as he is the gyneacologist they had to consult. Shekhar is glad to know that they have come for the tests. He even mentions that aaradhya(shekhar’s wife) had been trying to conceive since 3 years but failed and today also she was here for the same. He tells aaru to give her blood samples via syringe and aaru tells how scared she is of it. Madhav tries to pacify her for the injection but she fights with him. Finally shekhar tells aaru that he will heck her without injection and aaru is very happy. He asks her various things abt her likes/dislikes and amid this he takes aaru’s blood samples . Madhav n aaru compliments shekhar for being such a good doctor. Shekhar asks them to wait for the relorts outside. They have a good chat with aaradhya abt her profession and all when the reports come. They get it and as aaradhya sees and goes to the cabin while maya are halpy to find the report positive. Just then shekhar n aaradhyacome and tell that the reports were exchanged and maya r sad. Shekhar smiles n informs that bith reports are positive. They express their gladness to meet maya as they got their goid news after meeting them. Both couple say goodbye n leave.

Days pass and on one fine morning, aaru gets up not to find madhav beside. She is worried but sees a letter. She reads and she finds an arrow outside. As see reads each letter, she finds more arrows which leads to a room. As she opens it, she is stunned to see the room decorated completely with toys for the coming baby. Madhav, rahul, prerna and pallo are busy arranging things while aaru enjoys the scenario. They start arguing over the paint of the room. Prerna says to choose pink as its a girl. Pallo and rahul says it would be a baby boy and blue is better.

Aaru interrupts asking if its twins with a boy and girl then what would they do. Everyone bring her in and pallo says that in that case the room should be painted in blue and pink both. Aaru laughingly asks whose diea it was. Pallo points at madhav and madhav is shy while aaru is happy. The song “kya kehna” is played where the family is rejoicing the moments to welcome the child. Bharti’s approach to aaru is changed and she keeps helping aaru while climbing stares and then dadi teaches her to make wollen clothes and then madhav tries to make it when dadi and aaru are away. Menka witnesses all this and is happy to see aaru happy. (all this above said seqs happened along with the song sequence and also a few days passing also shown). One night, aaru gets up to drink water but find the jar enmpty. As she gets up to take water from kitchen, madhav wakes up and asks the the reason. She tells abt getting water, when he scolds her for not asking himHe takes the jug from her and goes to get the water.

Its the next morning and madhav decides to accompany aaru for her check-up as she has her sonography today. As they are leaving, they hear bharti and dadi arguring voer the diet aaru shoudl follow. Dadi says aaru should ahve more fat as that will help her deliver a healthy and strong baby. Bharti disagrees and tells she should have more food with caciym and iron as that’s good for the bones of the baby. Aaru goes up to them and tells that she will become fat if she eats all this. She adds that she is jsut one while they are two. Dadi corrects her that now she isnt one but she had her baby too. Aaru blushes and bharti also tells her to follow the diet dadi prefers for her as she is more experienced. Aaru agrees.

Precap: Shekhar looks worried and aaradhya asks him the reason. He tells its nothing but he tells the other doctor to re conduct the tests(don’t know whose tests he is talking about)

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