Veera 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Veera 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Veera 17th June 2013 Written Update

Ratan notices Ranvi lying down. She asks him as why isn’t he ready to go to school. Ranvi hesitatingly replies that the kids in his class are calling him as brother and making fun of him. He says he is feeling bad and doesn’t want to go to school. Ratan calmly handles him by asking him to think about how Nihaal had put efforts to get retained him in school. She tells him to think about future , prove himself and not the things happened in past.

Veera comes in uniform. She needs her hair to be tied. Ratan tells her to ask Moti Chaiji to do as Ranvi is going to get ready for school. Chaiji comes after shopping. Ratan chides her for going out to purchase when she can ask Ratan to do it for her. She thinks as who is making Veera’s hair. Veera comes there with the hair done in her style. Chaiji

laughs and says she will do it as she can’t go like this to school.

Tiger is noticing children entering the school but doesn’t approach. Ranvi and Veera are entering school. She is asking as why there isn’t any switch to put the sun off. Ranvi’s friends make him remember that maths home work is to be done. Veera goes to play. Ranvi thinks of as what will the teacher do if he doesn’t complete his work. He is afraid and runs to the pot maker.

The pot maker is praising Ranvi for his works and offers some reward. Ranvi refuses as its enough that he gave him some work to do. Baldev and his friends see Ranvi working. They decide to inform teacher to make him get punishment . Ranvi counters saying he will complain that they had bunked school to their parents. Baldev instigates Ranvi to become friends with him but he has some other thing in his mind. All leave the place.

Veera is having good time with her friends. The teacher announces that children who had topped in exams will be rewarded. She tells Veera is the topper of their class. Veera does bale bale. Baldev, Ranvi and his friends had fun in pond and now plans to go for a movie.

The peon informs the teacher in Veera’s class that the tiger was seen near their school. He asks her to send all students to home as soon as possible. A lady informs Ratan to get her children from school stating that a tiger was seen near school. All children and teachers are running. Veera and her classmates haven’t come out but before that tiger jumps into school to have its food.

The school gate is locked. The tiger is approaching the group of children standing out. Veera is admiring the tiger. Ratan, Nihaal and other parents are shouting from outside. They ask the teacher to take the children inside some class. Veera is laughing and shouts that the tiger won’t do anything as it has just come to have food. All are shocked.

Veera is locked in a room. The tiger is roaming in the corridor. Veera waves her hand outside and asks Ratan to save her. The tiger approaches as it sees Veera’s waving hands. :

Update Credit to: seelaks

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