Hitler Didi 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 17th June 2013 Written Update

Wedding Venue at Jagotia Mansion
Everyone is in the venue waiting for Beera and Sugandha ‘s wedding! Sugandha in her wedding attire is brought down by Her helps! Everybody looks at her with a smile on their faces. Jamna goes to her and praises her beauty, a sad Sugandha tells her mother she can’t marry Beera because he is already married to Nanda bhabhi! Jamna tells her to be quiet. Ammu asks what’s wrong! Sugandha wants to tell Ammu that she can’t wed Beera but again Jamna stops her from doing this and takes her to sit in the alter.

Scene shifts in a car where Indira has manapped Beera, Beera asks her what she is trying to do. Indira commands him to keep quiet using a gun and informs him they are heading to the hospital for the tests. In another car RK and Indu have Nanda bhabhi and informs her they are going to the hospital for the tests. The cars reach the hospital.

Scene shifts to the wedding venue, Ammu asks for the groom, she request a house help to get him but Jamna tells her she will go to get him.

Indira, RK, Indu, Beera and Nanda enters the doctors office . Nanda and Beera are forced to sit on chairs with InShi guns. Nanda asks Rk what he is doing? Rk tells her the right thing. The doctor comes and is shocked to see InShi pointing the guns at Nanda and Beera! He questions Rk and Indira but Rk commands him to conduct the tests and give the results. The doctor who is scared agrees.
Back to Jagotia Niwas

A worried Jamna informs everyone that Beera is not here along with Nanda plus InShi! She then tells her that this is Indira ‘s fault. Kala is shown giving money to the pandit, he tells him to do what he has told him well. Pandit agrees. Jamna continues blaming Indira for taking Beera away. A very angry Ammo calls Rk! Then there is drum beating and men messengers promotes Jodha Akbar which will start tomorrow only on Zee Tv, Everyone is excited to watch it. They leave

The doctor comes out with the test results and wants to give it to the duo. Indira asks what does the results! Doctor tells them that Nanda is not burden, she can give birth! Everyone is happy, Indira hugs a very happy nanda! Indu and Rk are also happy. Beera is kinda surprised! The doctor says but at her age its risky to have a child, nanda becomes sad and sobbs :’( Beera gets sad and takes away Indira ‘s gun and threatens her. Indu laughs and tells Beera that the guns are not loaded. He leaves there saying that no one will stop him from re -marrying. Nanda is sad but Indira and Indu pacify her.

Back at Jagotia Niwas Sugandha tells her mother she cant marry Beera, Jamna tries to shut her up but she jerks her hand and runs upstairs leaving everyone stunned :O Pandit tells them that a wedding cannot be stopped cos its going to bring 10 bad years for the family! Kala ask what can we do to stop the bad luck. Pandit tells them they can continue with the wedding

Part 3:
Taoji gives money to the priest and tells him to say that if wedding doesn’t happen today, then there is no good day till 15 days. Jamna is going crazy as there is no news of Beera. Beera returns and is ready for the marriage, Jamna gets happy. Ammu asks where he was, but he says all that after wedding is done. Taoji gives more money to the priest and the priest says that the good wedding time has passed already and now they will have to wait 15 days. Jamna says few minutes here or there is okay. Indira, Rishi, and all return. Indira says, Ammu knows very well that you can’t take risk. Ammu agrees with Indira, but she wants to know where everyone went. She says she knows Indira did this and she will get punishment. Rishi takes blame on himself, but Indira asks him to stay quiet.

Indira then asks Beera whether he wants to marry only to have a child or to have wife’s happiness. Beera first says, wife’s happiness, and everyone is surprised. He then says, wife gives you child so I mean for child. Indira then asks Jamna whether she is getting Sugantha married because she owe a lot to this house or because she wants to become relative and rule this house. Jamna goes crazy and says what kind of question is this? Jamna says she can do anything for Ammu.

Indira says, great.. then there is no need to get them married. They will get child through surrogacy. No one understands what she means by that. Indira then gives an example to them and says, child will be Beera-Nanda’s, but Sugantha will give birth. Jamna finds it disgusting, while Taoji agrees with Indira. We await for Ammu’s answer.

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Update Credit to: AK

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