Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 14th June 2013 Written Update

Tragedy mein comedy

Conversation between MaYa and the new couple : Shekhar n his wife Aradhya. Shekhar introduces himself and his wife. Madhav introduces himself and his wife (he puts his hands around her shoulder)
Aradhya apologizes for using “indecent” words for Shekhar. Shekhar reiterates those words –
kidnapper, rapist etc etc he then laughs it off. He asks them if they are on their honeymoon. A blushing Madhav says Yes. Shekhar congratulates them for their 1st honeymoon and informs them about his 2nd honeymoon saying its been 3 yrs to their marriage so they planned a 2nd honeymoon away from the busy life.

Aradhya then inquires him about the “gunmen”. he then clarifies saying that those people are his office friends. he says he had already booked the room for their wedding anniversary but his wife was not able to leave her work so he planned to kidnap her. however the entire plan went haywire as those people kidnapped “madhav ki aradhya” and his own aradhya too came without informing him.

shekhar then notices the lehanga worn by Aradhya. with a bit of hesitation he tells “Madhav ki Aradhya” that the lehanga was for his wife. Aradhya gets a bit embarassed. she says she change and give it to her. Shekhar and his wife then insists MaYa on using their room as a gift for their 1st honeymoon. they leave.

so shekhar turns out to be very filmy in his approach


Aradhya: Hum thodi der pool ghoom aye”
Madhav (looking at her in a naughty way) : zaroor
Aradhya says she l change and give the lehanga

Poolside Romance —- “Tere haath mein mera haath ho”

MaYa walking holding hands. Madhav says he is sure Shekhar must have thought of another filmy surprise for his wife. Aradhya — typical wife comes into action — demands a similar filmy act from Madhav. she says she wants him to do something filmy for her, something she never expected.

They stand by the pool. Madhav holding her hand and she leaning against his shoulder. Madhav then tells her how he felt when he first saw her, how he thought of ways to impress her but was always scared to so he always withdrew himself. *flashbacks of the past meetings are shown)

Poolside Romance —- “Love is NOT about Romeo and Juliet who died together but Grandpa and Grandmother who lived together for each other”

Madhav adds on saying he could never tell her how much he loved her but would dream of her always…would see her in his dreams always. Aradhya gets witty and naughty. she asks him about “type” of dreams he used to see.

He then points out an old couple enjoying sweet moments with each other. Aru finds them really cute. Madhav says this is what he has always dreamt of — growing old with her enjoying the journey of growing old with her — when they will loose their hair, teeth, would barely be able to walk, he would use stick to walk and in turn become her support, and then go on a long world tour when their children and grandchildren are settled.

Aradhya founds it ultra romantic. she cuddles him even more. she then says why wait for so long for a world tour why cant they go now. he jokingly says world is such a big place and he’s afraid of loosing her. when they get old she l have to hold his hand always and will never leave her. Aradhya romantically asks him if he intends to held her hand forever

Madhav does it once again…he takes her heart once again with his words. he says:

“meri saansien chahe hi mera saath chod de
magar main tumhara saath kabhi nai chodonga
main tumhara ehsaas hun
aur tum meri zindagi”

“yeh zindagi kuch bachi kuchi saanson ki tarah hai
jitni bhi milti hain kum lagati hai”

Aradhya pulls his ears tightly threatening him of not repeating such words again. she then says they have a long “zindagi”, a long way to go, they have to grow old with each other.

And the Rain gives a beautiful ending to the day

it starts pouring. Aradhya is about run but Madhav stops her by holding her hand. he pulls her close to her. he comes closer to her. Aradhya suddenly turns away. he again helds her n comes face to face with her. Aradhya closes her eyes as he helds her. he then takes her name. she opens her eyes only to see him making her wear a ring.he kisses her on the hand he then holds her in his lap n takes her to the room.

Aradhya is shying away. madhav kisses her on her hand and says he loves her. she says she loves him too. they come closer and consummate.

3 Months Leap:

Aradhya is eagerly waiting for everyone to gather early in the morning to celebrate madhav’s b’day before he leaves for work. she is waiting for parents too. Rahul and Prerna are now married.

Aru’s mom and dad come. Madhav too comes. they wish him n he takes their blessings. he then touches his parents feet n take their blessing. Madhav cuts the cake. he’s about to give the first piece to Aradhya but she stops him indicating his parents has the right on the first piece. Madhav understands.

dadi then tells all of them to come for breakfast.

chota Madhav/ choti Aradhya on the way:

Aradhya feels like vomiting. she runs to her room. madhav is about to follow her. but dadi stops him saying she l go.

Precap: Dadi, Aru’s mom, Prerna all are waiting for Aradhya. she confirms the news of her pregnancy. Prerna runs to inform everyone. a tensed madhav inquires about Aradhya’s health. Prerna tells him about the “good news”. Madhav is highly elated. :

Update Credit to: neha

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