Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan 14th June 2013 Written Update

Episodes starts with Balraj asking Neerunjun to do some work for him. He happily agrees. Balraj directs him to take a parcel to some bazaar. Neerunjun asks some few questions which irks Balraj to the core and Balraj tells him the envelope contains some office secrets which should not reached the ears of anyone neither of Pallavi. Neerunjun leaves and Balraj insults him.

Asha is massaging Meera back with some oil spiked by some herbs and Meera feels relax suddenly she hears something strange and she goes to see. Meera sees Shyama in the corridor and Shyama says no she can’t heard anything Meera must be tired. Meera is still not confident before leaving the room with Shyama she takes her baby. Asha is shown hiding behind the sofa with a record player.

Balraj and Mongia together with Aloka are in the hall. Balraj says Mongia has not changed at all and suddenly Mongia sees Shyama who brings tea for him. Shyama begins to shiver., and she’s all scared.Balraj excuses himself on seeing Neerunjun, Meanwhile Shyama is leaving and Mongia calls Bijli she stops still scared of him. Aloka says what Bijli and Mongia covered it by saying due to lots of rain in Mumbai the inhabitants are facing lots of electricity problems.

Mongia says he’s here only for her and she’s leaving. She asks her to put some few more spoons of sugar in his cup and he tells her now she must know that he come to Asthana’s house at anytime.
Aloka comes with the breakfast while Mongia is asking Shyama to come to meet him in the same hotel room.
Mongia flatters Shyama for being very talented and Aloka says she’s, as Shyama is her DIL.

Meera is in her room and is feeling like scratching her whole body she’s feeling restless and has vision of insects everywhere. Biji arrives in her room and she tells her not to touch anything. Biji screams and stops her and tells her to see well there’s nothing strange in the room. Biji calls Shyama and Agasthya and tells Shyama to sit by the side of Meera and not to leave her. Agasthya and Meera keeps on looking at each other and he leaves helpless.

Biji come downstairs in the hall and asks what did Meera eat and who’s cooking for her Anuja says everything cooked by Meera. Aloka says the laddoo was made by her, and asks Biji why is she asking so? Aloka asks Biji if she’s suspecting her or the foods? Biji says maybe.
Nandini is hurts and at the same time Balraj enters with the doctor and Biji invites him to check Meera.
Nandini runs in her room and Nupur follows her saying not to take Biji words into considerations. Nandini is still hurt and is teary.
the doctor says Meera is suffering from some depression which sometimes occurred due to hormonal imbalance in mothers after delivery.
Biji is still puzzle of what may be happening to Meera as she was fine.

PRECAP: Balraj in his study has flashback Meera refusing to sign on the paper and Asha confirmed to massage her with some white powder.
Balraj says only two days out of seven remained for Meera to turn completely mad. She will be sent to the mental asylum. :

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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