Hitler Didi 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 14th June 2013 Written Update

Nanda tells Beera also likes Sugantha and this way house matter will stay inside house. Rishi says, this is why I didn’t want to come here. Ammu asks him to stay quiet and asks Jamna if she is fine with the risha. Sugantha says no to Jamna, but Jamna tells Ammu, anything for this house. Indira says, this is illegal. Ammu asks Rishi to take Indira away. He takes Indira and leaves.

Ammu again confirms with Nanda and tells her this can affect your whole life. Nanda says, she is sure. Ammu says, as God wishes then. She leaves. Sungandha is crying, but Jamna asks her to go with Beera. Jamna drinks and is going crazy in happiness. Beera pushes Nanda and leaves. She is hurt and cries.

Rishi brings Indira to their room and doesn’t let her go. Indira counts how many weddings Rishi did and says, God knows how many weddings you did and that is why you want your brother to do the same. Rishi says, it’s only Nanda bhabhi who is saying and when husband wife don’t have any problem, then why are you worrying? Indira says, she is just getting emotional. Rishi asks even Ammu agreed so we can’t do anything. Indira says, we can file a police complain. Rishi says, no one will listen to you here and doesn’t let her go. Indira reminds Rishi that he is a hitler’s husband who used to listen to her and used to help her in everything. She says, I want my old Rishi Kumar back. Rishi says, how can we go against Ammu. He gets naughty with Indira. Indira also gets romantic and runs away outside, and locks Rishi. Rishi says to himself, her hitler giri will put everyone in trouble.

Taoji tells Ammu this is wrong, but Ammu says, Nanda bahu said by herself. She understands Taoji is using Indira’s language and asks him, you will go against Ammu because of that new girl? She asks him to get back to his work and don’t worry about all these matters.

Priest comes and says today is a good day for the wedding. Before Ammu takes any decision, Beera says, I am ready and we don’t have to celebrate it a lot either so it’s okay. Ammu asks Jamna if she is fine with it, and she doesn’t have any issue either. Ammu says, then tonight is confirmed for the wedding.

Nanda is cooking and doesn’t know how she will finish all work. She sends all servants out to do other work. Indira comes there and asks her why you making your life hell by yourself? You’re making your husband married second time so he can have a child when you know very well that you can become a mother. I also told you about IVF, but you misunderstood me. There is nothing wrong with IVF. It’s just like if you get a injection. Nanda loses her cool and tells Indira (in English), “Don’t teach me about IVF. IVF is in vitro fertilization, and I am quite aware of it.” Indira is surprised. Nanda tells her, you don’t need to be surprised. I am well educated and graduated from Delhi University. She then tells her, my parents passed away and my uncle-aunt raised me, and before final exam, they left their house. Ammu then took care of me and that is why I had to marry Beera. Now it’s hell or heaven, this is my life. And I don’t have any complain either. Where else will I go? I didn’t see my real mother. For me, Ammu is my mother and I can’t see her in problem. I will leave this house, only when I die. Nanda continues, everyone is not lucky like you. You accepted the challenge and fought with the challenges, unlike me. If I have to do second marriage of my husband and be his slave, then I am okay with it. Nanda leaves.

Indira comes to Beera, and he gets scared. Indira says, I came to request you, please don’t do this. Nanda bhabhi is a very good person. Please don’t leave your marriage half way. Beera says, for all that, we can’t stop our family from growing. I will prove my manhood in 9 months to that woman. Indira says, how do you know that problem is in her without doing checkup? At least do a checkup, then you will find out who has the problem. Beera asks her, think twice before you say anything and asks her to move from his way as he has to go to the mandap.

Nanda gets Sugantha ready. Ammu is also there and Indira comes there now. Nanda gives good wishes to Nanda for her new life and asks her to take care of Beera as well. Sugantha cries and apologizes her for any mistake. Jamna interrupts and gives blessings to Sunganth and says, you will keep this family growing now. Seeing Sunganth crying, Indira says two lives are getting destroyed. I can’t stand here and see it.

Indira comes outside and as soon as all men get busy in their work, Indira takes a car and leaves.

She comes to a police station. Inspector doesn’t file the complain and suggests her that she better go back to home, else Ammu won’t spare her. Indira comes outside and finds Rishi and Indu there. Rishi tells her, I told you, no one will listen to you here. Indira says, so what? I won’t give up. I will go Delhi police station. Rishi says, why will you go that far? You have another option, me. Rishikeshwar Chandila was getting bored and then someone reminded me about Rishi and woke that Rishi inside me. Indira says, then what’s the plan? How wedding will be stopped? Rishi says, it’s simple.. Amitabh Bachchan has said, if not right way, then wrong way. Indira smiles and says, then I am with you.

Precap: On wedding time, Jamna tells Ammu that neither Beera nor Nanda are in the house. She says, Indira and Rishi are also not here. I know this is choti bahu’s plan. Ammu gets angry.:

Update Credit to: Julia

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