Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Bani Ishq Da Kalma 14th June 2013 Written Update

The ‘Jaago’ function is about to begin. All family members have assembled in the courtyard. Desho is sad as her sister hasnt arrived but Mama tells her not to worry. The women carry the pots on their head are leave to walk around the entire village. Rano is going towards Bani’s house saying that she must meet Desho before the ‘Jaago’ function. But, she meets with an accident. Amreek, who was in the same car apologizes and asks whether she is alright. Rano mumbles that she wants to meet Bani. Amreek and his friend are confused but they decide to take her there.

Amreek reaches Bani’s house and Happy opens the door. Happy, who was holding a toy gun accidently splashes water on Amreek. Happy apologises and Amreek forgives him. He goes inside to wash his face while Rano asks Happy about Desho. Happy tells her that Desho has gone for the ‘Jaago’ function and if she wants to meet mummyji then she’ll have to walk through the entire village. Bani, who is unaware of Rano’s presence asks Happy about the person standing out. Happy tells her that a lady named Rano has come to meet Desho. However, Rano had already left. Bani is stunned. Rajji sees her and asks what happened. Bani tells her everything. She says she must stop Rano from meeting Desho. Rajji volunteers to go along but Bani tells her to stay here itself.

Amreek comes out of the washroom and meets Rajji who asks why he is here at this hour. Amreek says he came here with a lady who wanted to meet Desho. Rajji says he made a big mistake. Amreek gets irritated and says she has a problem with everything but he also apologises. Rajji tells him to wipe his face properly and takes him in.

The family members, including Sohum and Guggi are walking on the streets. Soon they meet the special guests who have arrived for the function i.e Bittuji from Madhubala… Tannu and his wife from Na Bole Tum.. Tapasya’s Mami Ji from Uttaran & Kishan’s family members from Sanskaar.. Desho welcomes them and says she would have been happy if Bani’s Maasi also participated in the function. The guests tell her not to worry as their blessings are with the kids. The function begins and all of them start dancing.

Rano is running on the road. Scene shifts to Bani who is also running in the same direction. A tired Rano stops for a while says she has to meet Desho and again starts running.

Rajji helps Amreek clean his face. She slowly wipes the mess from his cheek. Both share an eye lock (BG: Piya Re Piya Re) After some time Amreek leaves and Rajji looks at her palm.

Its morning time, ‘Jaago’ function is still on and women are dancing. Rano reaches there and looks for Desho. Bani also reaches on the spot and Sohum sees her. Rano meets Desho and scene freezes on Bani.

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