Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 12th July 2013 Written Update

bharti blaming shekar for ehsaas kindnaping plan & shekar shout ” i never want this how can i kidnap my own son ”
everyone become in shock Aru comes to shekar & says ” why you said ehsaas is your son you are lying ” shekar keep silence but Aru ask him again & shout ”tell what ever you said is a lie ”
shekar shouts ” i don”t want to say anything there is nothing left to say i never wanted to come here i never wanted that you all know this but its true that ehsaas is my son 5 years ago you given birth to a baby but that baby died & after Madhav death i never wanted your family to know this & i also promised to bharti aunty thats why i handed my son to you & went far away that no one knows the truth ever”

all pariwals memebrs turn black & white from colour

Aru shout ” keep quit this is a lie for your happiness you want to take away a child from her mother how can you be so selfish ehsaas is mine & madhav son ” Aru leave
Bharti request shekar to leave them & forget that he ever meet ehsaas
shekar leave bharti crying brij appologize to police & request them to leave

Aradhya Room

Aru sitting lost with Madhav picture ehsaas comes & ask ” mamma why are you crying & what shekar uncle was saying bolo na mamma ” pallavi takes ehsaas to sleep

Aru breaks down & cry infront of madhav pic takes out ehsaas childhood album watch it & complain to madhav what shekar said about ehsaas being his son

suddenly Aru have the flashback of the blood test incident & the words of the technicians ” have you adopted this child” she took out the blood test report Aru is in doubt so she decides to call her family doctor but its 1 am so she quit the idea

Aru watch ehsaas childhood album & cry & fall to sleep( love this scene )
next morning as Aru wakes up she call the doctor & the doctor said its imposible that parents having A+ & AB – have 0 + baby not even in rare cases” Aru is shocked

Shekar House

shekar sitting lost in his thaughts someone knocks on door he open the door & Aru is satnding there
Aru ask ” what do you think of yourself as a doctor you save lives how come you play with lives people think doctors as God you start behaving like God who gives you the right to decide for other if you told me the truth i don’t die why you did this answer shekar why? ”
shekar says ”try & understand that time i couldn’t see you & your family in that situation & i didn’t give my son because one day i come & take him away from you the situation become like this so i told the truth”
Aru says ” No what ever you did was not right that time i can tolerate the truth but how can i live with this truth now that ehsaas is your son ehsaas become my life my but now i’m feeling my life is drifting away from my hand ” Aru leaves

Pariwal House

daddy is worried Aru left so early in the morning suddenly Aru comes Brij Daddy ask where she went
Aru reply i went to shekar bharti says you shouldn’t go there shekar wants to take away our ehsaas & cry Aru too cry & goes to her room ehsaas is there playing video game Aru sits beside him ( i love this scene) ehsaas leaves to play with pallavi daddy comes to Aru
daddy says ” i know more then us you are worried but truth is truth it can’t be change we should be thankful to shekar if you were in shekar place have you done this ?” daddy try Aru accept the truth
Aru says ” i don’t know what should i do i am feeling i took away sekar child i kept him away from his son ”
daddy says ” give shekar son back to him”
Aru says ” what i can’t do this ehsaas is my life he is my child i can’t live without ehsaa”
daddy says” shekar lived 5 years without his son for our happiness & now its your turn to return the favour back”

Aru thinking

Precap ” Aru calls shekar & says ” today evening i am bringing back ehsaas to you forever 5 year ago you given you life purpose to us & now we are giving our life to you ” 6 disconect the phone other hand shekar says ” Aradhya

Update Credit to: Tohru

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