Amita Ka Amit 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amita Ka Amit 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Amita Ka Amit 12th July 2013 Written Update

Nani is guiding the servant how to put the mattress when she hears some noise coming from the bathroom. She tries to cross check with the servant but he denies hearing anything. She gets up to check. The door is locked from inside. She wonders if there is a thief inside. The servant starts shouting but she stops him telling him to check first. As he tries to open the door, Amit and Ammu come running there. He denies anyone being inside. She doesn’t agree with him. is it some ghost inside then? The door seems to be locked from inside. He offers to open it even though Ammu signals him not to. Amit thinks of something and then starts speaking loudly to Nani (so as to indicate them to hide well before in advance). See Nani now I am about to open the door. 1, 2, 3…and now I’m going to push it open. The door opens…tadaaaa! nani offers to check but they shout NO in chorus. Actually its wet inside na you might slip. She buys the theory (aww such a sweet Nani ). Amit steps inside (rather than going around doing a full check) and tells her that no one is inside. It was only the wind. Nani leaves after commenting that a weird wind flows in their bathroom (ha! Why my every serial has wind blowing and scaring people off for some or no reason? Phew!).

Ammu asks them to come out. Pratik & Amyra (I will stick with these names for the actors today) come out. Ammu is super excited. What are your names? Pratik says Rahul while Amyra says, Bacchi and we are from Benaras. Amit comments to Ammu, it will be a serious case now as she is not even 18 years old (wow going by pet name, I never grew up just like a dozen grown-ups around me ). Bacchi explains that it is her name only otherwise I am well over 18. Ammu is super excited. You both ran from your home, its wow. We both even don’t go on jogging (what’s the correlation between running away from home and jogging :O I bow to thee! ). Your story is so filmy just like Romeo and Juliet. Rahul says why not as hum inse ISSAQ (name of the movie) jo karte hain – I love her. Rahul and Bacchi (RB) look at each other fondly and our sweet lovers get in to an eye lock too. RB notice them that way and complement their issaq.
Just then Fallu (every house that one person in their house you know how to disturb you at all the right timngs :/ ) calls out to Ammu. She hurriedly rushes out telling RB to hide back. Fallu asks about taking food for Amit in the room like she said earlier. Amu looks at Amit and says, earlier he said he will have it inside but then he chose to have it outside with everyone else. He changes his decisions every second. Amit is like what (ways of an escape dude get used to it ). Fallu is all the more confused. Whatever, ma said there is some problem with your bathroom? I will just check it. They stop her at once. Amit says, its perfectly alright. We go inside from the same door…..and come out from the same door [Ammu completes this. (but, what was this it just bounced off my head )]. Fallu is speechless (so are we, be assured O:) ). She leaves telling them to come fast. They all go foro dinner.

Ammu and Amit send everyone off (after they are done with dinner obviously) so that they can take food inside their room for RB. Nani, Baa and Fallu are too happy to see them enjoying together so they leave. They also send the servant away. amit asks her why are they doing it. And our lovely oops, romantic girl replies…! amit smiles and so does Ammu. They take the dinner for them and leave for their room.

Ammu watches as RB feed each other sweetly. Amit comes and sits next to her. ammu says, if someone feeds with this much love then one would anyways eat even though they aren’t hungry. Amit decides to go tell the security guy not to let anyone enter without asking them. Amita holds him by his hand. Stop, how will anyone know about them being here? (Thank you Lady!) Amit just stops right there with their hands together and they share another cute romantic eye lock with sweet instrumental music humming.
RB smiles looking at them. Bacchi asks them if they had a love marriage. Ammu denies, it was an arranged marriage. Rahul doesn’t believe them. Your issaq shows it to be love only. Amit diverts them saying they should sleep. If the lights are put on then someone or the other from our family will keep coming here. Bacchii comments they are very lucky to be married. You can spend all the time together that you want. Look at us, we are running away from our own families. Rahul assures her that they will be together as they are in love. After they leave from here they will be like them married. Amit reminds them to sleep as they have a train to catch tomorrow. ammu decides everyone’s places. I and Bacchi will sleep on bed while Amit can sleep on the floor (obviously on a bed spread) and Rahul can sleep on the couch. She offers to give Rahul Amit’s night suit. Amit calls her aside for a minute (oh you just look like some kid who doesn’t want to offer his clothes to another kid ).

He asks her about the same. She tells him that they (RB) are like us – lovers and every lover in this world is bound by one thread and this never makes anyone a stranger. He tells her not to act fimly in front of him and she tells him to be one in front of her. He comments that we are acting like thieves in our own house. She asks him to agree for it. He denies but melts down as she keeps making cute faces. He finally agrees for it and she very happily hugs him (we too are surprised like Amit is cute cute cute hug <3). He too hugs her bag and his expressions convey bliss ( ).Bacchii comments they (AA) look so cute together. Rahul agrees yes if they wouldn’t have helped us then don't know what would have happened to us. She says that their love has just begun after wedding. He is surprised. But they are married already. She acts angry. So, would you not love me after wedding? He nods in agreement. But how do you know about this? She claims to know being a girl as girls know everything. We should do something to bring them close. He asks about it while she continues smiling.Amit and Amita’s hug moment breaks. Amit says we should give them blanket. They are slightly smiling to themselves.-Break-RB feign sleeping as AA walk in. Ammu finds them super cute while he asks her to keep quiet. They quietly move from there only to find oil on the floor as Ammu is about to trip but he holds her in time. Eye lock. He suggests sleeping in the guest room (alone). She denies. If anyone sees you then they will get doubt on us. They realise they both will have to sleep together on the couch. RB smile on seeing their plan working (well we fans would like to thank you too ). They mover about awkwardly sensing that no other option is left. They both get in to you sleep, you sleep stuff but finally decide to sleep together. Amit lies down after putting pillows while she sits with her heart beating at a super fast race (funny how face expresses that ). He asks her if she will sleep this way. She nods no. I am just lying down. She finally does while he has his one arm stretched under her head. Ammu smiles. She turns and is about to fall off the couch when he (very swiftly and smartly ) saves her thereby turning her to face him. They both get in to a long eye lock and are very close to each other.-Break-Ammu finds a note. She tries to wake Amit up by shouting from far (wow, just like my mum does ). He finally wakes up (look at his sleepy pose with that outstretched arm wow!). She informs him about RB leaving. He is surprised. They left without even telling us? She rues that they shouldn’t have slept. Would they be caught by their family? amit tells her some sense. This means their family would have come here and met our family. what are you saying? She apologizes and hands him the note written by Rahul.We had to board the morning train but dint feel like disturbing you as you were looking so cute while sleeping. It was Bacchi’s idea to spread oil on the floor which resulted in making you 2 sleeping together. Some love stories start and even end with wedding but some are like yours, which has a new beginning everyday. AA eye lock. These stories are never old. We just hope that our story turns out to be like yours too. All the best. - RBAmita turns to get tea for him when he holds her hand. He holds her by her cheeks and plants a kiss on her forehead (ahan AKA fans your dreams have finally materialised ). Ammu runs from there but stops as they both turn to look at each other smiling away shyly. She goes to get tea while he lies flat on the bed (enjoying the bliss in his life <3).Precap: Nani tells Ammu to give tiffin box to Amit. He takes it but she isn’t letting go of it. He tells her to give as he is getting late. She asks him to thank her first. Amit in turn tells Nani about it. She gives it with an angry pout while everyone is amused seeing this.

Update Credit to: pooja

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