Amrit Manthan 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Amrit Manthan 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Amrit Manthan 12th July 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with yug looking at rajjo , and he was amazed to see that she is perfectly looking like amrit , and says beautiful and perfect , so then rajjo says really , i am looking like a heroine and she moves her feet towards yug and she fells on bed , because she was wearing high heels , so yug said , oh how can i forget this that she has to learn to speak like amrit , so he says bad words for rajjo , rajjo holds the knife in her hands and said don’t even dare to say bad about me , or else i’ll kill you and she leaves , then sunita and mahiji were in the room , mahi says that no one is there for giving the flowers , so nimrit comes and says that what happened papa ji so they said no one is ready to come out as its so heavy rain , then bani and jojo enters and they said that raju uncle has gone every where but he is also unable to find the flowers , after that karan comes and said don’t worry we will make flowers , bani and jojo were with him in the next room , he made a flower and showed it to them , jojo said that its nice but what about smell , so he takes perfume and sprays some in flower and gave it to bani and jojo , both smells and says woa , nice .. then nimrit was passing through the room , so bani and jojo asked her to help them , so nimrit also started making the flowers , then she was picking up the scissor while on the same time , karan also wanting to pick the scissor , so both kept their hands together in the scissor , then nimrit put her hand back and then karan takes the scissor , then nimrit thanks him for helping them . Then Yug was sitting and thinking that would this rajjo be able to speak like amrit or not , then while at the same moment , shamsher the goon comes and hits yug and said finally i have found you , and now you’ll be headed to amrit , and today is her wedding , this gift will be great for her wedding , while rajjo comes and said no need for it , she was speaking same like amrit , and said i have found him and then u will not get any money for him , because i have found him first and said that i have called police and they are coming , if u don’t leave then they will take you too with them , so shamsher leaves , yug was thinking this is amrit , rajjo puts her feet forward and then takes off her shawl and throws it on yug and then she laughs a lot , yug laughs too and said i thought it was amrit , so rajjo said how did u like my acting ? then it was amrit’s haldi rasam and nimrit was applying haldi on her and so did everyone , then yug and rajjo reached to the same beautician , who always do makeup of the palace women , so he went to her and said that you know me that i am amrit’s friend and we friends want to gift her something special on her wedding , so please u convience her to come here not u go there . the pandit was discussing about kanyadaan , so mahi and sunita says that nimrit will do it , then nimrit says i have somrthing in the room i will bring it , then , karan says that i have kept something for u , i know its not right time but still , nimrit went in the room and she saw mangalsutra , sundoor and red saree , karan comes , nimrit slaps her and said how dare you to even think i’ll still do this all in this marriage , bani and jojo comes and said that mama did u like our gift , nimrit says that did u brought it ? so both says yes , because we want to see u beautiful in masi’s wedding , both left , nimrit says sorry to karan , he says its okay , i brought these divorce papers , u should sign them , and he leaved , then tej was ready and karan says that i wish u will be happy in ur rest of the life , then nimrit comes and says there is a rasam of bhabhi and she applied kajal on tej’s eyes , then sunita comes and tells nimrit that amrit’s jewelery is left here , so can u give it to her , nimrit says okay , tej says okay i will drop u , nimrit holds tej’s cheeck with love , and said oh so this groom wants to see her bridal , but wait for some more time , then amrit reaches the parlour and then the beautician gave her juice to drink , after that yug comes and said that on ur wedding i have a gift for you , amrit was feeling like fainting , because in juice the sleeping tablets were there , rajjo comes there , amrit amazed to see her , then yug gave amrit’s dress to rajjo , nimrit comes and knocks the door , she was worried that no respond from amrit , she asked the beautician to give the keys , she opened the room , yug hid with amrit , and kept his hand on amrit’s mouth and hid behind the door , then rajjo comes in bridal dress and she went with nimrit .. amrit faints and then yug throws her on the chair and said till u’ll get in normal condition everything would be done !

Precap : Nimrit says to Rajjo ( amrit ) and says that this all is what we can do , thn , bani and jojo comes , amrit hugs bani and said that my daughter u r looking too beautiful , jojo was staring at amrit , then rajjo remembered that its bani , not her daughter , jojo is tej’s daughter and she fells a bit nervous .

Update Credit to: Mehak

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