Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 11th June 2013 Written Update

Dadi and pallo are very excited and they make preparations to welcome Maya.Brij calls madhav and finds that they have reached and everyone rushes to the door. Maya are happily welcomed by taking their aarti with a thaali. After that they come in and seek the blessings of the elders. However, when they take blessing of bharti, she is hesitant but eventually she keeps her hands on them and blesses them with a stern face. Everyone realzies that bharti is still not happy. Everyone are happily enjoying their convo in the living room when rahul comes there telling that he always knew that aaru would realzie her love for madhav b4 it is too late. He has two garlands with him whcih he gives to maya as he states its today when they are married in real terms so they should exchange garlands to symbolize this moment.

Maya happily exchange the garlands and aaru expresses her desire to visit her parents and also to get her belongings from there. Amid this, all plan to celebrate the occasion with a small party in the evening. Dadi asks madhav to take aaru and after they are gone, all moves to their respective rooms. Bharti is furious thinking that aaru is still playing with the lives of her son. Just then brij enters and questions her abt her weird behavior with maya. She expresses her concerns that aaru has always controlled madhav’s life and even now she is doing the same thing. Brij scolds her for thinking the whole matter in a negative way and that she should think of maya’s happiness which is to be together than being separated. He tells that she should give aaru a chance to prove that she is the right bahu of the house. Bharti is adamant that aaru isnt right for the family but brij isn’t convinced.

Aaru reaches home only to find a furious lalit and menka. They ask her how could she choose mahdav when he only betrayed her. Lalit tries to convince her that he isnt the right guy for her and that he has only brainwashed her mind. Aaru tells that noone has brain-washed her mind and she has taken the decision of being with madhav by herself. Menka sarcastically tells lalit that aaru has grown up and now she doesn’t even bother if her parents are speaking for her good or bad. Aaru pleads them to accpt that her love is true and madhav is the right guy for her. Lalit isn’t convinced and he tries to make her remember how madhav had married her by dhoka. Aaru defends madhu and lalit is angry. Both of them leave aaru alone without listening to her.

Pallo tells rahul and prerna to arrange for the party. While they plan the theme, their difference in opinion again strikes them and rahul shouts at her that if she had her own plans for the party then why did she asks him. He also blames prerna that she is doing it intentionally to prove that she is intelligent while he is a fool. Prerna says its not true but rahul isn’t ready to listen. He leaves leaving prerna in tears. However, prerna hides them as mahdav comes down to leave for the Mansingha house. He asks her if she is alright and she nods. Pallo and bharti are in kitchen and pallo asks about the menu for the party. Bharti is lost and tells her to decide anything. She asks bharti the reason for being lost when Rahul reaches the kitchen and asks her to assist prerna has he has some urgent work. Pallo wonders whats wrong with everyone.

Aaru is having her suticase with her and leaving the house when megs sees her going and calls lalit and menka. She asks aaru why she is doing all this and why she isn’t understanding that her decision is wrong. Aaru is in tears and says that she thought atleast megs will understand that aaru is strong by her decision and if she has accepted madhav then its coze she loves him. She asks why isnt anyone understanding her love. She tells that her love is her ehsaas who is madhav and she is going to her ehsaas whom she loved unconditionally. Just then the door bell rings and aaru opens it an finds madhav outside. She smiles faintly and madhav finds something wrong and asks her. She says everything is ok but lalit interrupts telling that nothing is fine as long as he is there in his daughter’s life. Aaru asks him to stop as he cannot speak like this to madhav.

Lalit talks rudely to madhav that whatever he has done to aaru, he should never expect that everyone will accept him. Madhav tells lalit that what he has done isnt worth forgiveness but he pleads for a chance to prove that he is repending for his mistake and the relation between aaru and him is true and their love is also true. Lalit doesn’t pay attention to madhav and asks once and for all to aaru if she wants to be with aaru. Aaru says she wants to be with him and lalit leaves the living room followed by menka leaving maya and megs in shock. Aaru hurries to megs and hugs her while megs says that if her happiness is in this then she support her. She also tells that she will try to lalit and menka and also convince them. Maya finally leave the house.

Aaru tells bharti that she knows that she has never accepted her as her bahu but she assures bharti that she has seriously accepted madhav as her hubby. Bharti tells if she is sure that she has accepted madhav then she is also ready to accept aaru as her bahu. Aaru si elated and hug her telling “thank u maam” and then corrects it as “sorry i mean thank u mummyji”.

Update Credit to: sio.angel

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