Hitler Didi 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 11th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Ammu is in a deep sleep, snoring in her room! Outside her room Veeru, Beera and Jamna’s daughter are looking inside her room, investigating if Ammu is asleep! Veeru says that Aloo ki paratha always works in this case and they smile, Indu comes and ask them what they are doing there? They tell her to keep it low and tells her to follow them!

Veeru then informs them they will play the music pillow game for her bhabhi ! Indu is super excited! Jamna is drinking something while hiding it(I think its alcohol) InShi comes down the stairs! Nanda bhabhi takes Indira and Beera pulls Rk and teases and gives him a glass of alcohol. Indira asks him what is that? Rk says just this much and they start their game. The music starts and the pillow is passed in the room and the music stops, Nanda bhabhi has the pillow and she sings a beautiful love song for her Hubby. Rk takes Beera and makes him sit next to her and interlocks his hand! Beera jerks his hand from Nanda and goes and sit on a chair! Nanda Bhabhi is sad, Indira holds her hand! Veeru tells them to continue. The music starts and the pillow is passed again and accidentally lands on Taoji’s hand and music stops at first everyone applauds but they are shocked when Taoji stands up very angry

Taoji throws the pillow to Veeru .

Part 2
Taoji starts to dance and everyone applauds him, He then smiles and sits down! The game continues and Beera catches it and is disappointed, but he stands up and starts dancing and singing and everyone joins! Meanwhile Indu sees Jamna drinking something, Indu goes to investigate but Jamna doesn’t let her! She tells her to look on and takes the bottle from her and rinse away and runs out, Jamna tries to follow her but in vain but Indu is too fast for her. Indu goes out and is happy after fooling Jamna, she opens the door to the cowshed and sees someone there! Indu is scared and runs back to the house . The family members dance, Indu enters and Veeru carries her and dance with her Jamna pushes her daughter who falls on Rk. They continue dancing! Indira asks Rk if Ammu wont mind, he tells her no and they dance…..

Ammu is busy supervising the preparation for the Pooja and ask where are this people? Jamna comes there, who is asked where she has been? She is covering her mouth all along. She is then commanded to go get InShi and she goes. The duo are sleeping and she starts singing a song and says, you took away Rk from my daughter, see what I will do to you? Everything is ready for the Pooja and everyone are waiting for InShi! Ammu says that no one in this house has ever risen or comes late.

Part 3
Indira wakes up after hearing the trumpet sound, she wakes up Rk to go and investigate what that is but RK is not waking up. Indu wakes up and tells her mother that this place is very creepy and tells her to sleep! Rk forces him to get up and he hears it and forces Indu and Indira to get ready for the Pooja. Indira asks Him why he didn’t tell Ammu about her not believing in Pooja or god, Rk tells him to stop talking and get ready. Jamna goes and tells everyone that they are still sleeping at this time. Indu comes and tells Jamna to stop lying as they are awake. Ammu reprimands her for talking like that to Jamna. Nanda pulls indu and tells her she shouldn’t sleek like that to elderly people. Indu starts investigating everyone ‘s payal, she remembers the payal of which the strange woman with payal and continues her investigation. Jamna continues brain washing Ammu but Taoji stops her and reprimands her for insulting a bahu of the house!

Ammu asks if they are awake then why aren’t they here? Ammu leaves for InShi room. Indu spots Jamna ‘s payal and starts pulling her leg, she push her away and asks what she is doing. Indu reprimands her for scaring little girls with her payal! Jamna says she didn’t scare anyone. Nanda steps forward and ask if this is TRUE! she convinces them for. Everyone has a worried look in their face. Indira says she won’t attend the Pooja. Rk tries to convince her but her attempt is all in vain! Ammu is approaching the room thinking about what Jamna said down stairs. Ammu is about to open but Rk comes out and apologize for being late. She asks about Indira but she comes out veiled Ammu ask why she is veiled Rk says she is shy. They leave for the mandir. Pandit asks where the bahu is and he stress also questions het being late. Ammu tells that her bahu can never come late. Jamna is disappointed and tries to question again about the veil Rk again explains, her being shy. They sit and Indu asks is Indira really shy, Rk is worried all along Jamna asks for Veeru who is not around.
Episode Ends

The pandit tells Indira to place her hand on Rk’s, she hesitates, Rk tells her its okay! OMG a man’s hand and Ammu spots it and ask pandit to stop as she unveiled the man, its Veeru, Everyone is stunned

Update Credit to: AK

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