Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 11th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 11th June 2013 Written Episode, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 11th June 2013 Written Update

Shri’s uncle catches inder chachù. When both families blame inder chachù, vicky’s bua says he’s a nice guy. These people made him do it. But both families are not ready to stand there for any minute. They decide to leave. Manvi and jeevika are sad that their plan failed.

Virika goes to vicky’s family. And virman goes to shri’s family. They try to make them understand. Why do you let your ego grow so much and not see your children’s love. Vicky and shri likes you so much. They are sacrificing your love for you people. But there is no response from both families. Manvi goes On to explain that, If they don’t do anything, then love will fail. When love is the most powerful things ever existed. Manvi even says that last time shri and vicky only acted like suiciding. But this time they may actually do it. When both families are still not agreeing jeevika says she feels that these people don’t love their kids. Viren and virat tells there is no use saying all these and they leave from there.

Both families are getting ready to leave. But then shri hurts her hand. And vicky rushes to her and scolds her for hurting her hand. He takes his hanky and ties her hand. Both families melt seeing their kids love. Finally vicky’s parents agree to marriage. And goes and ask for shri to her parents. Shri’s parents also agree to marriage. And all are happy. They thank dadaji for his efforts. He says the credit goes to his kids. Inder chachù says even he did a good job. Dadaji suggests as everyone is here now, they’ll do the engagement now from here itself. Everyone agrees.

All dressed up for the marriage. manvi and jeevika are happy that their plan succeeded. Everyone waits for the groom and bride. finally shri comes out in punjabi attire. And vicky in south indian attire. And the engagement function begin. Shri’s dad thanks vicky’s dad for letting them do the engagement in south indian style. But vicky’s dad says now they are together all this doesn’t manner. Manvi says they had made some punjabi arrangements. And bhaangda people come there. All dance and have a fun time.

Jeevika and manvi are in a shopping mall. They are talking about mango. But then manvi’s carry bag falls down. And mangos fall down. One mango goes to a kid. Manvi and jeevika goes to that kid. And they come to know that the kid is lost. They try to ask her phone number and address. But she doesn’t know anything. But she tells them her mom wore a yellow salwar. Manvi and jeevika goes in search of her mom. And finally finds her. Kid is really happy. But jeevika scolds her mom. As she doesn’t know even her address or phone number. But kid asks jeevika not to scold her mom as she’s really good. And kisses jeevika. She replies ok. Kid’s mom assures that she’ll make her kid learn everything. They leave. Manvi tells jeevika that she’ll be a good mom. And asks her to make it fast. As only after that she’ll get a chance. Jeevika says she’ll give the good news soon. And manvi asks her to share the good news with her first.

Jeevika is in her room. And is counting dates. When viren comes she tells him that she has a doubt that she’s pregnant. But has to confirm before she gives the good news to the family. She’s worried whether there’s any complication. Viren says he’ll take an appointment for tomorrow. And asks for a kiss. They are about to kiss. And title music plays in the background. Jeevika kisses On his cheek and runs from there.

Manvi is decorating her room. Virat is sitting down having mango and admiring it. He says he’ll compose a song about mango. Manvi takes a tissue and wipes his face. And asks him to grow up. And says he’ll be chachù soon. And then dad. But virat says chachù is ok. But he’s a kid. He can’t be a dad. Manvi says you are rite. As while having mango, he spread it all over his face. He runs behind her and both falls on their bed. They have a romantic moment.

Virika are at the hospital. Doctor says before revealing the report she has something else to say. Both are worried. But doc ensures them that jeevika is FINE. But there is some complications. She can’t conceive naturally. Virika are upset on hearing that.

Precap: viren assures jeevika that there are many treatments. And they’ll do it all. But jeevika says more than them, their family was expecting the good news. She’s worried how’ll they tell them this bad news.

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