Kunj looked in her eyes and began telling her how after there fight he went to a club and started drinking to get rid of his frustration , he told her how he ended up drinking out of his capacity and after that how the girl named Alisha approached him and he ended up spending a night getting intimate !!!!

As he was looking straight into her eyes , he could see the tears which formed in her eyes , he held her hands more tightly and spoke once again telling her how next day he realised what he did and and when he was coming back to her how Alisha threatened him to harm her ( Twinkle ) and his carrier as it was her plan to get him into bed with her !!!!

He then told her how for a week he was trying to get rid of alisha and her threats but was unable to as she had there pictures click of that night all in compromising position !!!!

He then told her how he was forced to get her ( twinkle) out of his life for her safety and he ended up being harsh with her on the day he confessed his betrayal , he knew he did wrong , he betrayed her but the he truly loved her and that day he said he didn’t love her anymore just because he has to keep her away from all the mess cause of her safety !!!!

He finished his explanation and by now both of them were in tears , kunj was crying because it was the first time he let these things out of him and he felt a bit relaxed and twinkle was crying because she felt bad as he suffered a lot because of his one mistake !!!

Though for it was a big mistake as she was his wife but she knew he was not in his senses that night and it was alisha’s plan to get him into bed with her cause she wanted his money and fame !!!!

Though she was sad and hurt but she knew she had to comfort him , she looked at him and found him looking at her with a ray of hope but she knew she need some more time to think about it , but firstly she need to calm him !!!

She wiped his tears and looked into his eyes , she could see the same love and passion for her in his eyes , she cupped his face and hugged him tightly , he reciprocated the hug with the same passion as if there life depended on the same !!!!

After sometime the broke the hug and he looked at her with hopeful eyes to know her answer whether she is willing to give him a second chance or not and as the time was passing by her silence was killing his heart and his hopes !!!!!

That’s it for now !!!!

Lets see what happens next !!!!!

What do you think will she forgive him and give him a chance ???

To know more stay tunned !!!

Till then take care and stay safe !!!!

Lots of love ❤️

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    1. Presha

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