Part 64 05/07/2020

Mehak’s POV

I woke up slightly early today. Last night I can’t deny Shaurya as he sweet talked me to his desire. Yet he handled me gently, but it was satisfying too. We didn’t make love since my pregnancy illnesses begun. I blushed as I detangles my hair in front of the dresser, how once we get tired, Shaurya helped me dress up and I went to the washroom to clean up when I came back he was tidying up the bed so we can sleep but my tummy started to rumble a bit, though I don’t want to bother but it did bothered me so I called him softly.

Mehak: Shaurya….

Shaurya: Yeah sweet heart, come, I already done your pillow come to sleep. You must be tired.

Mehak: But I am not sleepy now

Shaurya: (analyzing her face) then what you want to do now?

Mehak: I am hungry. (pouting at him cutely)

Shaurya: (chuckling) at this hour, 3am and you are hungry, what you want to eat. Let me get for you.

Mehak: I want ice cream.

Shaurya: Ice cream?? Eating at this hour is not a good idea. I will make for you hot chocolate instead.

Mehak: But your baby wants to eat ice cream not hot chocolate. (pointing towards the tummy)

Shaurya knows now she won’t let him to sleep so he came off from the bed and went to open the door and Mehak went with him. Mehak sat on the kitchen stool as Shaurya took out the tub of ice cream from the freezer, he gets the bowl and spoon. He put the bowl of ice cream in front of her and she started to have them immediately. He looked at her for a minute as her full focus was on the ice cream only. Mehak looked at him and she offered him, but he shakes his head.

Mehak: You are looking at me as if you will steal my ice cream, if you want to get yourself a bowl. Don’t stare at me like that.

Shaurya: (inhaling a deep breath) who would have thought at 3am I will be accompanying Parathe Wali Ghali’s Mehak Sharma to eat ice cream.

Mehak: What to do, I am having these weird feeling to have this at these hours. (yawning)

Shaurya: Okay come lets go to bed.

Then both went back to their room and Shaurya spooned her to sleep. She was still blushing how was their night didn’t realize that Shaurya back from his morning sprint. Her trance broken when Naughty came there to her, Mehak looked at him from the dresser mirror. He walked with his smoothie in the hand in his usual swag. Mehak just looked at him waiting for his next course of action. He put the smoothie tumbler away as he wrapped his around her waist and rested his chin on her shoulder. He inhaled her scent as he tickled her.

Shaurya: You look ravishing baby. I just don’t feel like going to office but just stay put in this room under the blanket (in suggestive tone)

Mehak : (nudged him) Don’t be such a demanding baby. Last night was exception, next time you won’t get it easily.

Shaurya: Don’t worry I know how to take what is rightfully belongs to me. Maybe can we have a quickie now?

Mehak: (eyes opened wide) You will not get anything now, quickly freshen up and let’s go down. Maa must be waiting for us.

Planting a kiss on her ear, he went to the washroom. Both get dressed up and came downstairs for breakfast and today it was poha with some chutneys. She had a little more than her usual eating portion to which Shaurya and Maa was surprised and they spoke with their eye movement. They feel good when Mehak didn’t oppose and had her food properly. Even she had the fruit bowl without complaining. Shaurya just wipes his mouth with the napkin and prepared to get up from the table.

Shaurya: Maa, I will have to leave now. See you ladies in the evening.

He pecked Mehak’s forehead and maa’s cheek and left from there. As usual for Mehak, she sat in the living area with maa and watched some random TV show. She would call PD and talks with about how she is feeling and her usual chirpy talks. Evening she played with Naughty as Maa prepared some tea time snack she insist to prepare them but Maa warned her, Shaurya already told everyone that Mehak should not be doing any kind of work and must rest. Occasionally Mehak comes to the kitchen to help but Awara gives her a pity look which she will understand. If at all Shaurya knows Mehak was cooking etc, Awara need to bear earful from his master. That day, Shaurya came home later than usual saying he was meeting a client and need to have dinner with them. He came home freshen up and rushed to his study room to continue his work. He had some presentation with his client which required more finalizing, so he asked Mehak to rest at home and he will be joining her in short while. She sat on the bed and turned on the TV and keep switching between the channels. After half an hour Shaurya came to the room and he was asking about how things and what she was doing. Literally her everyday sounds the same and Shaurya will share how he was running around for his meetings, office matters and sometimes issues at the hotel sites. He told her to sleep early as he needs to leave early for a meeting outskirt of Delhi. He turned off the lights and both rested on the pillow. Mehak felt restless as she tried to adjust herself under the duvet and notice Shaurya was fast asleep. She understands that he must be so tired that he dozed off immediately. She doesn’t want to bother his sleep thus she slowly gets up from the bed and headed to their balcony.

Mehak’s POV

Don’t know why today out of blues I don’t feel sleepy. A kind of weird feeling was forming in my pit and I don’t know why I feel so low out of sudden. It cannot be because Shaurya was busy with his work and I am acting like this. He always gives me all his attention to me, but this unknown feeling how do I interpret this or to whom I can talk to? Here I am at the balcony, gazing the start studded sky self-talking. Maybe chachi will understand me or is it anxiety during pregnancy. Our antenatal course instructor sends us some videos to watch and I saw giving birth is a huge process and preparing our self mentally and physically is not easy as I thought. Besides the pain the body changes during these 9 months will impact us tremendously. I blow some air to myself to keep me calm. I know I can talk to Shaurya anything but this unknown feeling building in me, I don’t know what to say. Maybe when I will be a mommy I will understand things better.

Shaurya’s POV

I dozed off immediately as I enveloped Mehak. But later I found the warmth next to me was missing. I lazily looked for her on the bed as my eyes still closed. I opened my eyes to see the bed was empty and get from as I looked around wondering where she is. I walked to the washroom and she was not there. I scratched my chin and saw the room is still locked from inside and where she could go, then I notice the balcony door is slightly ajar. I looked at the time, its 11.30pm and wonder what she is doing at this hour. I walked slowly to balcony and saw her gazing the stars. Her silky satin nightie in royal blue was indeed looking good on her. I tiptoed slowly and held her from behind and rested my chin on her shoulder which made her to gasp a little. Maybe she never expects me to come there.

Shaurya: What you doing here at night 11.30, waiting for your prince charming is it?

She rested her head on my shoulder and held my hands which is already on her securely.

Mehak: Not sleepy Shaurya (in her dry voice)

I wonder why she sound so dry and she sound slightly worried.

Shaurya: Are you worried about child birth my love? (as I tightened my hold on her)

Mehak: No, not that, but I feel something weird, something is bothering me I don’t know how to say .

I slowly turned her to face me, she looked disturbed and I wonder what actually is bothering her.

Shaurya: Why, is anything happen, or anything happen at chachi’s place? Or is Sonal and Mohit okay? Tell me what is bothering you.

Mehak: (she looped her arms around his neck) everyone is alright, nothing happen is just that since evening I am feeling something not right. That’s why I am not sleepy. Maybe I am thinking too much is it, or all pregnant women will behave like this, wish I can ask someone about this Shaurya. I just wished I don’t think unnecessarily like this in the process now I feel guilty because you are awake and here, tomorrow you have some important work and ….

Before she could complete her sentence, he enveloped her with his big strong body and burying her in his chest. He caressed her back gently as he plants a kiss on her hair.

Shaurya: Are you missing Meera maa?

When Shaurya uttered that, Mehak didn’t react but she just gently tugged to his tshirt and nodded gently. Shaurya placed his chin on her head as he inhales a deep breath.

Shaurya: I am sorry Mehak.

Mehak pull herself from him and looked at him in confused.

Mehak: Shaurya, how many times we already had this conversation, why are you saying sorry? You are not responsible for their untimely death. You were a child at that moment, if you said you are responsible than I am also in a way responsible because I was stubbornly asking my parents to go out to get me toys. If I would have not acted stubbornly at that point, maybe my mommy daddy would have been with me. This is all my fault and I was a selfish child at that time.

Shaurya knows this conversation is not going to be an easy one, so he decides to put the full stop there.

Shaurya: Mehak, its not your fault or mine either, is just time to be blamed. Okay I will not bring this topic up again. Let’s stop this now. Okay, is this okay sweet heart?

Mehak was still upset, so she turned away from him facing the garden. Shaurya just wrapped his arm around her as he whispered.

Shaurya: Sweet heart is very late, come let’s go to bed, don’t stand here too long, cold night, how if you fall sick.

Mehak just nodded in agreement but she didn’t expect for him to scooped her up in his pounciful arms and carried her back to the bed. She giggled as she pinch his cheek. He placed her gently on the bed and joined next to her. He asked her to close her eyes and started to massage her forehead as he talks to her in his soothing voice. His tender voice and massage made her to fell asleep immediately. The next morning it was the usual agenda, Shaurya made sure Mehak takes her breakfast and give her vitamin pills before he leaves. He told them that today he is attending some important meet up so will be busy. Mehak’s morning sickness has reduced slightly but she gets cranky at times. Her mood swing is one thing which haven’t kick in yet. Apart from that today she woke up with slight headache. After breakfast maa accompanied her to watch something and in between that she made sure to feed some nourishing fruit juice. Mehak just took few sips of the juice and the in between snacks or dry fruits/nuts she refuses to take saying she don’t feel like having it. Maa coaxed her to have some but Mehak manage to sweet talk her that she will have them later. Mehak’s headache was not getting any better, she went to have some water and applied some balm on her temple to calm herself. She knows is not right to take medication without doctor’s approval, so she wanted to call PD or chachi what she can do when she has the headache. She calls PD’s number and started to talk to her asking about everyone at home then she asked PD about her headache and PD asked her to take some herbal concoction and rest a bit so the headache will go off soon. After hanging up the call she was still rubbing her temple, she moved to the kitchen to prepare the concoction. She started to get some herbs and pound them with mortar and pestle. Awara came to help her but she asked him to do his work as she can handle that. She added the pounded items into the boiling water and let is simmer just then there was loud voice calling for Shaurya, she wonders who that was and turn off the hob and came out from kitchen to the living area. Maa who was in her room also came out at the same time. They were perplexed to see Shruti, Vicky’s former wife was there, she looked very upset and raged with anger. Vicky was coming behind her and trying to pull her away from there.

Vicky: Shruthi come let’s leave, bhai is not at home. Don’t create any scene. (she pushed her hand away from him)

Maa: Shruthi beta, come in, what happened, why you look so upset, anything happens. Why are you looking for Shaurya? He is away for a meeting.

Mehak who was watching them tried to say something but the way Shruthi throwing dagger at her, she can’t utter any word.

Shruthi: Aunty, I am here not to create any scene just want to confront Shaurya, the great Delhi’s entrepreneur. Do you know he is the one making me to lose more on my modelling projects? Shaurya, if you are hiding here is better you come out now.

Mehak: What are you saying, Shaurya will never do such thing. He always helps others but never does anything like you said. There must be some mistake Shruthi.

Shruthi: (sashaying her way to face Mehak) you a from Paranthe Wali Gali, a middle class family girl, I am sure your chachis has taught you how to go after rich and fame guys in order to settle down in life, so your first mission is done, so tell me what trick did you played this time, did you slept with Shaurya before marriage and threaten him that you are pregnant. Isnt that the usual trick your kind of girls will play to get rich well settled man? (in her taunting manner)

Mehak gasped hearing her accusation. She knows well about Shaurya and her relationship and how she moved to Vicky. Once Vicky was doing badly in his business she moved out of the Khanna mansion. She sent her petition for divorce and Vicky also agreed to get divorced. Her headache started to throb her badly at that moment.

Vicky: Shruthi have you lost your mind, what nonsense are you talking? Mehak Bhabhi is not like what you think.

Maa: Shruthi, you cant come inside the house and started to talk bad about this house daughter. Mehak is not only my beti but she is the blessing for Khanna family. I don’t allow any ill treatment towards her. If you cant stay patience then I advise to leave the house and come when Shaurya at home. Speak to him directly.

Shruthi: (laughing mockingly) Aunty if you had remembered I was also this house beti. But both your sons had disappointed me. What is so special about this beti of yours apart from luring your son?

Vicky: Shruthi have you gone mad, why are you talking to bua like that? Lets leave the house first, first you came to White Chilies to create scene then you came here, I told you bhai is not here, he is away for business matters. We can sit and talk later.

Little did they know that Shaurya just arrived and he was at the main hall seeing the scene which created by Shruthi.

Mehak: Listen Shruthi, I have not known you well, but please listen, I will talk to Shaurya. Maybe you calm down yourself first, right now you are in slightly bad mood, once you have calm down sit down have a drink, we will wait for Shaurya to come home and discuss together.

Vicky: Yes, Bhabhi is right, calm down yourself Shruthi. We can discuss with bhai. Everything can be sorted.

Shruthi: (laughing in mocking manner) wow, Vicky I thought this trash from PWG just lured Shaurya Khanna but you are also supporting her. Not bad Mehak, you got both the brothers under your finger, first Shaurya then Vicky. What is your plan actually?

Hearing her vulgar taunting Mehak flinched in disgust but before anything, Shaurya came in there.

Shaurya: That’s enough ( roaring in anger)

Everyone looked at him and at this moment his face and entire body radiated only anger. Mehak can see from his eyes that he is not going to have a normal conversation with Shruthi.

Shaurya: Shruthi my ex Bhabhi, you have to understand not everyone like you, first you were after me then when I didn’t give you the attention you went after my brother, and when my brother failed to please you , you divorce and went after other business man in Mumbai. Now he is bored with you and trying to get rid of you. Don’t think everyone will have ulterior motive like you, My Mehak is pure and she only knows love and nothing else than love.

Shruthi: Shaurya, now time to talk, tell me do you have any part on my contract lose with the famous designer at Mumbai. I did screen test and multiple shots with his team and today he said he will not take me for this season, I saw you with the designer two days back.

Shaurya: I don’t need to answer your question but my meeting with that designer is solely for business purpose and I got no time to get to know about your business and other matters. Its not my concern. If you want to know why you were removed go and confront the designer himself. You are not allowed to raise your voice at my wife and mother. You have no rights to step inside this house. Now if you are done, get lost now.

Mehak quickly step in front of Shaurya folding her palms together looking at Shruthi.

Mehak: Shruthi, I told you right Shaurya will never do such thing, there is misunderstanding with your designer. Now please leave from this place. We don’t want to have any more issues, please.

Shruthi step infront of Mehak and gripped her jaw tightly.

Shruthi: You thought you have won right by having him, don’t be so happy this is not permanent. You don’t know about him completely. Once he will get bored with you he will throw you out and start looking for someone hot and spicy.

Shaurya: That’s enough, leave my house now.

Shruthi: Truth does hurt a little Shaurya. (drawing along his jaw with her index finger long nail)

Shaurya flinch at her touch and dragged her by gripping her wrist towards the door, while Mehak asking him to stop it as Shruthi was screaming to let go. Vicky was just with Karuna maa clueless not knowing what to do. Shaurya just pushed her off at the main door but Mehak went to Shruthi’s aid asking if she is alright. She looked at Shaurya who is radiating in anger and pursed her lips. But Shruthi’s anger did not lessen too, she gripped Mehak’s forearm tightly.

Shruthi: This is all happens because of a cheapskate like you.

She pushed Mehak away which made Mehak to fall on the stairs at the front porch, she rolls down the stairs. Shaurya screams as he runs to her side and maa with Vicky too joined her. At the bottom of the stairs Mehak shrieked in pain holding her abdomen and curl into fetal position. Shaurya quickly placed her on his lap as he caresses her cheek.

Shaurya: Mehak , Mehak are you alright, what happened, tell me?

Mehak: Shaurya, my stomach pain, very pain.

Maa: Stupid girl what have you done to her? Get out from my house now (looking at Shruthi)

Shruthi: Look she is such a drama queen, is just a small fall and she is making it up as if she fell from 6th floor.

Maa: Leave now Shruthi, she is pregnant, and you harmed a pregnant woman. Out of my site now. Vicky ask her to leave now. Shaurya lets bring Mehak to hospital now, her condition doesn’t look good.

Immediately Shaurya lifted Mehak in his arm and get into the car, while Vicky sat on the driver sit and Maa sat next to him, he keeps caressing her as he holds her closer to him. He keep murmuring to her not to worry and everything will be fine, okay I am here with you, as Mehak hold his hand tightly, the pain became worst as she started to say our baby Shaurya, I don’t want anything happened to our baby. Maa while sitting in the front seat keep praying so Mehak and the baby will be fine.

Shaurya’s POV

Its almost 45 minutes Mehak was taken inside the emergency ward and my knees don’t allow me to stand straight. Few times I feel like the floor is slippery and I will collapse any time. I still can hear in my brain how Mehak was crying and keep saying about our baby. I can’t forgive myself if anything happens to her or to our baby. They are my world and they mean everything to me. Maa was sitting next to me holding my shoulder as she tells me occasionally not to worry it will be nothing serious. Vicky informed my in laws family about the incident and they will be coming here any time. I am not sure how to handle their queries now. I just want my Mehak and everything else is secondary now.  Just I get up from the seat and stride toward the emergency room, no sign of any doctors or nurses coming out from there, this just cause anxiety keep building up in me. Just then my inlaws family rushed inside. All rushed around us and started to ask about Mehak’s wellbeing. I told them she is still in the emergency ward. Vicky answered treatment is being carried out and we are still waiting for the doctor to come out. I saw PD and Kanta chachi stumped on the nearby seat. Mansi chachi sat with them and keep asking to pray and stay strong as nothing will happen to Mehak. I sat next to PD and held her palm in mine as she looks at me.

Shaurya: PD, don’t worry nothing will happen to your laddoo. I have faith and she will be fine. Also, the baby will be fine. Just stay strong, please.

PD: But Shaurya, what happened out of sudden, she called me earlier asking me for recipe on how to make concoction for mild headache during pregnancy. She was complaining she is having slight headache since she woke up. I told her I miss her and she promised me she will come to visit me this weekend, she also mentioned that you are busy with new business project etc so that’s why couldn’t come last weekend.

Shaurya: This is all my fault PD, I should take responsibilities for this. This happens because of me.

Vicky: Bhaiya why are blaming yourself, this is all because of that Shruthi. Thank God I divorced her long ago. PD, today my ex wife came in to the house to create trouble and Mehak Bhabhi tried to talk to her patiently, but that stupid woman pushed Bhabhi and Bhabhi slipped and fell down from the steps.

Hearing her all the Sharma ladies got shocked and covered their mouth with their hands. Chachus came forward and ask Shaurya not to lose any hope, they assured Mehak and the baby will be fine.  Exactly after 30 minutes Mehak’s gynae Dr Geeta came out removing her mask with another doctor too. Shaurya and others rushed to her.

Dr Geeta: Shaurya, Mehak is okay now, luckily, she didn’t fell on her tummy, so far no bleeding but the fall caused her slight cramp which caused the pain in her abdomen, it was good you guys bring her here early. She is still sleeping as we give her sleeping injection. We will shift her to normal ward shortly and you can visit her. But we don’t allow such big group you see, take turn to visit patient please. She might need to stay here for 1 night for observation.

Shaurya’s POV

The moment the doctor said Mehak and the baby is good, I felt like oxygen pumped back inside my lungs. Dr Geeta asked me to follow her to her room for further discussion. While I saw the medical staff wheel Mehak from the emergency ward, she was still unconscious. Kanta chachi asked me to go and see the doctor while they will be with Mehak. I went from there reluctantly still watching them bringing Mehak to the room. I waited for Dr Geeta to come as she went to clean up herself. She came in shortly. I was anxious what she wants to tell me now, though I am happy Mehak is out of danger but when doctor asked me to come and see her separately I wonder why. Dr Geeta took her seat before me.

Dr Geeta: So Shaurya, are you okay now? Saw you quite stressed out just now.

Shaurya: How to stay calm Dr, when I see my wife like that, she was crying so much in pain. If anything happens to her or to our baby I can’t forgive myself.

Dr Geeta: Why I call you here is that, please in future take good care of her, I know you will, but this fall is something quite serious. How if she falls from height? It could be fatal for both mother and child. Besides that, if a mother has miscarriage she can go into depression. Many these days can’t conceive naturally after their first miscarriage. I am not trying to scare you but these are the facts. I know from Karuna, you and Mehak united after many hurdles, now she is carrying your baby and she needs great amount of care and lots of love. I know both you and Karuna will give her everything and pamper her, but I just wonder how this accident happens. Also, I notice her blood pressure went high just now. That means she is worried about something.  Is common during pregnancy mothers will think a lot of things, but as a family they must be there with her throughout this period to overcome her anxiety. By the way I didn’t see her parents? Are they here or living out of Delhi?

Shaurya: (it was hard for me to digesting each word by doctor and now she is asking about Mehak’s parents, I wonder why) Mehak’s parents died when she was 10. She was raised by her aunts and uncles. Why Dr?

Dr Geeta: Usually during pregnancy the young mothers wants to be with their mother, to be able to spend time with them. Maybe she misses her mother, maybe she is worried about child birth or something can be bothering her. I advise you that maybe talk to her, take her for a short break. Maybe flying out might be so good but a short getaway can make her feel good. This is just a mere suggestion. You see I believe when the mother is happy the baby will grow well in a healthy environment and this will lead for healthy child birth too. I hope you understand. Mehak is under sedation now it will take some time to wear off. Take good care of her.

I left after my discussion with doctor walked towards to room where Mehak is. More confusion started to build in me. Why Mehak didn’t say anything to me, is she really afraid of me, or is it about her parents, then my thought went back to last night our conversation, she was feeling kind of bad, maybe she is hiding something from me, whatever it is I need to know them and get to the root of this issue. Now this Shruthi, she is definitely needs to pay for whatever she did today. If not for Mehak I would have done with her just now. How dare she harm my babies. (clutching my fingers tight) Shruthi start your countdown. I saw chachus sitting outside talking to someone in the mobile, Ravi chachu saw me and came to me.

Ravi chachu: beta , Mehak is alright right, what did doctor said?

Just then Mansi chachi and Kanta chachi came out from the room asking the same.

Shaurya: Mehak and the baby is safe and healthy chachi. She will be in hospital today and will be discharged tomorrow. She is safe.

Kanta chachi placed her palm on Shaurya’s shoulder and asked him to go in to see Mehak.

I walked in slowly not to make much noise and saw my mom was sitting next to her. Maa got up from the seat and signed me to sit down as Vicky guided her outside the room. I slowly sat on the seat and picked one of her palms which was not with the IV. I enclose both my palms, hers in the middle as I planted numerous kisses to her fingers. I didn’t realize my tears started to pour out and wet her fingers. She was still in her deep slumber. My other hand went to caress her abdomen the thing which I do constantly these days. I rested my head next to her on the pillow as I watched her side ways. Deep in me I thanked God for Mehak and my baby is well. Her hand was still in mine I am not ready to let go them at all.

Mehak’s POV

I slowly my eyes, and felt my whole body numb slightly. I tried to see the surrounding and I am in hospital as the disinfectant smell pierce my nose lightly. I saw no one standing at the room so I turned to see the other side and my shoulder hurts a bit as something heavy was there, I adjust my head slowly and tried to see what that is. It was Shaurya. I cant move right arm as it was intact with IV drip and it hurts a bit to move. I tried to get a good look at this bearded baby next to me. He was sleeping holding my other hand tightly that I cant withdraw from him. I looked at how cute he looked while he is sleeping like this. I gulped my saliva as my throat itched. Just than I heard him saying something.

Shaurya: (still eyes closed) How long you have been sleeping like kumbkarnan?

Mehak: (smiling softly) And what you doing next the patient?

Shaurya: I was thinking how to wake you up with my eyes closed, (inhale a deep breath) how are you feeling now?

Mehak: Hmmm, did I make you worried again. I always end up bothering you all the time, right?

Shaurya: Its okay, I am used to your behaviors.

Mehak: Shaurya, can I tell you something?

Shaurya: Hmmmm….

Mehak: I saw a beautiful dream just now. I was a in a beautiful garden in a huge swing, I felt somehow is like haven, I felt like I have been to this place before. The garden there looks like, in the cottage which you locked me from Manali. Then I saw a little girl screaming papa, papa, then comes another boy screaming momma momma. I looked for you everywhere then you came out, holding a baby in your hand and in another hand, you bring out a tray of food. Then I am already waking up.

I notice Shaurya didn’t react to me, so I called him.

Mehak: Shaurya, are you listening to me?

Shaurya: Yea.

Mehak: Then what did I tell you just now?

Shaurya:  You are very hungry, and you want me to get some food that is why you see me in your dream carrying food tray.

Mehak: (bites her inner cheek as she closed her eyes suppressing her laughter) yess, I am so hungry I want some yummy aloo paratha with dhal makhni.

Shaurya: (quickly gets up to see her and shocked, rubbing his eyes) You are in hospital and aloo paratha and dhal makhni is not in the menu. I will get you some sandwich you have that and sleep okay?

Mehak: We cant go home is it?

Shaurya: Doctor said now till you deliver the baby, you will need to be in the ward. Morning, afternoon and evening the nurses will come in to inject you before each meal.

Mehak’s eyes bulged out hearing him and her mouth open and close like a fish.

Mehak: Why,Shaurya, why we cant go home? Is everything okay? Baby ok right? (caressing her abdomen)

Shaurya: baby is fine sweetheart, just the baby’s mom is not right, so doctor thinks its better you stay here, and you will do better.

Mehak: Buuuttt, buttt Shaurya why, (almost going to cry tone) I don’t want to stay here, I want to go home. You call Dr Geeta please, I will talk to her, please, please please please….. do anything Shaurya. I will listen to you, (in babyish voice)

Shaurya couldn’t stop himself from laughing out, he started to smile and Mehak gets to know that he had fooled him.

Mehak: What kind of man are you? Is this how you treat your wife, patient in the hospital. If you going to keep playing tricks like this I will go to my home and never want to come back okay?

Shaurya: Okay okay, sorry (pulling his ears) I will not play any tricks. But tonight, you need to be here, I will be here with you, tomorrow after doctor checked you, we can go home. I will ask the rest of them to go home. Let me get you something to eat, till then don’t cry like a baby. (pulling her nose)

He gets up from the seat but Mehak tugged at his shirt, he turned to look at her, she signed at him to come closer and he bend closer to her, she caressed his cheek and pinch them gently and said I love you. He pressed a kiss on her forehead, leaving his lips there longer as he absorbs his contentment from her. He walked from there reluctantly and saw Kanta chachi and Vicky was there with Jeevan chachu. The rest have return home as per doctor’s advice.

Mehak’s POV

I saw Shaurya was disheveled status, his hair, shirt and all in a mess. Never seen him in this condition. I saw his face is red a clear sign that he had cried earlier. He gets petrified about things related to his loved ones and whenever something about me, he worries too much. I love the way how he pampers me, how he cares about me, I am equally obsessed with his care and I am madly in love with him and proud that I am his wife and he is my man.

After a while he came back to the room, with a sandwich and hot chocolate. He helped me to sit on the bed and started to feed me the sandwich. Once done the nurse came in to pass my tablet and she ask me to swallow them. I looked at Shaurya as each tablet are huge, like marble size, how to swallow these huge pills. But he rolled his eyes at me and take the pills from the nurse and ask her to leave. He passes them to me with the glass of water and watched me swallow them one by one. I nearly get choked with the other pill but he was quick to rush to my side and rubbed my back gently till I swallow them. In a short while I fell asleep.

The next morning after some procedures, doctor discharged Mehak. Vicky came to hospital with a set of clean clothes for her, she changed them and Shaurya got her wheelchair, she tried to reason with him that she can walk but he gives her a stare which made her to sit immediately without further arguing. They reached home and Maa was there waiting for them with the aarthi tray. Once done, maa asked about her well being Mehak told her she is better now. Impatient Shaurya just lifted Mehak from the ground and headed to the stairs as Mehak screams to put her down.

Mehak: Shaurya, are you mad, why are you carrying me like this, I can walk, put me down now.

Shaurya: You are still weak and need to fresh up , maa please help to prepare her meals, she wants aloo parotta and dhal makhni. Please send it upstairs to my room. Thanks, maa.

Maa just smiled as both went upstairs. She looked at the Matarani statue in the main hall and whispered her thanks as she prayed in her heart that everything should be back to normalcy soon for the family.

They reached their room and Shaurya placed her on the bed. He looked at her for a while as he walked to the dresser to remove his watch.

Shaurya: Mehak you need to shower first, then eat your food and take good rest.

He saw still fumbling with her hair which keep falling on her face then she whispers ouches at the hand which the IV drips were placed. He quickly removes his shirt and walked to her and asked her to stand up. She looked at him confusingly but followed exactly. He tight her hair into a bun and walked her to the bathroom. He locked the bathroom door and removed his pants and Mehak looked at him with her eyebrows knitted.

Shaurya: What you are looking at me, take of your clothes, okay wait let me help you. (holding her suit hem)

Mehak: what you doing Shaurya , I can manage on my own.

Shaurya: Yeah I can see how you were managing, now stay quiet and let me help you to shower.

Mehak: But….

Shaurya placed his index finger on her lips and give her a cold look, which made Mehak to go in silent immediately. He slowly removed her suit and bring her to the shower cube and turned on the shower, as the water start pouring on them. Mehak rested her palms on Shaurya’s shoulder as her eyes fixed on him. He slowly poured in the shower gel and lather them all over her. They showered together and there was no lust but just pure love with undeniable care with possessiveness in between two of them. He wrapped her with towel and Mehak walked to their wardrobe to pick her clothes. She gets dressed up as Shaurya continued his shower. She came out get dressed and was at the dresser as Shaurya came out shortly. He was still wiping his hair and saw Mehak still fumbling with the hair brush, he walked there and took the brush from her hand and started to comb down her hair carefully. He concentrated on his task as Mehak’s eyes was just on him. She agreed she became more like a child since the pregnancy, but she couldn’t help herself admire the busy businessman of Delhi is treating her no less than a Queen. As he finishes everything, their room was knocked, and he went to get it, Awara came there with food and he asked to setup them at the balcony. He slowly started to feed her and Mehak tore a small piece to feed him as well. He made sure she finishes her meal and checking on the medication when Vicky came in there, looking at him eagerly but Shaurya was busy.

Vicky: Bhaiyaa….are you busy, can I talk to you?

Shaurya: whatever it is Vicky I am busy now, talk to you later. Okay.

Vicky: But bhaiya this is quite urgent.

Mehak who sense the tension between the brothers, she tried to say something to change the topic.

Mehak: Vicky where is Naughty, I didn’t see him at all.

Vicky: Bhabhi , he is at backyard. He was looking for you everywhere since yesterday.

Mehak: Come lets go and see him, I miss playing with him too.

Shaurya: Mehak you are not going anywhere, stay here. And you Vicky, my brother yes, I have long chat pending with you, first let me sort my priorities first then I will come to you, if you excuse us…

Vicky left the room with his head hung low in disappointment. Mehak who saw him being crude with him just made her mood sour.

Mehak: Do you know you are being mean and rude to him unnecessarily, He is your brother Shaurya, why are you treating him like that, what mistake he did?

Shaurya: Mehak, its better you stay away from this unnecessary issue, Vicky, Shruthi are my problem, if you didn’t come in middle yesterday all these things will not happen. I advise you not to interfere on all these issues.

Mehak: What do you mean, I don’t interfere, Vicky is also my brother Shaurya. So are you blaming him for my accident yesterday?

Shaurya: Lets not further discuss about this Mehak. Doctor said you need to rest well and asked you to stay calm at all time, don’t think too much on all these unimportant matters, your health and baby’s wellbeing utmost important to me.

Mehak get up from there mumbling to herself, khadoos kumar, badtameeze bhel as she hurried inside to the room she accidentally bumped herself on the daybed and started to yelp in pain. Shaurya came back to the room and made her to sit down on the daybed and sat to check on her toes, he just rubbed them gently as he tried not to scold her for her clumsiness.

Mehak just watched TV in the room, and later Shaurya bring Naughty to let her play in her room and ask her to get good rest. While she was at her room, he went to see Vicky to discuss on the issue happens at home yesterday. Vicky apologized for Shruthi’s behavior but Shaurya just told him it was not his mistake or fault as Shruthi was being out of control. Then Shaurya discussed some of the business matters and told Vicky that he will take some time break as he intends to spend time with Mehak at home taking care of her and assist her with her pregnancy and Vicky said he will be helpful as much as he can throughout this.

As it was night, Mehak rested her head on the pillow and closed her eyes, Shaurya saw her sleeping and walked downstairs to the kitchen to get some water. His mom was at living area and went to sit rest his head on her lap and relax on the couch. Karuna maa caressed his hair gently as he closed his eyes to relax.

Karuna maa: what happened Shaurya: is everything okay?

Shaurya: Nothing is okay maa?

Karuna maa: what happened beta?

Shaurya: What is the point of being most successful businessman when I can’t protect my family? Yesterday right infront of my eyes Mehak was attacked and I cant do anything.

Karuna maa: Beta, that was not your fault, it happened in blink of eyes moment and Shruthi she behaved badly, she blames Mehak for her poor luck and pushed her off from the stairs.

Shaurya: yes maa, you are right, but doctor said, at least this time we are lucky, Mehak didn’t fall on her tummy but on her side but how if she falls, it could be fatal for both, how if anything happens to one of them maa, I will truly will be shattered. I was already broken once when Mehak left me, if anything happens this time, I don’t know whtr I will be even able to breath. Till the doctor comes out to tell me about Mehak’s condition my heart, my brain all stopped working. When doctor calls to talk to me about her condition. Doctor told me, Mehak is stressed and worried about something. Am I not good husband maa, I hardly says this thing maa, but Mehak and now my baby in her womb means the world to me, they are everything to me maa, I can’t think a single second without them in my life maa. I don’t show much of my emotions. I have decided that, till Mehak’s condition stable, I will be at home assisting her during the pregnancy and Vicky will handle most of the work. I will work from my home office and take care of Mehak and my baby together. Besides that, I am planning to go for a short road trip somewhere nearby for relaxing with her. Maybe this could help her to calm down a bit.

Karuna maa: (caressing his head gently) Did you try to talk to Mehak beta? Why is she feeling stressed? Did we not take care of her well or does she miss her family? What is it beta? We will do anything for her Shaurie. Mehak is not just your wife beta, she is this family’s blessing sent by God, the kind of daughter I was searching for you, God heard my prayers because my Shaurie deserves the best life partner.

Shaurya:  She always says she is happy maa, but I know deep in her heart she misses her parents. I know its my fault, if I haven’t done something on that, maybe today I will have a complete happy family.

Karuna maa: Don’t say that beta, let the past begone. Now you have us here, soon a beautiful child will be with us soon.

Shaurya gets up from her lap and wipe off the tears from his eyes.

Shaurya: Haan maa, soon my little baby will be with us soon and we all must be fighting for our turn who will be carrying and to play. Okay maa, let me go back to my room, Mehak will be awake and searching for me.

He assisted karuna maa and sent her to her room and didn’t realize that Mehak was there and heard the conversation, tears rolled out of her eyes and she wipes them away and she quietly climbs the stairs back and rested on her pillow, she heard Shaurya coming up she wipes off her tears and pretends to sleep.

Mehak’s POV

I woke up from sleep as my throat get dries up. I slowly drank the water in the glass and look for Shaurya in the room, I wonder, where is he? Slowly I took the stairs down and heard some sound and saw Shaurya resting his head on maa’s lap and he was pouring his heart out to her. I felt bad and didn’t realize when tears made its way down on my cheeks. My love for him multiplied that moment when he confesses how much he loves us.  I wonder what I did to earn him as my life partner, everyone says he is lucky as he has me in his life, but it should be the other way, I am blessed to have him in my life as I have not received this much of love and care from anyone before. My family yes, they love me but Shaurya’s love is something that I will never get tired with, there is his extreme possessiveness, there will be his extreme care for me, now I know that these all are his love and this is how he shows his care towards me, I felt bliss with his love and I am not going to complaint for this.  I can hear him locking the door and went to washroom, in a short while he rested on the bed turning off the light and pulled me towards him and made me rest on his chest. I snuggled closer to him as he kissed my head. In a moment I can hear his breathing became even as he enters deep slumber. I know I am safe and secured with his protective arm and now our baby will be blessed with our love and care.















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