IB & Naamkaran FF- Hatred Love- Chapter 37

Hi, everyone!! I am back with the update. I am really sorry for not updating for a long time. I have kept the drafts at my office and didn’t bring it home thinking that the lockdown will end by the end of March. But a lot has happened until my company has shut down and I lost my job.  I was depressed about that and it took time for me to overcome it. That is the reason I started a new story and kept other stories on hold. I manage to retrieve a few drafts from my office when I went to clear my stuff from there. I am sorry again. From now I will try to update weekly once. And thank you very much for those who have commented, voted and messaged me personally for this FF.






SidLana’s House


SidLana arranged two rooms for AvGau and ask them to refresh themselves. Swetlana goes to the kitchen and boils the milk. She brings two glass of milk and goes towards Siddharth.

Swet: Suno, give this milk to Gautham. I will give to Avni.

Siddharth: Ok. Did you do as Ishu said??

Swet: (nods nervously) Ji. But I feel scared.

Sid: Even I am feeling scared. But we can’t refuse her. So we have to hide our fear and give this to them. (Swetlana chuckles seeing Siddharth’s expression.) Why are you laughing??

Swet: First time I am seeing you being scared. That’s why.

Sid: Let’s go and give them this milk. (Swetlana goes to Avni’s room while Siddharth goes to Gautham’s room.)


Avni’s Room


Avni is sitting on the bed and caressing Mishti while her thoughts are on NeilJa. She didn’t even realise Swetlana’s presence. Swetlana touches her shoulder.

Swet: Avni!! (Avni looks at her.) Are you thinking about NeilJa??

Avni: Yes, bhabhi. I am worried about them especially Pooja. At least, Neil has gained conscious but Pooja. She is pregnant some more. Being an orphan, I found a mother and sister through Pooja and Ishu only. I can’t bear if anything happens to them. Ishu has suffered a lot and now, Pooja. Why God always troubling us??

Swet: Because God loves all of you very much. He always likes to test the people whom he loves a lot. Just to see if they can face the challenges and how they will face. But he will never let you down. The same happened in Ishu’s matter and will happen with Pooja. (Avni hugs Swetlana.)

Avni: Thanks, bhabhi. I am feeling light now.

Swet: Good. Now, drink this milk and sleep for a while.

Avni: No, bhabhi. I want to go to the hospital. Ishu will be waiting for us there.

Swet: Ok. But at least drink this milk. (Avni drinks the milk.) You wait here. I will come in a while. (She leaves from the room.)



Gautham’s Room


Gautham is getting ready. Siddharth enters inside.

Siddharth: Are you going somewhere??

Gau: Yes. I have to go to the hospital. Ishu must be waiting.

Sid: Ok. Have this milk first. (Hands him the glass.)

Gau: Milk in the afternoon??

Sid: You refused to have your lunch. At least this milk can fill your stomach. (Gautham drinks the milk without questioning more. Siddharth takes the glass after Gautham finishing it.) I will come in a while. (He leaves from the room and goes to the kitchen where Swetlana is waiting for him.)


Swet: You come ready?? Did he drink??

Sid: He doubted at first but he drank after that. How about Avni??

Swet: She had it.

Sid: Let’s wait for a few minutes. After that, we will go and see them. (Swetlana agrees and they stay there for a while. Then, they go to Avni’s room and see her sleeping beside Mishti. They smile feeling relief. Then, they go to Gautham’s room and they see him sleeping on the couch in his sitting position. Siddharth makes him sleep properly. They leave from the room.)

Swet: Our plan worked. Thanks to Ishu.

Sid: But we will be in trouble if they know it was our work to make them sleep.

Swet: If they know that we had mixed sleeping pills in their milk only it will be trouble for us. How if they didn’t know??

Sid: So, you don’t want to tell them??

Swet: Why should we?? We will tell them that they are so tired and they fell asleep.

Sid: Gautham won’t believe it. He will recall everything happened and he will find out that we had done something.

Swet: We will see it later. Now, don’t worry. I will go and bring Mishti. (She leaves to Avni’s room.)



City Hospital


Neil’s Ward


RuMya and PriVeer are shocked listening to Neil.

Ranveer: What are you saying, Neil?? That was not an accident??

Neil: I’m telling the truth, Ranveer. It was a murder attempt.

Rudra: Who and why??

Neil: I don’t know who was that but he wants to take revenge on us.

Prinku: Us??

Neil: Yes. Us. That means I, Gautham, Avni, Pooja and……… Ishu. (They are shocked again.)





AvNeil are doing some shopping.

Avni: Neil, this saree looks pretty.

Neil: Do you like it??

Avni: Yes. This colour will suit perfectly for Ishu.

Neil: Oh!!?? So you are buying for Ishu. Not you??

Avni: Nope. If I want anything, I will ask you. Ishu never has asked anything for herself till now. She accepted whatever we bought for her. Luckily, both of you understand what she likes and dislikes.

Neil: But Ishu doesn’t wear saree. She doesn’t even know how to tie it.

Avni: What?? Seriously?? But she wore saree for our wedding??

Neil: I and Gautham arranged a girl to adorn her. 

Avni: So she never wore saree before that??

Neil: She did once during her college event. I and Gautham learnt how to tie the saree and we did a demo in front of her.  (Avni laughs.)

Avni: So cute. So use the same method to teach her again. (She laughs again. Neil slaps her head.)

Neil: You are teasing me?? You and Pooja teach her to wear saree. Take this saree for her and this one for you. (He shows a salwar which he is holding in his hand.) Your favourite emerald green.

Avni: Woww!! It’s beautiful. Thanks, Neil. (She hugs him.)

Neil: Have you done with the shopping?? Let’s go and settle the bill.

Avni: You go and wait outside. I will go and pay.

Neil: It’s ok. Let’s go together. (His mobile rings that time.) Private number?? Avni, you go and pay the bill. I will answer the call. (He hands over his debit card to Avni and leaves from there.)


Outside The Shop


Neil answers the call.

POC: Hello, Inspector Neil!! Looks like you are enjoying your shopping very much??

Neil: (confused) Who is this??

POC: Oh!! You have forgotten me?? Of course, you don’t remember me. Because I am just one of the person who was affected by you.

Neil: (confused) What?? Who are you??

POC: The one who is going to change your fate. Not only yours but all of you. I will destroy your world!!

Neil: What are you blabbering?? If you have enough guts, come and fight with me directly!! Don’t hide like a coward.

POC: Inspector Neil, it’s your duty to find out who am I. You can’t get me just like that without any effort. And don’t underestimate me. I will do whatever I said. Do you want to see a sample?? With whom should I start?? How about your dearest friend, Ishana??

Neil: (angrily) Hey!! Don’t you dare to do anything to her!! I won’t spare you!!

POC: No no!! It won’t be fair. Let her in peace for some time. How about your friend, Gautham?? And his wife, Pooja?? Save them if you can!!!

Neil: No!! Don’t do anything to them!!

POC: Don’t waste your time, Neil!! All of you need to suffer just like we did!! (He ends the call.  Neil is worried thinking about GauPoo. Avni comes there after paying the bill.)

Avni: Neil, what’s wrong?? You are looking tensed.

Neil: Avni, we have to go to GauPoo. (He holds her hand and runs from there taking her with him. Avni is confused with the happening but she doesn’t ask anything and runs with him. They stop seeing Gautham at the opposite.) Gautham is there. But where is Pooja??

Avni: She is there. (She said pointing towards the ice cream parlour.) I will go and get her. (Neil nods and she rushes from there while he runs towards Gautham. He is about to call Gautham’s name when he sees a car coming in high speed towards Gautham. He rushes towards Gautham and pushes him away. Gautham fell at the roadside. However, the car hit Neil before he could escape.)




Neil finished narrating to them. They are shocked and confused listening to him.

Rudra: Who is that person and why he is targeting all of you??

Neil: He must be one of the criminals whom I and Gautham caught before this. (Ranveer nods agreeing with him.)

Soumya: Do you have any doubt on anyone??

Neil: I can’t say, Soumya. Because we have handled a lot of criminal cases. So I can’t simply point my finger on anyone.

Prinku: But bhaiya, we don’t have any options now. We need to list down the criminal list which you and Gautham bhaiya handled before.

Rudra: It will be very complicated, Prinku.

Soumya: No, Rudra. We have to try Prinku’s idea. If that person is having this many vengeances on them, that case must be a very serious one. Such as smuggling, drug dealing, human trafficking, organ trafficking, rape, murder, something like that.

Neil: Still a lot, Soumya.

Ranveer: But we don’t have any other choice, Neil. I will ask the HQ to send the details of the criminal cases which handled by you and Gautham till now.

Prinku: Bhaiya, both of you worked together in all the cases??

Neil: Only these two years we are working together. Before this, we worked separately in different department.

Ranveer: That means we need to check for these two years. Ok. You don’t worry, Neil. We will find out who is the person. Don’t pressure too much on this.

Neil: Thanks, yaar. (Ranveer smiles.) And sorry too. We are troubling you a lot. Ishu’s matter and now this. I don’t know how to thank all of you.

Ranveer: Don’t thank us and don’t say sorry. This is the way to thank us. (Neil chuckles.) Take rest. We are leaving now. (They bid bye and leave from the ward.)



At the Corridor


RuMya and PriVeer go towards IshAni who are sitting at the corridor.

Ranveer: Ishana, are you sure that you want to stay here tonight??

Ishu: Yes. I told you ready.

Ranveer: I will stay here with you as well. Rudra, you go back with SouPri.

Ishu: It’s ok, Ranveer. We can manage.

Ranveer: At least let me wait till Gautham come.

Ishu: He won’t come. (All look at her confusingly.) Actually, I asked bhaiya and bhabhi to mix sleeping pills in AvGau drinks. They must be sleeping now.

Ranveer: (dials a number) Hello, Siddharth. Are Avni and Gautham there?? (Siddharth says something.) Ok. I will call you later. (He ends the call and looks at Ishana.) You are right. They are sleeping.

Rudra: How did you tell them?? You are not having your mobile with you. (Annika shows her mobile.) Oh!! Ok. Bhabhi, you can remember the numbers. Woww!!

Soumya: Not everyone like you, Rudra.

Rudra: Don’t tease me, Sumo!!

Annika: Guys!! This is a hospital. Mind your behaviour.

Ranveer: We are leaving now. If anything means just give me a call. Annika, Ishana is not having her mobile.

Annika: I will take care and I won’t let her go alone anywhere. (Ranveer nods and they leave from there.)



At Night


IshAni are sitting on the floor by leaning against the wall outside Neil’s ward.

Ishu: How long have you been married??

Annika: Almost four years.

Ishu: Love or arrange marriage??

Annika: Love marriage. (Blushes slightly.)

Ishu: I guessed it.

Annika: How?? Is that too obvious??

Ishu: I didn’t mean like that. An arrogant man like your husband is impossible to do arrange marriage. He and his brother Omkara Singh Oberoi are just the same. They need a girl who can break their arrogance and ego. I can’t believe that Rudra is their brother. He is so sensible and matured guy.

Annika: Ishana, you are right about my husband. He is such a tadibaaz. In fact, both of us always fight since our first meeting. He doesn’t like someone opposing him. But I always opposed him to irritate him. But he has a good heart. He pretends like he is a stone-hearted person but he will meltdown if it comes about his family. He loves his family a lot and will go to any extreme for their happiness.

Ishu: He is like Avni. In fact, Neil took a lot of time to win Avni’s heart. But she has completely changed after falling in love with him. (Annika smiles.)

Annika: Rudra the one you said as sensible and matured was a spoilt brat a few years ago. Do you know he was a playboy during his college days?? He thought that he is a lady killer and any girls will fall for him.

Ishu: Really?? But I didn’t see him like that before this.

Annika: The reason is Soumya. She is the one who didn’t fall for his charm and dare to against him. She made him realise that the girls who were coming behind him were for his money, car and his surname. He changed after that only.

Ishu: No wonder he is very close with Soumya.

Annika: He becomes matured and sensible after you came to Oberoi Mansion. He could understand between the right and wrong. He never went against his brothers since he was a kid. First time I saw him went against his brothers in your matter only, Ishana. (Ishana smiles.)

Ishu: But still he is different from his arrogant brothers.

Annika: Ishana, I agree that Shivaay was arrogant but Omkara is completely opposite of Shivaay. He was not like this before. He was a soft-hearted and sensible person. He will think from every angle before coming to a conclusion. The one who is behaving cruelly with you now never has raised his voice to anyone. Even though someone betrayed him, he will forgive the person. Whenever Shivaay scolded me, Omkara is the one who will defend me. He is completely changed after Gauri’s death. He is not the same Omkara I have seen before. He has turned into a beast.

Ishu: I am the one who has changed him into a beast.

Annika: I didn’t say like that, Ishana. Taking revenge and changing our behaviour after our loved one’s death cannot be a solution for everything. If I thought like that, I could never succeed in my life. I and Gauri must never complete our studies.

Ishu: I’m sorry. I didn’t know about your parents.

Annika: It’s ok. It’s been some years. (Ishana looks at her in guilt.) Ishana, you didn’t tell me about your family. You only said about your friends.

Ishu: My friends are my family!!

Annika: (confused) Matlab??

Ishu: Who raised you up since you were a kid??

Annika: My parents.

Ishu: But I was raised up by my friends.

Annika: So your parents…..??

Ishu: I am an illegitimate child for my parents. My mother was my father’s mistress. (She narrates her past towards Annika. Annika is having tears listening to her past. She recalls the day where Omkara told the media that Ishana is his mistress and how she begged him to not to tell like that.)

Annika: I’m sorry, Ishana. Now, I can understand how you have felt when Omkara said like that about you. (She cries. Ishana calms her.)

Ishu: Please don’t cry. You have nothing to do with it. (She wipes Annika’s tears which is flowing from her eyes.)

Annika: Your friendship is incomparable, Ishana. I’m bowing my head towards your friendship. Not everyone can get this type of friends. People used to tell if God snatched something from us, he will give us something more precious. God snatched your proper birth but he has given you wonderful friends.

Ishu: But I snatched your sister from you.

Annika: And he has given you as my sister. (Ishana looks at her in surprise.) Why?? Did I say anything wrong?? Won’t you accept me as your sister??

Ishu: Even though I have caused….

Annika: Shhh. Past is past. Don’t talk about that again. (Ishana gives a small smile. Annika hugs her. They chat for some time and fall asleep.)





Ranveer’s Room

RuMya and PriVeer are discussing whatever Neil told them.

Ranveer: I have called one of my friend who is working at HQ. He said he will send the details tomorrow morning.

Rudra: Already the accident which Ishana bhabhi did having a mystery. Now, Neil bhaiya and Pooja di’s accident also has a mystery.

Soumya: Gauri’s accident was an accident but whatever happened to Neil bhaiya and Pooja di was not an accident. It’s a murder attempt. There is a difference, Rudra.

Prinku: Soumya is right. We need to find out who are those people causing these to bhabhi and her friends. (The room door being knocked. Priyanka goes and opens the door. She sees Omkara there.)

Om: Ishana and the baby are not in the room. Are they here??

Prinku: They are not here. (About to close the door.)

Om: Do you know where she went??

Prinku: What do you want to do by knowing her whereabouts?? Are you going to kidnap her?? (Omkara is hurt hearing her words.)

Ranveer: Priyanka!! (Priyanka turns towards him. He just shakes his head telling her to not to say anything.) Omkara, Ishana went to meet her friend and she won’t be coming tonight. You can sleep peacefully tonight without her. (His last words are sharp enough to pierce Omkara’s heart. He leaves from there.)

Soumya: Om bhaiya has changed a lot.

Prinku: No use, Soumya. The damage is already done and it can’t be mend. (Soumya agrees. Ranveer’s mobile rings which he answers.)

Ranveer: Hello. Ok. I will be there in a while. (He ends the call and looks at them.) I need to go out for a while. (He leaves from there.)



Omkara’s Room


Omkara is about to lie on the floor when Shivaay barges into his room.

Om: Shivaay??

Shivaay: This is too much, Om. Annika is doing too much!! How dare she said like that to me??

Om: What happened, Shivaay?? What bhabhi said??

Shivaay: She said that she is not coming home tonight and she is going to stay with that girl at the hospital.

Om: Which girl??

Shivaay: That girl who has made your life miserable. The one who snatched our RuPri from us.

Om: She is having a name, Shivaay. Ishana.

Shivaay: Gauri’s murderer!!

Om: Ishana is at the hospital?? What happened to her??

Shivaay: Nothing happened to her. But her friend is in the hospital. So she is staying there. Annika also staying there to accompany her. Why Annika should stay there??

Om: Bhabhi said that she wants to accompany Ishana. What is wrong with that?? She doesn’t want to let Ishana alone.

Shivaay: No. I won’t let her stay with that girl. Already she has snatched my RuPri from us. I don’t want her to snatch my Annika also. I want to go and bring Annika.

Om: I am also coming with you. (They leave from there.)





Ishana wakes up from her sleep feeling thirsty. She realised that she has slept on Annika’s lap and her hand is being held by Annika. She gets up from her lap and slowly takes her hand from Annika’s grip. She makes Annika sleep properly and she goes towards the water dispenser. She takes a cup and fills it with water. She is about to drink when she feels like someone passes at her behind. She turns and sees no one there. She drinks the water and walks towards Annika. She is about to sit when someone covers her mouth with a cloth and drags her from there. She struggles to escape from the person but the person is too strong to be pushed. She tries to make a sound but her sound is too slow which barely can be heard by anyone. She steps on the person’s foot making her stumble. She takes it as a chance and pushes the person away. The person falls down. She runs from there to seek for help but her bad luck she couldn’t find anyone there. She runs towards a nurse who is sleeping and wakes her.

Ishu: Sister… sister… Wake up. (The nurse opens her eyes lazily.) Sister, someone is trying to harm me. Please call the security guards. (The nurse looks here and there and sees no one there.)

Nurse: Mam, no one is there.

Ishu: No, sister. He is here. He covered my mouth with a cloth and….

Nurse: Mam, please don’t disturb me. I haven’t slept since yesterday.  I just want to take my nap. (She continues to sleep. Ishana leaves to call the security guards herself. She walks towards the entrance when the person again captures her by covering her mouth. The person is about to take her out from the hospital when they heard someone entering inside. The person sighs in irritated and drags Ishana from there.)



Annika wakes up when she feels her hand is free. She is shocked to see Ishana is not there.

Annika: Ishana!! Where did she go?? (She gets up and searches for Ishana. She is worried when she can’t find Ishana.) Ishana!! Where are you?? (She goes to Neil’s ward and sees Neil sleeping there. She comes out from the ward.) Maybe she went to the washroom. (She goes and searches at the washroom but she is not there. She walks again to the place where both of them were sleeping. She bumps with ShivKara.) Shivaay??

Shivaay: Annika?? (He sees her eyes are filled with tears making him worry.) What happened, Annika??

Annika: Shivaay, Ishana was sleeping with me but now she is missing.

Shivaay: Maybe she went to washroom??

Annika: I have checked but she is not there. (Shivaay is about to say something but Omkara touches his shoulder and points towards somewhere. ShivIka looks at the place and see a cup lying on the floor where the water is spilt.)

Om: I think something is wrong. Let’s go and find Ishana. (They leave to search for Ishana. Annika goes towards the nurse whom Ishana spoke just now. She wakes her up.)

Nurse: (sleepily) How many times I want to tell you?? No one is there. If you are feeling very scared, just call the police. (ShivIka and Omkara look at each other confusingly.)

Shivaay: Is this the way you are doing your duty?? (The nurse startles hearing Shivaay’s voice and gets up from her place.)

Nurse: Sir?? Sorry, sir.

Annika: Sister, did you see any girl coming here before??

Nurse: Yes, mam. One girl came and said someone is trying to harm her. But when I saw, no one is there.

Om: Where did she go??

Nurse: Sorry, sir. I didn’t notice.

Om: Shivaay, bhabhi, I think it will be better if we search separately. Both of you go together. (ShivIka nod and they leave from there.)



Mahi’s House


Mahi opens the door and sees Ranveer.

Ranveer: Mahi, why did you call me here??

Mahi: Sir, my housemate and I were simply watching the videos on my laptop. I found footage and it might be useful for you.

Ranveer: What footage?? (Mahi shows the footage to him making him shocked.)

Mahi: Sir, this is…. (Ranveer nods his head.)

Ranveer: Mahi, can you send this footage to me??

Mahi: Sure, sir. (She transfers the footage to his mobile.)

Ranveer: Thanks. (He leaves from there.)





Ishana is being dragged by the person. The person stops and opens a door. He pushes her inside the dark room and locks the door. He leaves from there.

Ishu: (shouts) Hey!! Open the door!! (She taps the door loudly.) What room is this?? Why am I feeling cold?? (She hugs herself and walks inside there searching for the power source. She finds the switch and turns on all the lights. The room becomes bright. She becomes shocked seeing something and screams.) Aaaaah!!!!



Annika is crying searching for Ishana. Shivaay hugs her shoulder and consoles her.

Shivaay: We will find her,  Annika. Please don’t cry.

Annika: Shivaay, I have lost my sister once. I don’t want to lose her also. (She cries again hugging him. They break the hug and continue their search. Annika sees somewhere.) Shivaay, let’s go and search on that side.

Shivaay: (looks at the signboard) There is a mortuary.

Annika: What?? (She too looks at the signboard.) Shivaay, let’s go and check there. (They walk towards the mortuary and sees the door is locked.)

Shivaay: I think no one is here. Let’s go.

Annika: (cries) Ishana!!! (She punches the door. Ishana who is sitting in fear at the corner of the room heard the sound. She gets up from her place and runs to the door.)

Ishu: (bangs the door) Anybody there?? Please open the door. (ShivIka already leave.)

Annika: Ishana!!! Where are you!!?? (Ishana hears her voice.)

Ishu: (trembling) Annika. (She wants to shout but she feels suffocated due to the coldness. She composed her energy and forces herself to shout.) Annika di!! (She bangs the door loudly. ShivIka heard the sound.)

Annika: It’s Ishana’s voice!!

Shivaay: From the mortuary!! (They look at each other in shock and run towards the mortuary. Ishana starts to cry when she hears no response from outside.)

Annika: (taps the door) Ishana?? Are you inside??

Ishu: Yes, di. I’m here.

Annika: Don’t worry. I am here. We will bring you out. (She looks at Shivaay.) How to open this door?? It is locked!!

Shivaay: A guard supposed to be here. I don’t know where he has gone. Wait, I will get something to break the lock. (He goes and returns with a rod. He hits the lock a few times and it breaks. They open the door only to find Ishana lying weakly on the floor and shivering badly. They rush towards her. Annika lifts her face and pats her cheek.)

Annika: Ishana…. Ishana…. You are safe. (Ishana shivers badly.) Her face is so cold, Shivaay.

Shivaay: We need to get her out of here first or her condition will be worst. (He lifts Ishana in his arms and they leave from the mortuary.) Annika, call Om and tell him that we have found Ishana. (Annika agrees and does as he said.)



Shivaay places Ishana on the bed inside the ward. He sees she is still shivering. He opens his coat and gives to Annika.

Shivaay: Cover her with this. (Annika covers Ishana with the coat. They hear her mumbling something.)

Ishu: Neil…. Gautham…. Neil…. Gautham….

Shivaay: Neil Gautham?? Why I have a feeling that I have heard these names before??

Annika: You are feeling the same??

Shivaay: Yes. Why?? Did you feel the same??

Annika: Yes, Shivaay. But I don’t know when and where I heard this. (Omkara comes that time and shocked to see Ishana’s state. He goes towards her and sits beside her on the bed.)

Om: Ishana!! What happened to her??

Shivaay: She was locked in the mortuary. I already called the doctor. He will be here in a while. (The doctor came after a while and asked them to wait outside.)



Outside the ward


Ishana is being treated by the doctor while ShivIka and Omkara are waiting outside the ward. Omkara and Annika are worrying about Ishana. Shivaay calms Annika and makes her sit on the bench. He sees Omkara is pacing at the corridor.

Shivaay: Om, why are you pacing like this?? Sit first.

Om: No, Shivaay. I can’t stay calm till Ishana becomes fine. I can’t stand if anything happens to her.

Shivaay: Why are you worrying a lot about her??

Om: Because I LOVE HER!! (ShivIka are shocked hearing his confession.)





To be continued…..


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