Dil Hi Toh Hai 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Drunk Ritvik goes missing

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Palak asks Setu to come. We have a lot to do. It is my wedding after all! Ritvik looks on. Saanchi tells him to forget about it. Don’t go back there. He asks her to come.

Mahendra praises the decor. Manjeet ji gives some responsibility to Gayatri and Mahendra. She goes with Gayatri. Kamlesh tells Mahendra not to take Manjeet’s words to heart. Mahendra says I know Bhabhi’s nature. Don’t worry.

Mamta asks Rishabh what the matter is. What’s the issue if Papa wants Ritvik to go to London in your place? Rishabh says because it is wrong. Papa shouldn’t have given Ritvik that chance. Since childhood, everyone has been giving only taking care of Ritvik’s needs. Mamta asks him what he is thinking these days. Rishabh says I am also concerned about Ritvik but I cannot

give that project to Ritvik just like that. I have worked really hard for it. Ritvik comes there. It’s alright. Everything is ok. Saanchi calms Rishabh. Ritvik isn’t upset with you for any reason. Ritvik nods. Mamta asks them what’s going on. Ritvik tells Rishabh to relax. I know you all did everything for me only. Rishabh advises him to take a break. Mamta suggests Rishbah to book his ticket as well for London. Rishabh agrees. Dadi suggests going for a movie together but Ritvik declines. Aman goes after him.

Naman is talking to Kamlesh. Naman’s broher asks Naman to sit with Palak. He goes. Naman’s brother asks Setu to leave the couple alone. Naman finds it awkward. Palak nods. Mumma wanted a small sangeet ceremony. He notices his wound. Did you get hurt? Palak remembers the changing room incident. I got hurt absentmindedly. He tries to go bring band aid but she tells him to let it be.

Ritvik is in a bar with Aman. I say I don’t care but it is affecting me. She has broken me! He rummages through the shelf and picks a bottle. Aman asks him to head home but Ritvik does not want to worry anyone.

Mrs. Kapoor asks Naman and Palak to spend some time with the kids as well. Naman’s son asks Dadi if it’s new mumma. She tells him that Palak is his mumma now. Setu asks Palak to close her eyes. I have a surprise. Aarohi hugs Palak and meets Naman.

Aman tells Ritvik to stop. Everyone is watching us. I will hit you if you touch the bottle again. He apologizes to everyone. Ritvik repeats after him. Aman tells him to wait for a minute. I will be back. Don’t create any scene please. Ritvik picks another bottle.

Aarohi says I know what happened between you and Ritvik. He broke your heart right? How did you get stuck in all this? You only got me out of this!

Ritvik sees a couple fighting and hits the guy. She loves you! Are you mad? The guy asks him how he dare hit him. Aman comes there. Ritvik tells him that kids these days don’t understand anything.

Palak says I made the same mistake that you made. Aarohi says Ritvik’s love is very different. He never shows what he does. I was so heartbroken and depressed but he got my entire life back on track. It is strange! Ritvik’s friend VIvek gave me a job upon his askance and we are together luckily. Vivek joins them. Ritvik and I are good friends just like you and Aarohi are. You are getting married but I think you should know that you broke Ritvik’s heart. He broke Aarohi’s heart as he dint love her but you broke his heart knowingly. I know him since years. Ritvik never cried for a girl and drinks! Palak seconds him. It is impossible! Ritvik Noon cannot shed tears for a girl. It must be for some other reason! Ritvik Noon cannot love anyone!

Palak comes to the terrace and wipes her tears. Why did I fall in love with Ritvik? Ritvik on the other hand is too drunk. Aman is unable to take care of him. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil plays. Palak continues crying. Police takes Ritvik with them. Rohit intervenes. He lies that Ritvik beat him only. Aman seconds him. Friends keep fighting. We will manage things. Inspector tells them not to waste their time. Police leaves.

Ritvik sits in the middle of the road. Rohit asks him to get up. Cars are passing by. You will get hurt. Ritvik tells him to tell this to Palak.

Saanchi says I escaped from Ritvik somehow. I know he does not know anything but that pre-nup is against Palak. It will raise a question at her character. If Ritvik finds out this then Ritvik will think we will be caught. Rishabh suggests telling him that Palak is a gold digger so they added those clauses. Don’t worry. VP comes to tell Rishabh about some new opportunity. Rishabh advises him to give this task to Ritvik but VP does not want to over burden him. He should get out of his personal mess first. He goes. Rishabh thinks Dad should always think of Rishabh for everything. Palak was and should always be bad in his eyes or we will lose everything!

Ritvik refuses to get up as Rohit snatches the bottle out of his hand. Rohit sits down next to him. Ritvik tells him that he got married and is happy. You are lucky.

Setu finds Palak in tears. You are thinking about Ritvik right? Palak looks down sadly.

Ritvik pulls Aman too. Aman continues diverting traffic away. Ritvik tells Rohit Palak said she does not respect him while I was fighting with every single person in my house. These low class people find respect in money.

Palak says there was no respect in that relation. There were only terms and conditions. Setu asks her if Ritvik knew about the conditions mentioned in the pre-nup. Palak nods. He only gave me that agreement to sign. Everything was a lie. Setu is relieved she is saved. Ritvik does not deserve a girl like you. In fact he does not deserve anyone.

Ritvik says what Palak did for me. I doubted Bhabhi. I said sorry to her. Aman and Rohit hold him and make him sit in a corner. They are sure they cannot take Ritvik home in this condition. Ritvik walks way while they are talking. They start looking for her.

Setu asks Palak to come. Your makeup is ruined. Palak goes with her. Few girls put mehendi on her hands. Naman’s sister tells Naman that finally he will move on. Naman clearly tells them that no one can take Riddhima’s place. I know you are excited about the wedding thing but think about Palak too. She is heartbroken. I have clearly said I don’t want a wife but a friend. It will be the best thing for Palak too.

Palak does not want too much mehendi but Setu tells her to get it done till her elbows. You want to show Ritvik you are happy right? Continue! She also asks the girls to write Naman’s name.

Rohit and Aman continue looking for Ritvik.

Kamlesh sits with Palak. You will become a step mother after marriage. Palak is positive she will handle it well. The kids are so innocent. I am sure I will forget every pain. Now smile.

Precap: Ritvik sings Channa Mereya at the mehendi function.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Besides the brilliant job by both leads the episode dragging …. so no one is the least bit curious to read the prenup to see what the big problem is not mamta or aman or even ritwik come on guys atleast let someone grow a brain and look into the problem instead advising them to move on hell even his little brother and dadi could investigate….but the acting that these two is putting on is priceless you feel the pain they actually brought tears to my eyes from the engagement to now bravo!!

  2. Ritwik ko pain me dekh k na
    I m sooooooo
    But bechari palak b 😔

    1. Rajvi_shah

      You’re right it’s all Ritvik’s mistake. Honestly Ritvik does not deserve Palak.

      1. Yes, you are right! Rithwik does not deserve Palak. Actually, Palak deserves Naman by becoming Step mother for 2 childrens in such a young age because of her mother’s ego issue. She can deserve better partner, no need to hurry for marrying and becoming step mother in such a young age.

  3. Dont you all think. Sethu n Rohit have some hidden agenda may be to bring them together infact they have discussed that too . In the shopping mall scene it was rohithwho had sent that mesg to rithwik telling Sethu n palak are at mall. Sethu is purposely badmouthing about rithwik to make palak understand that she still loves humans can’t hear a word against him.. this is my pov

  4. can anyone just read what was in the prenup papers….!!im curious that they will only read when palak is finally in the madap getting married nd then the true comes out…….

    1. Actually my question, does anyone read this pre-nup paper except the advocate and Rishabh. Everyone is talking about pre-nup agreement, even though Palak also not read it. She came to know from her mother to whom the advocate told about the agreement and who is a friend of Noon family. Palak believes what her mother told & Ritwik beliefs what his father told. Neither Palak nor Ritwik, both have lost their own trust because of their families only.

  5. @Malavik
    I also thinking the same😀
    Kaash aisa hi ho
    Lets see

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