Jiji Maa 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Piyali keeps unreasonable demand

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The Episode starts with Falguni scolding Piyali for framing Suyash. Piyali says I want a price from you, if you want to save your husband, you need an evidence, this pendrive has that video which I have sent on your phone. Falguni asks what do you want, tell me the price. Piyali says send your husband to me for a night. Falguni gets shocked. She asks Piyali to just shut up, is she mad, isn’t she ashamed. Piyali says let a man become target of a woman’s passion, if you send your handsome husband to me for a night, will he lose his respect. Falguni says stop it.

Piyali says I m not joking, it will happen what I do, you won’t get the proof. She breaks the pendrive. She asks Falguni to leave now. Falguni leaves. She comes home and cries. Everyone asks what did Piyali say. Falguni says she didn’t

say anything, but Suyash won’t leave this house soon. They see Suyash coming. Jayant says you have come back. Niyati asks are you fine. Suyash says a video was sent and I was released. Niyati says Falguni went to meet Piyali, she got the video in her phone too. Falguni says P Sehgal is a girl. She goes to room and cries. A glass breaks. Suyash comes to help. He says I know you are hiding something, tell me, else I will meet that girl. She says you won’t meet her, you won’t ask anything if you love me. He gets Piyali’s call. She asks how do you feel now. He asks who are you. She says I m your lovely Piyali. She flirts with him. He gets shocked. He asks her to stop nonsense. She asks didn’t your wife tell you about the condition to free you from jail, I kept the condition that you will spend a night with me. He gets shocked. She asks him to ask his wife. She ends call.

He says so this is the price for my freedom, a night with Piyali, and you agreed. Falguni says I refused to her, don’t know why is she saying this to you, she is mad and dangerous. He says I know you won’t say yes, but we have to stop this girl, else don’t know what will she do ahead. She asks him to stop. Vidhaan says Suyash left. Niyati says he went to meet Piyali. Vidhaan says he was angry, I told him I will come along, but he refused. Falguni says I will stop him. Suyash comes to meet Piyali. Maid gets things for him. Piyali sings for him. She does his aarti. He says I didn’t come to watch your drama, I have come to alert you, stay away from me and my family, else I will have to cross my limits. She says then teach me a lesson and cross limits. She gets close. He makes her away. She likes him.

She says you can’t fall to my limits, just think, I ignited fire in your factory and sent you to jail, I can do anything. She breaks a vase and says you will understand that my aim doesn’t get missed, life is a game, its just defeat or victory, there is no compromise, listen to me and sign the papers. She gives him papers. He tears papers and says my reply is still no. The servant shuts door. She says you can’t leave from my house without permission, you need to dance with me on a lovely song if you want to go. Suyash says open the door. Falguni comes and asks them to open door. Servant asks her to leave. She says I know my husband is here. She gets scared. She says I just came to take my husband, please open the door. Piyali asks Suyash to see the video. He gets shocked seeing Falguni caught.

Piyali dances on Ang lagade…. for Suyash. Falguni and Suyash get leave. Falguni gets the dance video.

Update Credit to: Amena

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