Nazar 5th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ruby in trouble

Nazar 5th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vedsheree says Ruby’s mehndi will be colorful. She asks Ansh to touch it, he does. Piya is dancing and mistakenly fall on mehndi, she touches mehndi first. Chitali says God Ansh’s name mehndi got applied on Piya. Vedsheree says its okay, go and wash it.
Ruby is sitting for mehndi and thinks how to stop them? they cant find my truth.
Ansh looks at Piya and sees her hands filled with mehndi. Piya recalls his harsh words and wipes her hands, she leaves from there.
A girl says to Ruby that I will clean your feet, Ruby is tensed that she will see her turned away feet and says no, they are fine.
Neha says to Piya that your mehndi is very dark, your husband will love you for sure. Ansh hears it and looks on.
Ruby sees mehndi coming for her and thinks that

I have to do something, she cant see my feet, think something. Girl says one will apply mehndi on your hands and one on your feet. Ruby thinks what to do? She looks at mehndi bowl and throws it on her lehenga, she says to girl that you threw it on my dress, its all destroyed, she leaves from there. Girl says sorry to Vedsheree, Vedsheree asks her to take ganga jal and wash Ruby with it and then apply mehndi in room only.

Ruby is in room and thinks I came here for some time but what to do?

Guru Maa (Baa) comes to party. Vedsheree sees her and thinks that I saw this woman in mandir. She tries to go to her but Guru Maa comes to her, Guru Maa says bad news is that witch is not stoned anymore, she is in her real form. Vedsheree is shocked.

Ruby sees girls coming to her to apply mehndi, girl says she asked to apply mehndi on your hands and feet. Ruby saysnot on feet. Girl says okay, please extend your hands. Ruby does, girl applies ganga jal on her hands, Ruby’s hands burn, girl is stunned. Ruby takes her witch avatar.

Vedsheree tells Shekhar that Mohana is in her real avatar now. Avi asks where is she? Guru Maa says she is still locked in mandir but she will not stop and keep trying,the only way to stop her is to make Ansh marry a girl who is a devi. Vedsheree asys we have found have girl who is a Devi, we are making Ansh marry her. Its Ruby.

Ruby attacks girls, they try to run but she grabs them from hair and and throws them here and there. Girls try to save their lives, one girl runs from there. Ruby think if she tells anyone about me then I am gone.

Guru Maa says who Ruby? Vedsheree says she studies in his college, she is a devi. Guru Maa says no there is only girl who is a devi and I know who she is.

Piya sees a girl running, girl says Ruby will kill me. Piya is stunned and says what are you saying? Girl says she killed my team mates too, Piya says come with me,
In room, Ruby is trying to remove deadbodies. She drags them with her hair.
Piya and girl comes outside Ruby’s room. Ruby thinks that I have to stop them. Piya opens door and looks on.

PRECAP- Vedsheree says if Piya is a devi then she will have devi’s mark on her shoulder. Guru maa says for sure and if we find it then truth will come out. Chitali checks mark on Ruby’s shoulder, all look on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode.

  2. Yes I am also waiting eagerly to watch tomorrow’s episode ☺

  3. Yes I am to eagerly waiting to watch tomorrow’s episode .

  4. Yes I am to waiting ☺😊

  5. Sorry frds I am posting first time so ….. πŸ˜‚

  6. Can’t wait for next episode…i like dis show becoz storyline is gud …not straching any track too long ….leads are gud…..though there are some imperfection…..

  7. Aparna Prasad

    but as per an earlier spoiler ruby will win this challenge with piya. later on only the pandit ji will vedashree that ruby is a daayan. lik just before wedding

  8. Can the timing be changed as 11pm is too late…

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