Dil Hi Toh Hai 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ritwik and Palak share close moments

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Kabir tells Ritwik his entry is like a hero. Ritwik starts beating him up saying how dare he. Kabir runs from there. Ritwik goes behind him telling Ananya girls are in house. Ananya brings Palak and Setu out. Setu and Rohit hug. Rohit says thank God she’s safe. He won’t spare Kabir. Ritwik comes back and looks at Palak. Rohit takes Setu in car. Ananya also goes with them. Ritwik and Palak go in different car.

Palak’s mom comes to talk to Ritwik’s family. Mamta says they will have to forget their differences for their children’s happiness. VP asks Manjeet whether she would accept Ritwik if he doesn’t give him anything from his property. Manjeet recalls Saanchi telling her to tell VP that she is not interested money, but he should not remove Ritwik from his house or properties. She tells VP that money comes and goes, but it wouldn’t be right if he removes Ritwik from house just because he married Palak. It’s his right and Palak and her family will surely fight for it. Rishabh says so if Ritwik doesn’t get anything from property, then they won’t do this marriage? Manjeet says if they don’t want marriage to happen, then they can make Ritwik understand, but if tomorrow, they take his right away, then she will support Ritwik. VP misunderstands her and gets furious. Manjeet tries to clarify herself, but VP refuses to listen and tells Rishabh to show her door. Manjeet also loses her cool and says she will never let Palak marry Ritwik. Mamta tries to control the situation, but she fails. Manjeet leaves. VP says Rishabh was right, you should marry with same status family. Mamta looks angrily at Rishabh.

Rohit is chasing Kabir. Ritwik kisses Palak’s hand. Palak says he wants to talk a lot, right? He says yes. She says now they have whole life to talk. Palak is worried what they will do. It’s raining so much. He says she is with him. He doesn’t care about anything else.

Saanchi goes behind Manjeet and says she told her to say she is not interested in money. She spoiled Ritwik and Palak’s marriage chances. Manjeet tells her that she only told her to fight for Ritwik’s rights. She is self-made woman and has zero interest in their money. Saanchi asks why she didn’t say that inside. Manjeet refuses to talk further and leaves. Saanchi says she will have to sort this out.

Rohit assumes Ritwik’s car is behind his. Ritwik’s car breaks down. He can’t fix it. He suggests they shall look for shelter. Palak is sneezing. Ritwik gives her his jacket. Rohit loses Kabir. Ananya and Setu say they will look for him later. Right now they should leave. They try to contact Palak, Ritwik but their both’s phones are off. They were going back to check, but someone warns them not to go back.

Palak and Ritwik find a shelter. Palak has fever and she’s feeling very cold. Ritwik says he will do something. He tries to make fire, but everything is wet. He hugs her and says her fever is increasing. He says there is nothing to keep her warm and no one is around either. He asks Palak to be strong. He goes outside to check if he finds anyone or anything. She faints. He comes back with some blanket and asks her to stay with him. Soon rain will stop. Blanket is not enough, she keeps saying “cold, cold” and faints again. Ritwik tries his best to keep her warm saying he won’t let her go. He got her, his love with so much difficulty. He doesn’t know what to do. In end, he thinks of natural way to keep her warm. He removes her clothes and then his. He sleeps with her and wrap themselves in the blanket to keep Palak warm. Moments later, Palak opens her eyes. Ritwik gets very happy. He kisses her all over her face. Both look at each other. They then share lip kiss. They share more close moments.

Precap: Palak asks Ritwik what they will do now. He says they will go home and tell everything to everyone. She says what if they don’t get convinced? He says he doesn’t know about her family, but his parents wanted him to fall in love. Back home, VP tells Ritwik that he will have to forget Palak. He doesn’t want Ritwik to see or talk to Palak. Ritwik is shocked.

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  1. This Rishab is too annnoying Sanchi is dar better than him …hope misunderstandings clear between noons &sharmas ….todays epi was awesome karan kundra nailed all the expressions hope palvik unite soon

  2. Amazing episode I loved that scene when rithwik Kissed palak hand in the car bahut sari baathein karni hena? Haaa bahuth sari……..
    Yogitha and karan done their best but karan stole my heart what a expressions yaar just awesome
    Karan is perfect for this role as rithwik noon
    Precap is also nice and both families are never agreed for this marriage I think they will married against their family wishes……

  3. omg no , i never thought and wanted vp to be against ritlak marriage , anyways what an episode yar , so happy to see so many ritlak scenes

  4. saanchi is really sweet , she cares for rithwik and her inlaws , but rishabh and reeva , hate them , perfect spoilt brats they are . guess mamta , saanchi ,dadi ,shivam , shanaya , aman would be supporting parit

    1. Yes they are really sweet but ye reeva rishab disgusting and irritating

  5. Shabab Hussain

    Woo very romantic episode I love this show & couple

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