Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Puttan proposes to Jhilmil

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with some men teasing a girl. Puttan goes to scold the men. They all fight. Puttan aims the gun and asks them to cooperate silently. Bobby comes and looks on. The goons apologize. Puttan scares the goons and makes them apologize to the girl. The goons apologize and run away. The girl thanks Puttan. Puttan says its my duty. Bobby thanks him and says she is my friend. Puttan says you explain this to Jhilmil, I accept my mistake, give me a chance to rectify it. Bobby says its about my sister’s happiness, I have to think.

Puttan sits sad. Imli and Malai ask the reason. Jhilmil comes to talk. She says they all should know your truth, Bobby told me everything how you helped his GF by fighting the goons. Puttan says yes, it was my duty, its my values. Jhilmil says I can trust you. Imli and Malai praise Puttan. Jhilmil says I m lucky to get him. Puttan says it means you trust me, I will drop you. Jhilmil goes with him. They play antakshari on the way. He proposes Jhilmil. She gets shocked and says this is self defense. He says I just told you.

She says have some self control, it will take much time. He says I will make you mine, I will wait all life. She says then wait. He sings and dances. He gets some foreigners for his new business. He introduces them to family. He asks the manager for his profit. Manager says you will get 50 lakhs. He gives the cheque. Puttan says done. Manager says Imli will be our brand ambassador for ghee product, do good marketing. Puttan fools the manager. He gets clever in taking much profits. He asks him to prepare for product launch. The guests leave. The party men try to prove the old product bad. They act to vomit so that people stop buying Genda brand ghee.

Khoji gives the news of Genda brand ghee losing its name, people are falling ill by having it. The man asks Genda to help him, else he will be ruined. He tells Genda and uncle about manager Agarwal launching new ghee brand and having Imli as brand ambassador. Genda says don’t worry, I won’t let Puttan and Imli win. Imli poses with the ghee box. The man asks her to smile. She gets tired. The man says get ready for video shoot, you will get popular, lets try once. She doesn’t say the liner well. He asks her to say well, don’t hesitate. She says I don’t like camera. She gets a call and turns busy. He pulls his hair and asks her to work.

Khoji asks Puttan about the people’s sickness. Puttan says I will find out, we have our own dictionary of politics, culprits will be punished. Its morning, Agarwal praises Puttan and Imli. He asks Imli to taste the ghee. She likes it and says its really good. She asks Jha to call food ministry, pass the sample. Jha says sample is tested in lab. Malai says Imli has tested it. Agarwal thanks her and says I will send ghee boxes to you every month. Puttan says we will send ghee boxes to relatives and supporters. Khoji takes Genda’s interview. Genda says its not right to do modelling when she is working as CM. Khoji says you were removed from film industry. She gets angry. He asks what will you do now. She says I will protest and not leave this topic. Khoji gets a call and says breaking news, Genda brand ghee is faulty, will any other ghee brand replace it.

Khoji says people got ill by having the new ghee brand. Agarwal asks Puttan to help him. Puttan finds a solution. Genda says I knew Puttan will do this, I have the sample boxes to get tested.

Update Credit to: Amena

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