Dil Hi Toh Hai 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Dr. Palak refuses to approve Rithvik’s company drugs

Dil Hi Toh Hai 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sweeto introducingherself. Rithvik says what is in the name. She says she likes him. He says you like my style and holds her hairs. Vijay and others are having food. Mamta brings food and serves to everyone. Dadi asks Vijay to have less butter. Vijay says let me have it and tells that his son will handle business now. Servant lady tells that Vijay was poor and made this Palace with his hardwork. Sweeto gets bald as Rithvik tells that he likes bald girls. He says now I don’t like you and calls the boys. He tells her that his friend/employee loves her truly, but she ditched him. He says you want money. Sweeto says you thought you have taught me a lesson. Rithvik says your wig will be ready by evening and tells that now you will know what you got to reject a genuine guy loves. Sweeto tells him that he is nothing without his dad’s money. Sweeto’s boyfriend tells him that he did wrong with Sweeto. Rithvik says I have saved him from her. His friend asks why do you hate women so much. Rithvik says I have no respect for them. He goes. Rithvik’s friend tells that he is a perfect man and loves his family so much, but why do he hate women so much. Rithvik thinks with his family and recalls his mum leaving his father for other rich man. They dance while bhangra song plays…He hugs Mamta and gets emotional. His friend tells that he is a nice guy.

Dr. Palak tells her friend that Rithvik held her and kissed her. She says she wants to go to Police station. Friend asks what you will tell there and teases her telling that she has a practice of first kiss now. Rithvik’s sister praises his fiancé Samar. He says she looks hot and he feels hot in suit. Vijay is possessive about his daughter and tells Mamta that she is kissing him. Mamta asks him to relax and tells that he is her fiancé.

They sit for having food. They argue to get their sister’s room who is going to marry Samar soon. Mamta says my daughter will not leave her room. Dr. Palak is in the operation theatre and tells that they have to make the patient’s BP low as Dr. Reddy is not there. She saves him. Dr. Reddy says you shall be my surgeon. She says she has chosen clinical research as she wants to make new drugs. Rithvik comes to the hospital and gets inside the lift. Palak also goes inside the lift, but doesn’t see him.

Rithvik comes to Palak’s cabin. Dr. Reddy tells that she is doing clinical research on their tablets. Rithvik tells that they got 4 nations approvals. Palak tells that their medicines are unfit. He asks if she is thinking about the kiss. Palak tells that she hates that moment and that kiss. He asks what were you doing there? Palak tells that he has broken her friend’s heart badly. She tells that there is a problem in his drugs.

Dr. Reddy tells that they shall refuse Noons. Rithvik comes to Palak’s house and offers him job. She shows him door. He says he has seen much better than her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Ritwik has reason to hate girls he faced bitter experience with his mother I think…………..he thinks girls never loves a man without money…..they only seee money money moneymoney never values love…..
    That’s why he playing with their emotions….. But palak is different from others on upcoming epepisodes he will notice and may be fall in love with her…………..
    Finally nice episode……..

  2. Nice episode ……….

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