Bepannaah 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Hooda’s forward friendship hand towards Siddiqui family

Bepannaah 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajvir drank in a bar upset with Harsh’s warnings of his destruction. He decides to finish these Hoodas’.
In the hospital, Mahi requests Zoya to listen to her once only. She is a bad and selfish girl but she loves her mother a lot. She requests her to let her and mom stay in the house, she can’t stay mom until she is unwell. Zoya says Mahi never understood her, this house belongs to Mummy ji and she can stay here as long as she wish for. She leaves promising to be there after Eid prayers tomorrow. The next morning, Siddiqui family wish each other Eid. Zoya’s mother suggests about treating themselves on this occasion in this new city this time. There was a door bell. Harsh and Aditya come to meet Siddiqui family and invite them for the Eid party celebrations together and suggest a new beginning. He says their party would be incomplete if they don’t come. Mr. Siddiqui promises them to be there. Zoya who was about to object was stopped by her mother. She later presents sweet dish to the guests. Aditya spills the sweet over his dress then asks for washroom. Zoya’s mother sends her with him.
In the washroom, Zoya discuss with Aditya that she knows he didn’t come here to wash his dress only. Aditya says she must also know the reason why he came here. He explains to Zoya that at least they are free and outside the jail, their families are safe. They are friends, and at least they can speak to each other without being rude. Zoya asks where he was when his father insulted her husband. She learnt all this from him.
Rajvir buys a bag of gun powder and asks the man if this is enough for the blast at the house? The man was sure it’s enough for the city as well.
At Hooda house, preparations for a party were going on. A man in disguise thinks this is a good chance to celebrate Diwali in Eid Party by destroying both Hooda and Siddiqui families.
At home, Zoya objects Waqar’s decision of going to the party. Waqar says he agrees that those are Hooda’s, they change colors like chameleon. It’s better they stay away from their family, neither their friendship nor their enmity is good for any of them, but they can go to their party. Zoya’s mother now takes the decision and compels her daughters to come along with them for Eid party.
At Hooda house, Harsh tells Aditya that Arjun is an emotional man, he wouldn’t understand their true intentions. He requests Aditya to speak to him. Aditya was convinced that it’s for their freedom as well and assures to handle Arjun. Harsh hits a man on his way downstairs and asks Rajvir? The man turns to be a young boy. Harsh jerks the idea of Rajvir from his mind and leaves. Arjun comes to the hall where the arrangement of sound system was left. The man who had come to set the amplifier was a new one, he hides his face from Arjun. He sets a bomb in the speaker and thinks if the volume once go up 50 degrees, the bomb will get activated. Then if the volume is lowered to less than 20 there will be a blast in less than 30 seconds.

PRECAP: Aditya forwards a hand of friendship for Zoya in the party. Later they dance together.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Neha1

    Upcoming Spoiler :- Bcoz of Rajveer, Aditya-Zoya comes Closer.

  2. I love this show!!

  3. I think the writer or director of this show has changed. First few episodes were really fantastic. Now even the behaviour of all the characters have changed.

    Enjoyed Zoya & Aaditya’s fight in the office. All was good till the 2 crore contract with a condition of family business .. marriage drama which was not at all convincing. Arjun & Noor’s track has abruptly stopped. Pooja’s mother’s track ended for now .. Not convincing tracks, marrying for the contract, Police, CBI, shoot at sight charge for no reasons .. sad that a serial which started really well is now going nowhere 🙁

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