Bepannaah 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Hooda’s forward friendship hand towards Siddiqui family

Bepannaah 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajvir drank in a bar upset with Harsh’s warnings of his destruction. He decides to finish these Hoodas’.
In the hospital, Mahi requests Zoya to listen to her once only. She is a bad and selfish girl but she loves her mother a lot. She requests her to let her and mom stay in the house, she can’t stay mom until she is unwell. Zoya says Mahi never understood her, this house belongs to Mummy ji and she can stay here as long as she wish for. She leaves promising to be there after Eid prayers tomorrow. The next morning, Siddiqui family wish each other Eid. Zoya’s mother suggests about treating themselves on this occasion in this new city this time. There was a door bell. Harsh and Aditya come to meet Siddiqui family and invite them for the Eid party celebrations together and suggest a new beginning.

He says their party would be incomplete if they don’t come. Mr. Siddiqui promises them to be there. Zoya who was about to object was stopped by her mother. She later presents sweet dish to the guests. Aditya spills the sweet over his dress then asks for washroom. Zoya’s mother sends her with him.
In the washroom, Zoya discuss with Aditya that she knows he didn’t come here to wash his dress only. Aditya says she must also know the reason why he came here. He explains to Zoya that at least they are free and outside the jail, their families are safe. They are friends, and at least they can speak to each other without being rude. Zoya asks where he was when his father insulted her husband. She learnt all this from him.
Rajvir buys a bag of gun powder and asks the man if this is enough for the blast at the house? The man was sure it’s enough for the city as well.
At Hooda house, preparations for a party were going on. A man in disguise thinks this is a good chance to celebrate Diwali in Eid Party by destroying both Hooda and Siddiqui families.
At home, Zoya objects Waqar’s decision of going to the party. Waqar says he agrees that those are Hooda’s, they change colors like chameleon. It’s better they stay away from their family, neither their friendship nor their enmity is good for any of them, but they can go to their party. Zoya’s mother now takes the decision and compels her daughters to come along with them for Eid party.
At Hooda house, Harsh tells Aditya that Arjun is an emotional man, he wouldn’t understand their true intentions. He requests Aditya to speak to him. Aditya was convinced that it’s for their freedom as well and assures to handle Arjun. Harsh hits a man on his way downstairs and asks Rajvir? The man turns to be a young boy. Harsh jerks the idea of Rajvir from his mind and leaves. Arjun comes to the hall where the arrangement of sound system was left. The man who had come to set the amplifier was a new one, he hides his face from Arjun. He sets a bomb in the speaker and thinks if the volume once go up 50 degrees, the bomb will get activated. Then if the volume is lowered to less than 20 there will be a blast in less than 30 seconds.

PRECAP: Aditya forwards a hand of friendship for Zoya in the party. Later they dance together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Neha1

    Oh Finally, Rajveer fix bomb in speaker…. Aditya and Zoya’s Tashan is on but I know that at the end both will befriend….
    Mahi’s crocodile tears…. I just hope this time Zoya will not trust Mahi blindly…
    Mr.Hooda and Aditya hiding the motive behind friendship of Siddiqui’s…Arjun and Zoya both are emotional…
    Agree with Waseemji, “Hooda’s ki na DOSTI Achchi or na DUSHMANI”…

    Waiting 4 2mrrow episode..!

    1. Ooshi

      Congrats for being first to comment Neha

    2. Ooshi

      Not sure about point 3 as Zoya (what to say but) can’t expect that much smartness from her

  2. Hai everyone..thanks for this fastest update Sona..
    So Siddiqui family is aware of this Hooda’s.Thats good !
    Oh no, Adi and papa hooda are together for this plan.Poor Zoya, if she comes to know this real reason she will lose trust on Adi?
    Arjun is a good hearted person..papa knows that this Chotte cant be manipulated ?
    So Rajveer is on duty…and thats what we want.He will bring our Adiya closer..In fact Villian is good?
    Excited for tomorrow…waiting for Adiya dance..?

    1. Ooshi

      Hi Raza u were also on the previous page but I was late so can’t reply

    2. Ooshi

      Agreed to point 2 & 3

      1. Ooshi

        & 5 too
        About 4 it’s true

  3. Hi everyone!!! I doubt if Rajvir is really a CBI officer…He is acting more as terrorist…I think he is more psycho than Mahi…lol…And Zoya is emotional fool…She will again trust Mahi…Precap is awesome… Waiting for next episode…

    1. agree with you

    2. Ooshi

      Totally agreed

  4. Shibil

    eagerly waiting for precap …i hope at the end of party adiya will be together …

    1. Ooshi

      Hope the same

  5. Only arjun is very emotional person frm hoods he understands everyone feeling when they feel bads… In court everyone bcom happy but he feel sad for zoya… He also wants to win case but not like this way like his dad done with zoya what to say abut his dad his only care abut reputation of their family nd his child but He never think about others reputation other feeling…… He don’t want to know who murder her daughter in law but he just want to save his reputation…. Nd abut Aditya he never listen to his heart he always think frm mind he can’t understand the feeling of zoya he think yush as culprit …
    I don’t think yush marry zoya for money he loves her ….to fulfill her demand he taking loan from bank bcoz zoya is frm rich family he just want to provide all facilities like her dad used to provide her… I think he don’t want to take that home too but her dad force him or manipulate him to take that home… Due to his business going to loss his has to take more loans frm bank he feels he don’t deserve her that why make divorce papers nd sign in that paper….. He never discussed anything with zoya abut his problems…
    Abut puja nd Aditya they are best friends from childhood then grown up they fall for each other then marry after marry Aditya behaved like childish he think her as her friend not as a wife…. She want his attention but he is own his world ..she realise there’s no common thing between them they are just opposite ….then she met yush she liking his maturity,eveything ,she bcom his friends then fall for him

    1. Hi I’m just a silent reader.i totally agree with your comment.i feel like Pooja and Yash didn’t had any affair.they we’re just friends.but Pooja knew something abt harsh like illegitmate he killed her along Yash died with her

      1. Ooshi

        Welcome to the forum and family
        Nice guess let’s see what’s the truth is

    2. Neha1

      May be you’re right Trisha…coz I too think that whatever you described will be true.
      Mr.Hooda is only worried for his reputation in society… He’s not care about anyone’s emotions that’s why he’s bonding with Siddiqui’s with their own motive…
      Zoya was emotional but she’s quite dumb bcoz she said yesterday that she will Reopen the case…but she has no proofs that can prove her and Aditya innocence..
      And I strongly believe that Mr.Hooda has somehow involved in Yash-Pooja’s death…and also believe that it wasn’t an accident but a murder..

    3. Ooshi

      Totally agreed
      waiting for truth to be revealed

    4. I also feel that Pooja might be fall in love with Yash but Yash can’t. If we assume that Yash wants to divorce Zoya because of his financial situation & he don’t want to involve Zoya on his legal issues as he loves her a lot. In that case, how he will fall in love with Pooja also. Although, Zoya’s father was a rich family but Pooja’s parent (her mother) wasn’t at any cost.

      Pooja doesn’t sign the divorce paper, may be she wants to get assurance from Yash before signing. That’s why, she went to meet him at Masoorie. After that what happens, we don’t know but I am doubt that it might be a suicidal case only.

  6. Adi and Papa hooda is together in this plan. Rajvir planning to plant bomb omg I can understand some enemity is there with hoodas but why Siddiqui fly .He has become a full fledged pshcho now mahi crocodile tears hope zoya won’t trust her this time but I doubt because she is an emotional fool she can be easily manipulated that’s what yash did all these years and now mahi. Why hoodas are now forwarding their hands for friendship with Siddiqui fly suddenly did I miss out anything frnds why hoodas are conducting eid party OK that’s fine but why they are inviting Siddiqui fly.

    1. Neha1

      Mr.Hooda invited Siddiqui family bcoz Zoya was upset with Mr.Hooda cooked up story in court…Mr.Hooda defamed Yash and also their married life…
      Mr.Hooda knew that Zoya was emotional and could Reopen the case…and if she did this it will be harmfull for Aditya… Mr.Hooda only worried for Aditya not for Zoya that’s why Mr.Hooda wants to stop Zoya, by involving her family…So, he thought that they should befriend/bond with Siddiqui’s…So that Mr.Hooda keep an eye on Zoya’s upcoming move…

      1. Oh Thank you Neha I missed that episode I watched court scenes but zoya emotional reaction part I didn’t watch. So just to stop zoya from reopening the case Hoodas ate acting to them. But why zoya want to reopen I understand her feelings of her husband image reputation got defamed but by this way she is going to make her life and Adithya life hell just for her betrayed husband isn’t it ridiculous

    2. Ooshi

      Because Zoya is thinking to reopen the case(just to prove yash innocent without thinking what will be it’s effect on AdiYa

      1. Thank you Ooshi but I find it ridiculous she is inviting trouble unnecessarily for her cheat husband who was ready to give divorce .She is making her and Adhi life too miserable but what she feels is acceptable her husband name was maligned but he is a betrayer and yash fly never cared for her.

  7. Please update bepanah serial full scene written update many scene edited in written update Very short written update so sad

    1. That is because the episode is not updated by Pooja

      1. Ooshi

        Missing her

    2. Ooshi

      Wait for some days Pooja will be back soon if God allowed
      Waiting for you Pooja missing u

  8. Lokesh

    Koi mahi Ko aise Mila h, jaise banjaare Ko ghar, her love Rajvir one more psycho.
    Thanx Sona, and Pooja I m missing u , it’s shaadi season so u might be on vacation.

  9. Everyone here is saying that Zoya is an emotional fool. I just want to clear one thing. Zoya is not an emotional fool. Yes! She is becoming strong, stronger than what she used to be. The only problem is that she is backing the wrong people. Only if she would back the right thing and use a bit more logic, she will become the strongest protagonist ever. Only because she is backing the wrong people, we are taking her to be an emotional fool.
    Aditya and Harsh are doing the wrong thing. Yes they are being selfish, but actually, even I don’t seem to find any other way. They are doing this to stop Zoya. Zoya is acting strong and that’s good, but she needs to understand that she has to trust the right people, and not people like Mahi who can easily manipulate and Madhu who can easily be manipulated. She needs to be strong for supporting the correct people. Even if she wants to reopen the case she should use enough proofs and not just because her MIL is on hospital bed.
    I hope Rajveer kidnapping Zoya would help Adi realise that his fake friendship game-plan will cost him heavy and at the same time I want Zoya to realise that she is flowing in the wrong direction and she needs to steer in the right path. Hope that after the kidnapping thing they both start investigating in the right direction.
    And yes I even got to see a bit of Maya in yesterday’s and today’s episode. And Rajveer’s scene in the beginning of the episode was on extreme Maya level. Looks like Maya is coming back with bits and pieces in Mahi, Rajveer and Zoya…lol…
    In the precap it looks as if Zoya is being forced to dance, she isn’t even smiling a bit…hahaha…aur Adi ne toh aisa dhakka diya ki bas Zoya offstage he gir jayegi…LOL…
    Hope the kidnapping track comes soon and misconceptions start clearing and the investigation starts with Zoya and Adi in the right direction.
    Love you AdiYa <3

    1. You’re absolutely right Evelyn

  10. Agree with you Evelyn

  11. Maya was extreme psycho…She is just incomparable…I don’t see Maya in Zoya…Zoya is not psycho…She is just angry that Yash was insulted…
    Also Yash had to share his financial problems with Zoya…as she was his wife…How could Zoya realise without knowing that he is facing financial problems…She loved Yash alot and she would surely understand his problem and stand with him…But Yash never gave Zoya this right…

  12. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona

  13. The way Mr.Hooda proved Adiya innocent was not the best he could have done. He could have handled the case without putting all the blame on Yash as Pooja was also at fault…
    N one thing is very clear. Papa Hooda is very selfish as he is bothered only about his family reputation and Aditya. I completely agree with Zoya that just bcos Poosh cheated on them doesn’t mean they have to be insulted to this extent. N worst part of all is that only Yash was insulted.
    Zoya lived in her dream world n was totally unaware of the harsh realities of life. On the other hand Adi was too childish n considered Pooja more as a friend… So Poosh found solace in each other…Right or wrong is debatable as both partners are responsible when a relationship fails.
    Zoya has started understanding her mistakes but not Adi. N Adi too must help Zoya to find truth of that night bcos at the end of the day Pooja was his childhood friend and wife…
    N Mr.Arjun y the hell on earth aren’t you giving Pooja’s diary to Adi?..he is the one who should read it first…Pooja has beautifully penned down her part of the story in it..Anyways story still interesting n hope this kidnapping drama becomes a turning point in this story.

    1. Neha1

      Exactly Arch,..You’ve explained very well about AdiYa and Poosh…completely agree with you…!
      Even, I too thought that Arjun must give Pooja’s diary to Aditya… she wrote everything about her life..and may be Adi-Zoya will join hands to find about Poosh murder mystery…
      But I think this kidnapping drama will change both AdiYa’s mind and may be Zoya will change her decision of Reopening the case…

  14. Suppperbbb!! I’m excited to watch today’s episode

  15. zoya’s father name is written wrong in the update because his name is not waqar but it is waseem siddiqui.

  16. and one more thing siddiquis me noor or hoodas me arjun dono bechaaron ko koi bolne e ni deta k chhote ho to chup e raho.

  17. Hi,
    I just want to know few points from you all..
    1. Mr Hooda presented in the court that Yash was depressed because of loans and that is true as it is proved by the doctors ans zoya remember once that yash was upset and talking about his debts but she didnt took him seriously. He didnt say yash had extra marital affair. neither extra marital affair of pooja so how this is an insult of Yash.
    2. He also proved that he loved his wife so much that he took all loans for her comfort and didnt tell he as this will disturb her, that is also true.
    3. Zoya was not knowing about his husband problems even when he tried to tell her and in fact told her that family comes first and money comes after wards which is shown in flash back remembered by herself on hearing of 1 crore bank loan. so that proven in court is also true.
    4. as zoya and yash have not read pooja diary and it is also not confirmed that the had affair to the state of marriage or a great attraction but they were very good friend so she gave Yash 5 crore loan without his husband knowing so she can ask for it back as she didnt signed the divorce papers may be that why she was with him to discuss it.
    5. So how are Mr. Hooda and Adi selfish when all are saved with dignity and what ever reveled by Mr. Hooda is in a sense true.
    Please reply practically and not emotionally like Zoya.

    1. Hi,
      Your all points are remarkable & I personally agreed with all points. But we have to rethink what Mr. Hooda has proved in the court. He proved that Yash was a greedy person & he married Zoya as she was belong to a rich family. When Zoya’s father was not supported them, then he chosen another Rich lady as Pooja and wants to marry her by divoricing Zoya as he shown the signed Divorce paper also. That hurts Zoya a lot because she knows that Yash loves her a lot more than her. This questions the dignity of Yash & his family. That is why, She is angry with Mr. Hooda & since Aditya supported him, she also anger with Aditya.

    2. Well…Agreed Yash had taken a lot of debts…but was he clinically depressed to the point of becoming suicidal ? Debatable…n doctor said that depressed patients can take such steps which was a very generic statement.

      Whatever Ashish said in court was what he had told Zoya. But he had not told everything to Zoya. Someone bribed him before he could reveal the entire truth. Now the ones who bribed him could be any one of them :-
      1. Harsh Hooda
      2. Sakshi ( as Ashish was blackmailing her)
      3. Rajveer
      After court case I have strong doubt that it is Harsh Hooda.

      Poosh affair confirmed by Pooja in her diary wherein she has beautifully defined ‘ bepannaah’ love n why she fell for Yash. N Sakshi too affirmed the same as a result of which Adi threw her out of the house. N if u think logically nobody would lie to their spouse n give a huge amount of money to just a friend or random acquaintance. So Yash was definitely more than a friend for Pooja. N the moment u say ‘more than a friend’ feelings fall in the grey line between friendship n love so affair cannot be completely denied.

      Eventhough we have no clue except for the ring in the first episode regarding yash’s feeling for Pooja..the serial has confirmed Pooja’s feelings for Yash…but what did papa Hooda do? He put all the blame on Yash n showed as if Pooja was pure. Adi n Arjun both know that this is Mr.Hooda’s fabricated story.

      I think Pooja did not sign the divorce papers bcos Yash due to his financial condition may have been unsure if he can take care of her. Or else Pooja was pregnant with Adi’s child? Not sure. Pregnant with yash’s child then she has to wait till Yash completely divorces Zoya..any scenario possible.

      Pooja was not insulted but proving that Yash was depressed n so he crashed his car n took Pooja along was not right…

      1. N I forgot to add one more thing…both Harsh n Arjun have read Pooja’s they know very well that Pooja loved Yash…but in court harsh proved that Pooja had no such feelings for Yash…even Arjun wondered why papa Hooda not using the info in the diary.
        N Adi is selfish bcos he too thinks that Yash is solely responsible for the entire mess in the lives of all the four…n Adi still thinks that he was a flawless husband to Pooja..he is now befriending Zoya to stop her from reopening the case…but there is one qualifier …he is selfless for Zoya n the day he realises that it is his true love for Zoya he will be on her side…so we need to wait..:)

  18. Tejugayu

    guyz who

  19. Tejugayu

    guyz who is waqar? Isn’t zoya’s father’s name wasim? Any how it was nyc to see zoya and adityas tashan hope zoya stands for herself like this always…

  20. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    I don’t think Rajveer is a police or CBI officer. His behavior is just like a terrorist.

  21. Neha1

    Upcoming Spoiler :- Bcoz of Rajveer, Aditya-Zoya comes Closer.

  22. I love this show!!

  23. I think the writer or director of this show has changed. First few episodes were really fantastic. Now even the behaviour of all the characters have changed.

    Enjoyed Zoya & Aaditya’s fight in the office. All was good till the 2 crore contract with a condition of family business .. marriage drama which was not at all convincing. Arjun & Noor’s track has abruptly stopped. Pooja’s mother’s track ended for now .. Not convincing tracks, marrying for the contract, Police, CBI, shoot at sight charge for no reasons .. sad that a serial which started really well is now going nowhere 🙁

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