Ishqbaaz 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye learns his parents’ death truth

Ishqbaaz 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye talks on call and says I don’t want any excuse, I want the deal papers in hand. Om jokes on his height. Rudra laughs and says season is different, but few things are same. Om compliments Shivaye and says its a big day for you, its the first wedding function. Rudra says yes, you can share your married status on FB. Shivaye asks about the client mail. Om asks why are you changing the topic, I m talking about marriage. Shivaye says its a big deal, we shouldn’t miss it. Dadi comes and says you both came to get Shivaye and sat here, what’s going on. She asks Shivaye is there any problem. He says no, its happening as you want. She says you never refuse to me. He says I can never refuse toy you. She says I m very happy. He says then everyone is happy. She says my grandsons are my pride, thanks Lord

for giving me such good grandsons. Rudra gets a call. He says its mom’s call, she forgot us after going London. Dadi says I want to talk to Jhanvi too.

Anika says no Sahil, power isn’t there. Sahil’s mum comes and gets scolding Anika. She throws Anika’s clothes. Anika picks her clothes and says I didn’t do anything. Sahil’s mum says yes, you don’t do anything. Sahil interrupts and gets scolding. Anika says don’t say anything to Sahil. Sahil asks his mum to stop it, Anika has equal right on him. Sahil’s mum says I know you make my son against me. Anika says no. Sahil’s mum says you should have worked and earned some money. Sahil shouts enough and coughs. His mum asks Anika to get water. Anika checks tap and says there is no water. The landlord comes and says I didn’t pay the water bill.

Anika gets worried. Pandit ties the Mauli to Shivaye’s hand. He does the Tilak. ShivOmru join hands and do the aarti. Deva Shri Ganesha…..plays….. Khanna comes and tells something to Shivaye. Shivaye signs Om. Dadi asks where are you going, nothing is imp than aarti. Shivaye says its something imp, please. She asks him to go. The lady asks shall I pay the water and electricity bill, you are not paying the rent. Anika says we had expenses for Sahil’s test. The lady says you will lose the house if you don’t pay the rent. Anika says just give me 2-3 days. Sahil’s mum taunts. Sahil says don’t insult my sister, I m the man of the house, just talk to me. The lady says I will throw you out of the house. She sees the watch and says its the interest for non payment of rent. Sahil says its my watch. She says take it back when you pay the rent.

Sahil falls down and cries. His mum says its all because of you Anika. Shivaye asks what do you want to say. Reporter says we are going to expose a terrible truth of your family, that your mum Pinky has killed your dad Shakti, since she knew about his affairs, she shot herself, great Oberois told everyone that they both got murdered by someone, how convenient, you won’t believe this, you will deny, I have done my investigations well, just think what will happen of Oberoi empire and Oberoi family when this truth comes out. Shivaye beats him. Khanna stops him. Reporter says I will never forget this insult. Shivaye says if you defame my family, I will not leave you and your family, everyone shall see who is Shivaye. He throws the reporter down.

Sahil’s mum insults Anika and her mum. Anika does Sahil’s aid and asks him to pack his school bag. She asks her not to say such things in front of Sahil. His mum says he will learn that your mum has run away with someone, by leaving you and your dad, she is still living as his mistress, you will become the same, you will become a mistress, who will marry you. Anika says I will fill water and goes. She fills water from the handpump. She cries. Shivaye thinks of reporter’s words and cries. He throws the things in the room. Anika falls down. Kyun meri rahein…..plays….They cry. He hits the wall and his hand bleeds. Anika cries and holds her face.

The mud gets on her face. Dadi comes to Shivaye and asks why are you hurting yourself. He says this doesn’t hurt now. She says but it hurts me. He asks is this true that mum killed dad and shot herself, as dad had an affair with anyone. She diverts topic. He says I was three years old and heard them fighting, I heard a gun shot suddenly, mom had shot it, tell me, people say… She says people have a habit to talk, look Billu, we are rich and famous, some people try to dupe us for money and intentionally defame us, if anyone tells you anything, don’t think of it. He says you didn’t answer me. She says I won’t. He asks don’t I have a right to know what happened to my parents that day, I can handle it, tell me. She says its all past, forget it, you are the shield of this family, you can’t fall weak, you are my Shivaye, who knows to fight and win. He says you are right, my present is this family, I can do everything to protect this.

Shivaye says if anyone takes us back to the same day to the same place where I had been seen you for the first time, but this time if I don’t look back at you, do you think we should still meet. Anika says on the same day at the same place, you and me, but if you don’t look back at me, will we still meet or not? I feel that we will meet for sure, because two lovers can’t be stopped by anyone, those who are destined to meet, the entire universe helps them unite. He says true lovers defeat the destiny, they can change the fate and compel the universe to unite them, because true lovers are those who can defeat the fate. They hold hands. She says what if this actually happens with us…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Hello everyone how r u all
    So going on to today’s episode Obro ka aarti karna reminded me of initial ishqbaaz days but ye redux hai toh ye toh hoga hi story jo past mein hai Mein soch raha tha iss baar Sahil ki villian bua nahi hai but ye Anika ki chachi urf sahil ki mummy toh Bua se bhi bekar nikli. She dont know how to talk. Felt so bad for anika jab chachi ne anika ki mom pe comment kiya and same for shivaay jab reporter ne bakwas ki. So this time shakti bewafa tha and pinky killed him and herself
    So pinkyshakti are dead jhanvi is in US so only dadi left missing old dadi but health comes first so its fine.

    1. Congrats Aayush. Number 1 again

      1. AAYUSH

        Thanks sindhu

  2. New version of SSO and Annika Trivedi… Shivaay’s dad is dead!!?? And Pinky killed him????? This completely redux!!!! So confusing… Annika is too soft, but nice to see different version of her…. But Sahil is still the same… Poor Sahil that lady snatched his watch and she pushed him… How dare is she!!????? New lady replacing bua’s place as chachi… Annika having different flashback?? Poor Annika and Shivaay ??? New story with new pain…. Seems like both are having same pain…. Waiting for next episodes….
    What that guy said to Shivaay till he whack him??

    1. Swaths I think that guy said something like he knows Oberois secrets and he will bring it out in the open and embarrass the family. He accused his Father sakti having affairs and his mum liked him. Whether this is true we don’t know yet becasue dadi refuses to tell shivaay the whole truth. It was justified anger in shivaay for insulting his family members.

  3. Pushpa

    Hey pkjs….
    Sorry these few days ishqbaaz ws late telecast so by the time i upload my update on our pkj insta….i fell asleep..

    So….. 2days epi….i literally cried when shivaye ws hurting himself…im typing here bt i hv tears….and anika too damn tht chachi blady brutal…why must this time palse be so painfull….i really cant c shivaye in this stage i know for sure both NarBhi will meet but this journey is breaking their life their heart and mine to pieces… thy both hv 2meet asap to console each other ….. but shivaye oberoi family background hv turned him to become cold and maybe hv become heartless people outside his family….

    Pinky killed shakti ?????? And shivaye dun hv any answer for his question… earlier kalyani mills now pinky shakti myterious death…. damn cvs…. cant u guys plot a happy wala tracks wth tadi tashan and all….

    I dun know how long this mihir have send them back…. but its going 2b hell of painfull journey…. new dadi is ok for me……. omru is also great…. om is businessman and rudy modal….wah…. new track but heartbreaking tracks…..

    Lets c hw shivaye anika will meet…. fall in love and cms back 2real time to proof tht mihir babuji is wrong…..

    Mere dhill crying today ……
    Gd nite guys

    1. Yes pui because ishqbaaz starts late now so it is difficult also for me to watch and updates are put up late so can’t wait till the next morning to put up comments.This TU also gets hanged nowadays.

  4. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    I seriously dont know what to say rite now….
    Ab toh gangaram nd raita phelne ke liye vi mera dimag baccha nahi…. My mind is totally jamed…
    Ru – Chalo season 2 mein kuch chiz same hain…. LOL… Bs kuch hi hain…
    Obros aarti scene… For d 1st time in IB i dont like Obros aarti scene… Don’t know why , but kuch toh missing tha…
    I m totally blank after watching Shivika….
    This new story of Shivika giving me ghoos bump….
    Both r suffering from same pain… Both of there parents…..
    At first part i thought this new Shivay is soo rude…. But in d 2nd half…. I never except this Shivay…. His parents left this world when he was only 1yr old….
    Bandari bua was less that ye new chachi nd house owner aagaye….
    This chachi was too much yr… Nd Anika is roltu in today’s epi… I at least hope she will be bold in front of world…
    Shivika break down few mins r heart wrenching…. I almost cried in that part… I hve no word to say about this part…
    BTW sb change ho gaya but Shivay ki new green room nd khannaji ki new costume ki redux nahi hua… Nd dont forget shivay’s todne ki aadat…
    Precap – CVS don’t test our patience for more…
    My request to all of them who dont liking it.. Plz dont come to any conclusion with in just 2 epis…. There is a lots of surises waiting for us… So keep patience nd watch ib…
    GN PKJ….

    1. Don’t worry banita. I am fine with this track and am loving it to see a new shivika. The aarti scene seems a little less crowded becasue all the seniors are not there except dadi so the family atmosphere is missing.

      Apart from this I love this IB and enjoying it.

  5. Wow wow I am actually liking this track very much. Rudra is back in his sense of humour. Om does not recite anymore poems. Now Shivaay is still the tadibaaz. The only difference is he does not break phones anymore but now huge things Tv chair table etc…. Our SSO does not break down easily. He gets angry but he does not get emotional and cry. He is the Great Wall Singh but in today’s episode he became too emotional so that is the different in Shivaay. Apart from that the rest is the same and he is still marrying because it is a business deal.
    As for Anika they have transformed her characterization totally. She has become so mellowed and that is not our khidkithod Anika. How sad…..She cries very easily when her step mum insulted her. She never gets weak when anyone insults her. So that is the different Anika we will see. I wonder whether she is still wearing the bracelet.
    However, one common pattern is both Shivika were emotional when people spoke ill of their family and mother. For Anika, she was affected when her step mother spoke ill of her mother as being a mistress and the journalist spoke ill of Pinky and Sakti for having affairs and that angered Shivaay. They changed a bit of this part of the story but whether it is true we do not know. That is the common denominator for both shivika having such parents.
    I can’t wait for tomorrow as I want to see how Shivika will meet and in what circumstances. So Shivika’s love story is being retold. Shivika will prove Mihir wrong and that I am sure. Rikara scenes will soon come as well so will Ruvya. Oooh… I am soooo excited and cvs have kept the suspense everyday. I rather they don’t show the precap as it is going to be the same one advertised.

  6. please can someone explain today episode for me cause I do not understand

    1. Tenioia the writer has challenged shivika that if they didn’t meet at the temple the first time shivaay would have married someone and anika would have married someone else. It is becasue they were fated to be together and that is why they are Husband and Wife. However shivaay and anika disagreed and said though it was destine who brought them together but it was the true love that overruled any fate or destiny. They are trying to prove Mihir wrong so the serial takes you back in time where it all started and they cvs changed some character personalities and even parents’ character so there is a slight twist in this old but new form of story line. Once it is proven that love supersedes everything then they will begin from the present moment. You will watch the old moments of IB with a lot of twists so enjoy my dear for this revamp.

  7. Hello Arpu dear Banita Luthfa Beauty Sneha Tania Ishita little dearie Jeevi Krishna Shivya dearie Shiny Omaira Pushpa Kadhambari Aayush Dhawani and many many more.

    Dhawani so glad you could come back and leave comments

  8. I really before this week ends I want shivika to meet. When Anika meets Shivaay will she become the khidkithod Anika or will she be the gentle woman. Though both of them do not know that they exist but it is destined that they will meet and fall in love defying all the fate.

  9. Hi guys,
    How are you all.. Missed you all so much.. So much stuck up with personal commitments..
    Sindu, bani, arpu, jeevi, Luthfa, sneha, ishitha how are you all doing..
    Coming to episode.. After watching yesterday’s episode I was totally shocked.
    So much difference in Obro’s & ani’s characterisation..
    I just started to watch IB after the promo of Anika’s khidki thod dictionary now that is totally missing.. I feel like watching some other serial.. New dadi is good.. Thank God they didn’t chose like new Roop Bua..
    Today while Obro’s doing arati felt nostalgia.. The spark in the bonding is less but that pain, intensity, love.. Cherished the initial moments of ishqbazz..
    I don’t think in this Aniri gonna be sisters I feel they gonna be friends.. Anyway within this week we gonna know.. What’s their relationship..
    In this shivika both are distressed because of their parents.. Both are sailing on the same boat.. No, idea when they gonna meet..
    Guys, I got a news that shitia back again..
    Poor Shakti having affairs so pinky killed him and herself.. I just felt oh my Mata.. After hearing this..
    My one and only query wandering in my mind is after they find & fell in love.. Does they go back to their real world.. So dadi is with ajeeb dictionary?
    Rudy whatever season.. Shivaay’s height & his marriage will be same..
    Precap: They are killing us with same Precap.. Better they don’t need to put the Precap it was so annoying..
    Today gold award.. Let’s see who gonna win.. I just want leenesh Mattoo to get best comic actor.. He deserve an award for sure.. Rest all got some or the other award but he haven’t got.. Do we have to wait for another 200 episodes for shivika reunion?

    1. Banita

      Hlo dii…
      Yeh it will be super gr8 if they will not give precap… Ek toh ase epis dete hain usse diagest krne mein time lag jata hain uperse same precap…
      Yeh dii i also think Aniri will meet as a frnd… Lets see what will happen…

    2. Oh kadhambari please don’t say after 200 episodes. It want sooner than waiting for almost one month. I will go crazy.

  10. Where is Gauri ?

  11. Hlo guys …how are you all..
    All confused ..right ..

    Mera to sari fellings hi mix ho gayi ..
    Is this season 2..i mean rudy said ,,season badal gaya ..thats why ..yeh kiun bola ..
    Ek to confusion khatam nahi ho rahi hai upar se aur bhi tension bar gaya …
    Khidkitodh anika ko kaya bana diya hai cvs ne ..too much ..
    Angry shing obroi to aj haad hi par kar diya ..

    Today nakuul and surbhi just nailed it thire expression and action ..
    But aj me kahi na kahi shivika ki emotion ki sath connect nahi kar payi ache se ….
    Sab kuch badal gaya hai yr..bohot kam hi same chiz hai ..
    Both shivika’s parents are have character problem ..
    Shivay ki angry to mai fir bhi manlu …but anika ki yeh bechari wala side ..mai handle nahi kar pa rahi hu ..seriously
    Ab same precap kab tak dikhayega…
    Sach mai Ib is really different from others…jindegi mai kabhi aisa kuch bhi kabhi nahi dekha mai ne ..
    But mujhe to aisa lag raha hai mai ib nahi koi aur hi new serial dekh rahi hu ..
    Pata nahi yeh naya kastiya ib ko kis aur le jaye ga …but yes kuch bhi ho jaye i can’t stop watch ib ..isme meri jaan basti hai .mai puri tarike se diwani ho ib ki …????
    Good night …..guys …we have no option left with out waiting unfold the story properly …

    1. Banita

      Yup Tania we hve to wait patiencely… Just hope cvs hume jayda wait na krwale…
      Yeh kuch vi ho jaye ib dekhna main vi nahi chod sakti…
      GN dr…

    2. Hey Tania yes I agree surbi and Nakkul did a fantastic job in their acting skills. Amazing ya…

  12. Luthfa

    Somewhere I have lost myself
    Nothing is fine nor I am
    Hope seems to mock at me
    Have forgotten how to smile
    Life is looking like an endless stormy night
    Tears are now every moment’s companion still
    one dream keeps visiting and tell-“Don’t worry,
    You are not alone,you have someone.
    And you are going to find out soon”,whisper some voice.
    “Your pain will be shared and exchanged with love,only love.
    Life is going to take a turn.
    Now it’s night but morning is not far.
    You will be the happiest,your smile will never fade from your lips.
    Someone is coming to take away all your sorrows.
    Days of flower,Sky of Rainbow,Moonlit nights are awaiting you.
    That person will bring all these.
    So,don’t hurt your heart imposing the burden of pain.
    You are becoming big bundle of ice.
    But,be ready to be a stream that will melt with the touch of love,pure love…………”

    1. Banita

      Lu , i just hope ki life will take a turn very soon in his / her life… He nd she both will find that someone very soon…

    2. Oh Luthfa I hope it will happen as what you say. Both love their brothers and got insulted becasue of their parents. Since they have the same problem this will bring their love reunion together and I am waiting for that moment.

      Great poetic words Luthfa

    3. ItsmePrabha

      Darling..yesterday i couldn’t comment so telling it now.. sending you a millions of hugs..cause yesterday’s comment was soooooooooooooo beautifullllllllllll….and this one is so poetic…Love you…

  13. Why some of you saying today is gold awards …because in our country it will be telecast on tv on next sunday i am confused …to net pe kaya pehle se ho jaye ga ..?? Tum log gold awards ph pe dekhoge yah tv per ??
    I just want to know ..

    1. Banita

      Tania , in all country it will be telecast on 24th June 2018 only…. But usse pehele shoot toh hogi na puri award function… So jb shoot hogi ussi din pata chal jayega na kon kon award jite hain…
      That’s why we r saying like this… Aj gold award ki shooting hain means aj pata chal jayega kon kon award jite…
      Hope now U understand it…

  14. Aaishafgdwwqws

    Each character have their own characteristic or some other was om who was suffering from this..but now om is a businessman like shivaay but still humble..rudra is funny but hardhearted like shivaay..shivaay protects his family but he is emotional like om….i used to initial days of ib very much where there was tadibaaz classy family first shivaay…sensitive poetic intense casual artist om…funny cute crybaby rudy…nd khidkitod bubbly cute annika..i cannot see her like this..wen i watched ysterday episode i felt like im watching something else not ib..but there was good in yesterday epi that omru’s bonding havnt been changed they re same…

    1. Banita

      Hlo Aaisha…
      Yeh Omru’s bonding didn’t change in this redux… It’s like Gulneet mixed all character in a mixer nd come with this new character…

  15. Banita

    Hlo pkjians….
    After watching this new redux epi one song strike on my mind which is totally fit to our situation….
    “Confusion Hi Confusion Hain Solution Kuchhh Pata Nahi
    Solution Jo Mile Toh Question Kya Tha Pata Nahi
    Dil Jo Teri Baat Baat Pe Ghabraye
    Dil Pe Rakh Ke Haath Use Tu Fusala Le
    Dil Idiot Hain Pyaarse Usako Samjha Le
    Hont Ghuma Siti Baja , Siti Baja Ke Bol Bhaiya Aal Izz Well , Are Bhaiya All Izz Well , Arre Chaahu All Izz Well…..”
    Now I m just fusaling to my heart nd mind that AAL WILL BE WELL…
    Ab mein jitni exciting hun for this new track usse jayda scared nd confusing hun…
    Just hope makers will not separate all 3 couples for long…..
    Waiting 4 new version Aniri also…
    Now story is going like IB part – 2 with same cast…
    Just hoping for best… Finger crossed…

    1. ItsmePrabha

      exactly bunny meri dimag mein kuch nahi ghuss rahi hai…sab upar se chale jaa rahi i thought let’s give this new track some time and then come to a conclusion..

      1. Banita

        Hlo Prabha…
        Yup dr…

  16. Luthfa that was nice but I am soo confuse right now what happen??? I mean how come Anika is not with Shivay?

    1. Jayashree IB has gone through a redux so they have gone back in time where they all have started. This is the alternate universe. They have turned back the clock to the past and to prove Mihir wrong that love will win no matter what happens. If two persons are meant to be together they will unite whatever place it coups be

  17. I saw in Instagram anri scene. But Sanaskari Sonu (Great fan of shivika)source there no story of rikara as couple.This redux is only for shivika. Looks like her news is true because in previous all her news was true. What do you this guys?

  18. Will Ishqbaaz never go back to how it was before? I miss the old one. I hope this redux is a finite thing.

    1. Kriti it will go back to present moment dear once shivika prove to Mihir that love can never be separated and it nothing to do with fate. When two person are destined to be together no matter what happens if there is deep and undefying love they will be together no matter what circumstances.

  19. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals……..
    Love VS Destiny Chapter 2.
    Fate is playing very cruel game with both Shivaay and Annika. …..they are facing insult accusations. ..suffering from hurt , pain.
    Both need love..both are unaware that destiny will play a big game…and make met with their soul mate. ..
    Whatever willl happen that will about future..
    But now both are broken……noth are shattered Both want somebody who can make their pain reduce..with whom they can share their pain..
    ????????????????????I cried whole time man
    Some body plz ask Gul Mam that Pur tadibaaz this Shivika will back or not
    If She wanted to make Season 2 then why she gave it the name of Redux…Whatever Xvs tried to say they always tell us via Rudy….
    So I think they are making Season 2.
    Now i am not thinking our Shivika will back..
    Buut for me this is very tough to connect with current Shivaay and Annika.
    Bcoz I always love a strong Female Lead..and I found it in ANNIKA ..khidkitod Annika.
    But now whom we are seeing is Annika Trivedi..—
    Now I am losing my hope to get back my original Shivika..??????????.
    This line made me cry..

  20. Arpita6

    Congratulations Pagals..
    Ishqbaaz won three awards..
    Best Actor male – NAKUUL MEHTA
    Best Supporting Actor- Kunal Jaisingh
    Most stellar performance of the year – Surbhi Chandna
    Although I am quite dissapointed about BEST JODI, BEST ACTRESS,BEST ACTOR IN COMIC.but still I am happy that ishqbbaz is won..

    I couldn’t watch yesterday episode neither on hotstar nor on tv..there was tooo much wind and rain happened and power cut happened..that also from 4 pm to 2 am…My phone battery became dead. So I got late in comment

    One More Thing….
    So I wil not able to reply …advance….no sorry???..
    And will be absent from 27th june to 4th july….
    As exam and study comes fast

    But seriously it is getting difficult for me to accept this Shivaay and Annika..ok…I wil not judge anything..I need patience.

    And New Dadi ….i am not sble to accept her.
    But STUPID MANJU VERY NICELY REPLACED BUA????????????Want to kill this lasy and cut her tounge..
    And that person who is behind Shivaay
    Go both and Die..
    Both both role will end soon.

    One more thing…I am done with HAYE LOVE SAGA of Shivika.
    Now want a Pure love normal couple. …both will share their pain, help each other to get rid out of their sorrow, and endly fal in love with each other ……..

    TIA akka NAVINA wil enter ….
    Lets see…

    Gouri will be seen in jeans…
    HHope we will get a Pure love story rather than love hate saga..
    And don’t want any progression
    Plz give this track a proper ending with a good note and give back our lost SHIVIKA..
    (TThis hope of mine is falling.????)

    1. I totally agree with u because old dadi giving lecture on ishqbaaz but this new dadi not in gul Khan show don’t have any importance for marriage but at last prove that love is important

    2. Hey Arpu dear we will miss you and your comments and don’t be sorry dear. Exams come first my dear. Yes anika has a new boyfriend in this but that guy is a domineering person and she is marrying him becasue if sahil’s Mum since he is rich. But I think both shivika are entering into an unhappy relationship but that is when ishqbaazi will appear.

  21. Hai epHai episode dekar rona aye a tho saas bahu drama se upara hai everytime shivaay and annika prove their love not for rikara and ruvya to prove love. So how could they become ishqbaaz to not prove their love
    One thing notice in present their three version of shivaay. Shivaay as shivaay, OM also become shivaay like business man, RUDRA also become shivaay as stone Singh oberio. They will show 3 stories it will become three shivaay s and three annika story not rikara and ruvya love because they are not in their characters I hope this will finish soon I didn’t see annika like this after so many difficulties their reach their love and once again within few minutes they reach to that situation

  22. Banita

    I m very much disappoint with gold award result… But it’s okk,.
    Congratulations SC , NM nd KJ for
    Most steller performance of d year – SC
    Best Actor (Popular) – NM
    Best Supporting Actor – KJ
    That’s it…

  23. ItsmePrabha

    Firstly congo IB Team as you bagged 3 awards…congo Nox,Chandu di and Kunal..
    now coming to epi both yesterday’s and today’s..
    God!! can’t really predict anything as it is just starting…
    just waiting to explore more and then going to comment about it..
    confusing hai interesting bhi,darr lag raha hai exciting bhi,joh bhi hai shivika ko aise rothe hue dekh kar dil dukh rahi hai…
    and sab se zyaada i am missing my khidkithod anudi…fun loving child hearted rudy and Artistkara… and obviously our cutie little pie dadi..get well soon dadi…. well shivaay,he is so mysterious i am not able to understand anything about him..till i understand him, i can’t say i am missing tadibaaz bhagad billa but can say i am missing cheapde billuji..
    Well i am highly disappointed with Gold awards.. Mainly Jodi,Actress and comic role….anyway atleast our main man and woman bagged best actor and steller performance and kunal bagged supporting role…
    okay guys..har din yahi precap dekh ke pakh gayi hoon regular precap dena kab wapas aayega… just so fed up..
    Enough for now..will meet you tomorrow if possible..till then take care and love you guys..

  24. Vinayak Bhatt

    Confusing episode.
    Hope they bring a better plot

  25. Well_Wisher??

    Gauri as anika sister again………wow its cool……But this time gauri is both kidikithod and dabanng…..

  26. Thanks Sindhu for that bit of news.

  27. Shimoil ansari

    I cant understand when shivaay says i was only 3 years old when i heard a gun shot from my parents room

  28. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies i wish this track will help to get good trp for the show.. Because of this sudden change many of the viewers are can’t understand the track

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