Dil Hi Toh Hai 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gita decides to clear Rithvik’s misunderstanding

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The Episode starts with Gita asking Palak what happened in the party and says your father in law ruined it. Palak says it is a misunderstanding and says his first wife was a gold digger and left both of them, left 8 years old Rithvik. She asks her to imagine how cheap she was and says that’s why my father in law thinks that I will do same with Rithvik. I am getting punished for my mum in law’s doings. She says I can’t work now, my husband is unwell. She leaves. Gita thinks VP made everyone’s mind poisoned against her. She comes to Vikrant and tells him that she wants everyone to know that she is back and she is not the reason behind Rithvik’s condition, but it was VP. Vikrant says you said that you don’t want to revealed. Gita says she wants to know.

Rithvik holds something thinking

somebody came to the house. Mamta says it is me, your mum. Rithvik gets happy. He says Dad also came. Rithvik says Palak brought chocolate cake. Mamta tells him that he is like her and not like anybody else. Rithvik hugs her. Mamta keeps candle on the cake. Rithvik is about to cut it.

Gita asks Vikrant to say. Vikrant says let me give time to react. She says she wants to tell Rithvik that she was not wrong, but it was VP. Manjeet comes to Palak’s house. She sees Mamta and asks the reason for her arrival. Mamta jokes and says she came to check how Palak is handling work. Palak says she is joking. Manjeet says she got a very big order and needs an assistant to handle work. Palak says how can I help work. I have a job. Manjeet says how to get assistant at the last work. She gets a call and excuses herself. Mamta tells Palak that Rithvik shall assist Manjeet for her work to distract his mind from his mum. Manjeet comes back and asks Palak to assist her. Palak says I have a job else I would have helped you, and says Rithvik can help you. Manjeet says if he will do? Palak says Rithvik is not having job and some refuse to give him work and for some job, he is over qualified. Mamta tells Manjeet that Rithvik will handle her work.

Manjeet tells Palak that she is scared to talk to Rithvik. She says it is not my idea, but his mum’s idea. Palak asks her to try and says he didn’t get the job. Manjeet comes to Rithvik and starts crying. Palak is hiding and smiling. Rithvik asks Manjeet why is she embarrassing him and tells a man that she is his mum. Manjeet tells him that she got a big order and needs someone to assist her. Rithvik says shall I send Aman to help you. Manjeet acts and tells him that if she had any son then he would have helped her. Rithvik says I am your son. Manjeet thanks him for his help. Rithvik says I will send Aman to you. Mamta asks him to come at 10 am. Rithvik says ok. Manjeet smiles. Palak thanks Manjeet and says she has solved Rithvik’s problem. Manjeet says she will fix an appointment.

Rithvik tells Palak that her mum embarrassed him. He says don’t know how your Papa handles her. Palak thanks him for helping her. Rithvik says he had to agree else she would have picked you from here. He asks who is the big client? Palak says I don’t know and asks him to ask Manjeet tomorrow.

Palak asks Manjeet to check and says she has brought everything which she asked for. Manjeet says you should have helped me. Palak says she has to check the disease which came in the office and have to catch the roots. Her dad asks what is it? She says she has to leave for office and tells that Rithvik must be on the way. She opens the door and sees Gita standing. Palak is shocked and drops phone from her hand. Gita bends down and picks her call. She says you are reacting as if you have seen the ghost. She gives her phone. Manjeet comes and says she will be planning Gita’s son wedding. She tells that Palak is her daughter and takes her inside. Palak thinks of Doctor’s words and thinks Rithvik can’t meet his mum. Rithvik is on the way and asks Rohit to drive fast as he has to reach sasumaa’s house soon. Palak’s dad tells Manjeet that he will leave now. Rohit drops Rithvik to Manjeet’s house and says all the best. Rithvik is coming to Manjeet’s house. Palak opens the door tensedly and sees her dad. He says he forgot his wallet. He checks for wallet and goes to room. Gita says she didn’t know that it is her employee’s house. Manjeet says she is a good marriage planner. Gita says your 2-3 marriage planning was flop including of your daughter. Manjeet says sometime it happens. Gita gives her work. Manjeet says her son in law Rithvik will assist her and will plan the wedding. Palak gets tensed and thinks if Rithvik sees his mum then?

Vikrant tells Rithvik that he wants to become like him always, a good businessman. Rithvik says you talked as your younger brother. Vikrant asks him to think like that. Gita tells Palak that she will drop her and will meet her husband. Palak says ok, meet my husband today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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