Bepannah 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Noor gives cold shoulder to Arjun

Bepannah 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A vendor calls Zoya to confirm the address. She tells him. Please bring it safely. It is my wedding photo. He agrees. Aditya enters stealthily and keeps something in a corner. Zoya is smiling to herself when Aditya hugs her. You enjoy it when people call you Mrs. Huda right? He seeks his permission to put a photograph. He happily tells her to change it the way she likes. She tries removing a photo and is about to fall when Aditya holds her. He tries to romance with her while she tries to pull away. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his clothes. He jokes that her mangalsutra loves him more than her. You are stuck with me now. She explains that she chose to be with him. Aditya goes quiet seeing Harsh at the door. Zoya has her back to Harsh so she keeps teasing Aditya to answer. Harsh jokes that he went quiet

seeing me. She goes mum. Harsh apologizes for not knocking on the door. doorbell rings. Zoya offers to go but Aditya goes instead. Harsh tells Aditya to maintain his respect. Do answer her. Harsh gifts a saree to Zoya. She loves it. He asks her if she is sure. She nods. I will wear it in the evening itself so you will believe me. Harsh blesses her happily.

Zoya and Aditya’s photo is delivered. Aditya shows it to Arjun and thanks him thinking it was he who sent it to him. Arjun calls the frame nice. You seem to forget that you dint invite me to the wedding. I dint click it, yet thanks. Aditya is sure it must be Pa. He says I love you and thank you to Harsh who too compliments it as if he is seeing it for the first time. Harsh too ends up saying that he dint order it. No wedding party means no wedding gift! Arjun seconds him. Harsh tells Aditya to thank the one who has sent it. Aditya wonders who it is.

Aditya walks in the room and shows the photo to Zoya. This is my surprise to you. She smiles looking at it sweetly. He says this picture is so beautiful. I look better than you in this though. Don’t feel bad though if someone compliments me. She teases him back. He thinks it might be Ishita who would have sent it. Zoya steps down from the bed unhappily. Why don’t you thank her on call? She hands him his phone. Aditya looks at her reaction and realises she is the one who got it. Zoya tries to avert but he holds her. You got it for us right? Why dint you tell me? She says you don’t know the meaning of surprise. You even spoiled my mood. He is sure he can set it right. I too have a gift for you. She opens the cover and finds a big collage with their wedding vows around their photo. They both promise each other they wont break the vows ever. It is very beautiful. They set her photo on the wall and he leaves it on her to decide where they will put it. He pretends to fall and ends up falling for real. She does not fall for it and ends up laughing. He says I saved you when you were falling but you let me fall. She replies that she dint take a vow to help him in his nautanki. He rubs his head. I got hurt a little. She opens the drawer to take out first aid kit and finds his and Pooja’s photo. She is disturbed. She gets up to bring ice but he holds her hand. How would I have survived without you? I am sorry I dint know about the photo. I should let go of my past and not you. she tells him that Pooja came in this house before her. She has a right over it. He corrects that she had a right but not anymore. You will have a right on me and this room more than anyone else. Sorry. They smile sweetly.

Arjun comes outside. Noor hands him a bag full of Zoya’s stuff. He tries to make her understand but she is in no mood to hear anything. He asks her to punish him if she is upset with him. She asks him with what right should she do that. We share nothing. You ended up the leftover hope too. He reasons that he panicked for his brother after seeing the car wreck. You too would have done that if you were in my place. She is sure she wouldn’t have ever thought of sending his parents to jail under any circumstances. He asks her to meet her sister once. Noor tells him to tell her that she isn’t her Appi anymore.

Arjun gives the bag to Zoya. She dint stay back. Zoya knows she is very stubborn. I am sad that you both became so distant because of me. He blames himself. You and Bhai love each other. You both deserve to be happy and together. She says same to him. He thanks her for behaving more like a sister than a Bhabhi. She too thanks him for being a younger brother.

Aditya comes to his room and looks at Zoya. It isn’t a bad thing to look beautiful but this much beauty can kill someone. She gets shy. Will you stop praising me? He holds her cutely and requests her to let him trouble her a little more. She looks at him. he puts vermilion in her hairline. You look like a new bride now. Can I go and bathe now? She smiles.

Servant brings juice. He leaves it on table next to Zoya’s phone. Zoya’s phone beeps with a text – seems like the preps for muhdikhayi ritual are on in full swing. Another text comes – you still dint understand. There is a video of Harsh talking on the phone. She rushes to the window and finds Harsh in his car. Another text suggests her to drink juice or Harsh will sleep in deep sleep. She hurriedly drinks the juice. Another text beeps. Aditya teases her. Are you ready for the ritual? You are going to be very tired. You can come with me. I am going to meet a friend. She replies that she is doing it for him. I will stay. He says I wish I could be here but I have to go. I am nearby only. I will return in 1-1.5 hours. He wishes her luck and goes. Zoya reads another text. You promised to help Aditya always. I have proof of every vow you took. I will remind you if you forget any of them ever. Zoya looks at her phone tensed.

Precap: Anjana’s friends ask Anjana if her DIL isn’t making them wait too much. Zoya comes downstairs inebriated and dances on a song.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Neha1

    Thanks Pooja for quick update…
    The Episode was so nice and romantic AdiYa…loved it when Harsh came and Saw AdiYa…….I laughed and enjoyed that scene…👍👌😍😘
    Why Noor was so upset with Her Appi… I understand she’s angry on Arjun for arrested her father but what AdiYa did…why she is angry on AdiYa… That’s irritated me ..
    And who’s the hell this messager….how he/she keeping an eye on her each n every move…. I’m so irritated with this scary text message drama….
    Precap…Zoya is intoxicated… waiting for 2morrow episode…

  2. Neha1

    I have to sleep now coz I wake up early…so gudnyt to all…

  3. Nice episode. Loving aadiya❤❤.
    Precap is awesome. This noor drama is too much. I will skip her part when am watching it online.. who is that 3rd person who is troubling zoya… I can’t even guess.. it can b papa Hooda, raajvir,or new villain..
    Waiting for tomarow…

    1. It’s anjana only cuz who else will send her juice inside the house.. though I wish it was another suspense villian

  4. I don’t know why but now I feel poosh death was accident & not murder.. anjana,waseem, papa hooda,or someone else might have tried to kill them in different ways but in the end they died in the car accident…
    It’s just my opinion… I may b wrong…

  5. 5 things:-
    1.thank youu Pooja! I missed you.
    2.what the hell is wrong with Noor? I understand her frustration with Arjun smh but you Zoya?? -.-
    3.zoya,TELL ADITYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. Adiiii😍😍🙈🙈🙈🙈 he is such a wallimg ball of lovvvvveeeeee! I love him sooo muchhh!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    5. Zo adi ke cheeks(to say the least 🙈😛)par kiss kab karegi? -.- there were so many moments today.. She should’ve given him one peck at least! Uffff my fangirl heart!!!

  6. Neha1

    2day’s Best Scenes…
    Adi :-You enjoyed when people calls you Mrs Hooda right…!
    Mrs.Hooda and back hug is Amazing👍👌😍😍
    Adi tries to Romance with her but she pulled him away and her “Mangalsutra get stuck…He jokes that “Her Mangalsutra loves more than her”.😜😛😝😂😍😘
    Zoya :- I choose to be with you….”Hum aapke saath atke nhi hain, Humne aapka saath chuna hai”… 👍👌😍😍
    Mr.hooda enter :- “Baap ko dekh kar bolti band ho gayi hai iski”… Harsh jokes at Adi to maintain his respect and do answer to Zoya…😜😝😍😍😃😃
    Adi received the order and thanked Arjun for Wdding Gift.🎁
    Arjun :- Aapne toh invite nhi kiya tha mujhe apni shaadi mein….later Adi thanked to his Paa….but Mr Hooda replied, No wedding Party, No gifts…😜😝😂😃
    Like when Adi thought the gift sent by Ishita, Vatsal’s wife and then looked Zoya’s reactions… and understand that it’s Zoya….. but I love Zoya’s reactions…I felt that she was jealous… 👍👌😍😘😘
    When she opens Adi’s gift….and saw Big Collage Pic the wedding vows around their pic….it’s nice…👍👌😍😍😍😘😘😘
    And Adi try to fix the pic on the wall he pretends to fall but end up falling for real…👍👌😜😝😂😃😃😃😘😘😘
    Adi :- “You have a right on me and this room more than anyone’s else”….😍😍😍😘😘😘
    Arjun thanked Zoya for behaving like a sister more than a Bhabhi and she too thaked him for being younger brother to her…😍😘😘😘
    Aditya enters in the room and stares at Zoya and compliment her by saying that “It isn’t bad to look beautiful , but this much beauty can kill someone”…👍👌😍😘😘
    Adi ask to trouble her a little more and put Vermilion on her hairline…👍👌😍😘😘
    Really these scenes are Superb, Amazing and Awesome …. wanting more n more AdiYa scenes…😍😍😘😘😘

  7. I dont understand noor’s anger on zoya. Does she think zoya chose hoodas over them. That the hooda sent waseem to jail, roshnaq was in such bad condition, noor was scared but zoya went to the hoodas without worrying for them? But waseem threw zoya out of their house. What is zoya supposed to do? She married without knowing any of it. Why wasnt noor angry on waseem when he threw zoya away? Zoya has no right in that house if she doesn listen to wassem? I think noor is projecting her anger on arjun to zoya as well. She already feels betrayed by him. Being a younger sister she would be used to being protected by all the elders. The sudden helplessness scared her… But am sure she will melt soon. I just wish noor and arjun’s story comes back on track. It is annoying to see their problems when sufficient time was not given to develop their relationship. Maybe when the evil boss returns and she falls in a trap, then things will change
    Coming to adiya, reading todays update makes me so happy. I love when they prank each other or tease each other. I want them to have lots of such happy moments. Tomorrow there will be drunken drama. Hopefully zoya/aditya will investigate abt who sent the drink. Harsh is suddenly behaving too happy and sweet. Maybe because before this hooda house was only dealing with tragedies… I hope his actions are genuine. Zoya might not tell anyone but she should still think abt those messages in free time
    Please arjun send adiya to a honeymoon before more trouble.

  8. Y is Zoya allowing herself to be harassed through msgs.. she should track this no. And y doesn’t she allow Adi to romance with her.. she’s always like AP jayen mujhe tayyar hona hai.. ajeeb😡

  9. Hi !! My name is Aru. I love reading all your comments and decided to join. My question is how come Adi hasn’t remembered his ma-in-law? if he mentions her maybe Anjana will get a bit rattled!! My suspicion is Mahi, she hates Zoya and Adi for rejecting her.

  10. Thank you Pooja for the update, and for coming back 😉😉. I loved Adiya today, Zoya looked happy, I hope we see more of this Zoya who can’t stop pulling Adi’s leg. Even the times when she was angry or upset, I loved it, she looked adorable. Adi is happy!!! I know Zoya loves Adi but the way she got jealous when she saw Adi with another woman Pooja, she couldn’t she couldn’t control her reaction, it was very real. She tried to hide it but couldn’t, Adi saw through that and re assured her of his love and her rights. Noor, Noor, Noor, I don’t know what’s going on with you, sort it out soon before you become irritating. You’re adorable now and I wanna see in Hooda house but you’re getting on my nerve.

  11. First of all, papa Hooda should learn to knock on the door of an newly married couple, or maybe better, don’t go at all at their door.
    It’s not the first time Zoya found a Pooja’s photo in Adi’s drawer. Back then she was searching the first aid box too, it didn’t bother her, insted she was interested how beautiful Pooja’s sari was. But today it bothered her, seeing them together, she didn’t even mentioned she saw the photo because it hurts. So she has feelings for him and strong one’s, good to know that.
    I am so happy, she tasted a little bit of what Adi has been through. 😏😏😏
    Noor is to much to digest.

    They both were looking beautiful at the end of the episode, they should go together on a date instead of wasting time with those aunties. 😚
    I hope this being drunk thing will make her disclose the messages secret to Adi.
    Everyone is waiting to see some romance between drunk Zoya and Adi but I don’t.
    I want her to be sober and fully conscious when she does that. Can’t a woman desire a man, much more her husband, unless she is drunk?

    1. Aye Eri your memories are good ” she tasted a little bit of what Adi has been through “.

      Love it 😀😀😀

      You’re one of the best here !

      1. Thank you Seychelle. Happy you like my comments.😊

  12. Glad to have you back Pooja!

    Good to see Zoya looking happy with Adi😍

    Episodes like a Nancy Drew novel these days 😉

    I’ll wait to see who’s the villain.
    Think I have the patience .

  13. Neha1

    This scene is soooooo Amusing… Adi pretends to fall😜😛😝😂🤗🙂

    1. Pooja kept saying him when will you grow up. Instead Zoya is enjoying every bit of this naughty child. I hope he never does.
      And Zoya please, please, kiss his head it’s the best way of healing babies wounds.😙

  14. Neha1

    Boliye…Jawaab dijiye Aditya Hooda…Aapki bolti band ho Gayi….👏😜😛🤣🤗😂

  15. Neha1

    I love this jealous and possessive side of Zoya..👍👌😍😘😘

  16. Can’t believe Ado’s dad become so positive all of a sudden. Maybe he is behind all of these and anjana just covering his sins. Don’t know for sure. Just a thought

  17. Neha1

    I had a doubt that May be Harsh knows everything about Anjana that she killed Poosh and Sakshi…and hiding this secret to his son’s as he’s protective about the family and families respect…And also we all knew that Harsh had an affair after marrying Anjana…I think he was pissed by Anjana’s psycho behaviour and find someone else but soon he realised his mistake… So, he’s concerned about his respect in society and came back to Anjana… On the other hand Anjana had a bad impact of Harsh’s EMA…that when she learnt about Poosh’s illegitimate relationship…she get depressed and decided to throw out Pooja from Adi’s life… forever… And That’s why Mr. Hooda trying to close that case in Mussouri, as we saw initial episodes of Bepannaah… And Also the convo between Harsh and Pooja did in study, I guess Pooja was talking about Anjana’s illness or may be she’s a bipolar….as we all witnessed her confession before Sakshi…the way she hostage Sakshi for 6 months in the basement of the Hooda house… The way she treated Sakshi in Hospital after the flood twist…she Hide Sakshi in a big suitcase… And the way she pushed her from the cliff….and after that She takes some medicines in her car… Also the way she warned that Doctor who’s known to Anjana’s sins…are enough to doubt on Anjana’s evil intentions….I still have a doubt on Mr.Hooda’s intentions too but don’t know why after AdiYa’s marriage I felt that the real culprit may be Anjana or both hubby-Wife are the murderer of Poosh’s murder… I may be wrong but don’t know why that thought had come into my mind and thought to share it with you all… This is only my assumption but not sure .

  18. Neha1

    Aditya and Zoya Wedding picture destroyed, Shocking Ultimatum for Zoya…

  19. I have a feeling somehow that is Aditya behind the messages. They seem to arrive whenever he is not around. And him leaving home during the event is suspicious as well. Probably he is seeking some long lost revenge?

    1. Neha1

      No Sana… Adi never do this….and 1st of all he’s the main lead of the show.. so it’s not possible…and why Adi would take revenge and for what… The main suspects are Mr.Hooda, Anjana and somewhere Wasim… But nothing is confirmed yet… But Adi’s definitely not behind that msgs…

  20. Finally i watched yesterday episode
    Adiya bonding was good
    This week trp 1.2
    Though it is low, i am happy as previous week was a crap of celebreties

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