Ishq Subhan Allah 10th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Zara is heart-broken

Ishq Subhan Allah 10th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Zara tearing up the nikahnama and throwing Ruksar out of the house accusing her of being ungrateful. Ruksar asks her that she should ask Kabir if he said qubool hai to Ruksar at their nikah, that she was not ungrateful. Zara refuses to believe her. Kabir then comes n calms Zara and tells her that they did get married in Dubai as he had no other way out. Zara refuses to believe him. She asks if he was joking with her.

Salma and Aisha are heart broken.. they start weeping.. So do Alina and Reema. Zara runs to her room shuts herself up and howls into her blanket. Kabir runs after her, he bangs on door and he explains his actions. The sad BG song plays..”chann se toota koi sapna…jag soon soona lage…”

In her room, Ruksar is all smiles

as she dresses up like newly wed and showers cash all over the room. Zeenat comes to her room and she tells Ruksar that what she did was wrong. Ruksar says she did nothing. What ever happened was her destiny. Because of her love for Kabir destiny gave in to her wishes. Now Kabir was hers. Zeenat is shocked at Ruksar’s happiness.

Irfan qazi and Salma come to Kabir. He explains. Salma asks why he did not inform anyone after returning from Dubai. Salma says she had never seen Zara weeping this way all her life. Zara was heart broken. Aisha says Zara was affected most. Salma accuses Kabir of being at fault, they would never have known if that nikahnama had not arrived. Kabir goes on explaining his point. He too was in love with Zara. He did not have the heart to spoil her happiness.

Zara is very upset in her room. she faints…Reema complains to Kabir about not getting response from Zara. Kabir breaks open the door. All take care of fainted Zara. Salma warns Kabir that he had lost the rights to touch Zara until she said so herself. Kabir is shocked to hear this. He is pushed away as the others place her on bed and call the doctor.

Doctor checks her. He says she was emotionally hurt, she needed rest to recover. They are asked not to discuss anything that hurt her any further.

Ruksar is dancing in her room.

Aisha comes with big bundle of jewelry and bribes her with gold from head to toe. She asks her to leave this family alone and not destroy the happiness of this family. Ruksar makes it clear she was not interested in gold or cash, she desires Kabir and he was hers at last and she only wanted every one to know that. Ruksar says she is Kabir’s legal wife and she has the rights. No one can change that.

Precap: Zara does not want to leave Ahmad house.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. DannyComments

    Well..I thought Islam actually allow more than one wife?? I probably have to educate myself more! I said before..marriage is a joke in Indian series. If anything, they make me not want to ever get married!!! Damn!

  2. Very much the truth Danny the Indian serials make marriage a joke. Marriage is a scared union with two individuals not what the team of ISA is making of it. If they don’t change the track they will lose the viewers!!! Zara should leave that idiot Kabeer and let me live with that psychopath rukshar. They deserved each other.

    1. there should be a marriage app. On or off anytime but have notification on for status progress.

      1. Cathy

        Love it!

  3. I think this marriage is illegal,a widow in Islam can’t marry again except after passing of 4month and 10day after the death of her husbund

  4. oh Rukhsar, Rukhsar I almost feel a twinge of pity for you. I remember what Kabir almost did to you when he found out that you had tried to kill Zara and he wasnt even in love with her then. What do you think he’ll do to you now for hurting Zara so much. And yet you continue to behave as if this was a regular wedding and Kabir has any intention of ever treating you like a wife. I am really hoping it was a case of mistaken identity and Hamdan is alive. Because if you story is to believed and Hamdan did really mistreat you, it ‘s going to seem like a picnic compared to what Kabir might do to you.

    1. Leisa s morris

      Allybrew look at ruksaar clearly,kabir has roughed her up threatened to kill her and still she goes about doin wat she wants to get him with no fear. Does dis sound like a woman who will make a man she doesnt love abuse her in any way? Hamdeen if he did it even once would know never to again by crazy ass ruksaar response to it. I dont believe she was a victim of domestic violence I believe hamdeen is alive and if im wrong and she did kill him it was to b free to get kabir.

  5. Nasha (Spore)

    No doubt Islam allows men to marry more than one even without the consent of his wife. Provided he’s capable in the sense of financial and have to treat both his wives fairly. We understand and noted that. I feel and understand Zara, knowing her personality. She’s a superb and professional actress, not being overacting.
    As in reality, no wife wants their love to be shared with any other third parties. Equally same goes with the husband, they won’t want their love to be betrayed by wives. Not all wife willing to accept that. Maybe 1/1000. Unless at a crucial point that I have to sacrifice my love due to being infertile, then I will reconsider this polygamy. I can’t be selfish just as to have him by myself and not allowing him to have his own happiness to have children. Other than that NO. Alhamdulillah, I am married with my husband and blessed with 4 kids. May we all be together till Jannah. InsyaAllah.

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