Dil Hi Toh Hai 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Setu goes missing

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Ananya happily hugs Ritvik and thanks him for the dance. Palak walks away. Mrs. Puri compliments him too. Everyone praises him. Rishabh walks away upset. Saanchi follows him. What are you doing? You shouldn’t take this wrongly? Rishabh says everything is fine. He still looks hurt. Mamta asks Rishabh to dance. It is time for your performance. Rishabh replies that he is elder but no one respects him. Everyone always listens to and appreciates Ritvik. I only smile. Saanchi tells her to ignore what he is saying. It is your dance performance. He declines. Saanchi tells her MIL to ignore it. Mamta says he isn’t wrong. I got so happy with the wedding thing that I completely forgot that there are other people in the house as well. Saanchi shakes her head but Mamta tells her she will handle it.

Setu comes to Puri House but Rohit isn’t at home also. She feels as if everyone is hiding something from her.

Ananya and Ritvik are talking to each other.

Palak is crying in a corner. Why am I crying over what doesn’t even exist? God please give me strength to see Ritvik with Ananya. She watches Ritvik and Ananya’s dance on her mobile. She thinks of what she and Ritvik shared and cries harder.

Aman calls Rohit and Setu on stage next. Rohit comes in just then and looks extremely tired. He asks about Setu. Aman calls out to Setu. Gayatri goes to look for her. Manjeeti ji is talking to Setu. I found Apurva here and have spoken to him. I wont tell anyone anything. I will just talk to Mr. Puri. Apurva tells her not to worry. I have called office and asked someone to bring the papers here. We will make him sign on the papers. It will be clearly mentioned there that they wont trouble Setu after marriage. Manjeet ji looks tensed.

Mamta notices Palak crying and asks her about it. She notices someone behind the fence and calls the guards to check. She asks Palak if she saw that guy. Palak declines. Mamta says I feel someone was eavesdropping on us.

Manjeet ji asks Mr. Puri if he is happy with the preps. He nods. DO you have a surprise for me? She declines. You are thinking about land papers instead of enjoying sangeet ceremony. He nods. I have to think about work too. She introduces Apurva to him. we can get you that land. I had a word with Setu. She has agreed to talk to her Papa and make him agree. You have been trying since long but Mahendra ji isn’t agreeing. Setu has agreed to get it done for you. Mr. Puri asks her if she wants a commission. Manjeet ji declines. You will have to make your son sign pre-nuptial agreement too. you wont trouble Setu after the wedding. Apurva adds that he has got his own son stuck in IT thing. Setu is under pressure. Manjeet ji gives him a document. You should ask Rohit to sign it. No one should bother Setu after the wedding. She goes with Apurva. Mr. Puri thinks she is acting too smart.

Apurva asks Manjeet ji why she dint make Mr. Puri sign the docs right away. Manjeet ji is positive that Mr. Puri wont create problems for his own son. I just don’t want him to trouble Setu after her wedding. I want her to be happy.

Palak lies to Mamta that she is concerned for Setu’s marriage. Mamta tells her to think good things. Palak notices Ritvik there. There cannot be any other reason for me to worry. I only have Setu in my life. Mamta sees Ritvik there. What are you doing here? Ritvik replies that he came looking for her. Mamta asks him if he thanked Palak. She made me overcome my fear. Are you responsible for making Ritvik dance too? Ritvik declines. I wanted to do something special for Ananya.

Rohit, Ananya, Manjeet ji and Gayatri ji are worried for Setu. She has started from Puri House but hasn’t reached here yet. Palak offers to go to find her. Mamta ji sends Ritvik with her.

Vijay calls Commissioner. Manjeet ji is upset that things keep going wrong every time whenever she is doing something. Her husband tells her to think of Setu. She says I too am thinking of her only. I hope she does not fall in any problem. Mr. and Mrs. Puri also wonder where Setu would be.

Ritvik’s car does not start. He asks driver to get him another car. Ananya and Reeva are also talking to each other about what is going on. Reeva says I feel as if it is similar to how Samar disappeared before my wedding. Ananya tells her she is over thinking.

Palak says entire family is like that. Ritvik says Reeva thinks everyone is like that after whatever happened. Palak tells entire family is like this. Ritvik says it isn’t so. We haven’t recovered from what we went through! Palak says you always think everyone is after your money even when they tell you it isn’t true. You fail to believe their words! It is great that you cleared everything in the beginning. You could have used the situation and done a lot more than a kiss. He tells her to stop it but she does not relent. You and your family have a habit of hurting everyone. This is what you all always do! You guys use and throw people out of your lives! Now you will have an excuse for this also that your mother left you for a rich guy! Big deal man! A lot happens in everyone’s life. Get over it now! Stop categorising every woman equally! He tells her that she does not know everything about him. She says I know. We understand things as per your convenience but you don’t realise anything. She tells him what she overheard earlier. Puri Uncle is still after the land deal. I heard him talking to someone on phone. A guard gives a pen drive to Ritvik. The faces of the guys were covered. I dint see anyone. They just gave the pen drive and left. Ritvik and Palak look at the pen drive.

Rohit and Ritvik check the pen drive. Setu has asked her Papa to sign the land papers. Rohit has always supported me. He even went against his family. Please sign them. I will come back. Ritvik asks Mr. Puri about it. The land deal issue ended long back. What is this? Mr. Puri shrugs. I dint do anything. Mamta asks them about it. Mr. Puri tells her about the property. We dropped the matter as it was against Mahendra ji’s ideals. Palak says you were only pretending that that does not matter to you anymore but I heard you saying on phone that Rohit should stay occupied in IT stuff so Setu remains panicked. Mr. Puri covers it. Reeva also says it might be a misunderstanding but palak declines. I, My mom and Setu overheard uncle saying so. Mahendra demands to know where his daughter is. Rohit says she left from our house long ago. Palak asks them where she is then.

Precap: Palak says you are acting normally but are hiding the matter. Mr. Puri shows the pre-nuptial agreement. Manjeet ji says I dint want anything like that. I dint want any hindrance to come in Setu’s wedding. Palak asks her about the agreement.

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  1. Manjith aunty ne kamal kardiya aaj….I wish ye setu aur manjith aunty ka plan ho Mr.puri ko fasane keliye…..as usual reeva disgusting sirf isike paas paise hai baki sab bekar hai if Samar wants he marries reeva only for money but he truly loves radhika but ye difference kabhi nahi samaj payegi……. her thoughts are very low class common yaar behave like matured girl I really pity for aman he chooses this girl …….palak sahi kaha total family same only blame others for their mistakes and Explanation….I luv palak today achi class leliya Ricky ko………ye shaadi drama 15th thak chalegi 5 days more we have to wait…….

  2. Palak’s face looks so fluffy these days, She is a nice looking young, hope she is not using any of these new beauty techniques .

  3. How u knomw ki
    15th tak ye chalega?

  4. According to promo it will air on 15th only….its really funny on that independence day Ricky ko bhi Azaadi milega puri family se……

  5. Palak is right and so is Ritwik

  6. Girls love bad boys and later wen they get cheated by bad boys, they play victim… I understand Attraction but use brains. If you love a good human being and teach him to flirt with you, he will learn it for you. But instead you wants bad boys as finished products…. If you select bad boys, u deserve it as you might be spoiling a chance of a good guy, and make his and your life fantastic.

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