Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Nandini both in a state of dilemma

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Outside the hotel, Dida calls Nandini as a spring in their lives. Her son must have been happy that Nandini took Kunal to temple for his birthday Pooja. Nandini gives the Agnijot candle and tells them Pandit ji’s instructions that once lit it shouldn’t go out for 3 days at least. Dida was about to curse Nandini’s husband but Mauli stops her. She tells Nandini that Dida and Mamma prayed a lot for Nandini while she was on her trip to temple. Mauli notices a burn on Nandini’s hand. Nandini and Kunal recalls it was burnt by ashes on the ground while saving Kunal’s hand. Nandini makes up that she put her hand in fire, it was done unconsciously. Mauli says Nandini has always been careless. Nandini holds Mauli’s hand and promises to never repeat such a mistake again.
It was night when Kunal was driving. Only he and Nandini were awake. Kunal tries to find water bottle from the pocket on back of seat. Nandini helps him get it. Both steal looks from each other.
Back at home, Mauli and Mamma were dragging their bags inside when a little girl arrives in the apartments. Mauli cheers watching her and asks who she is. The girl tells Mauli not to forget come and meet her from 13th August at 8.30. Mamma and Mauli discuss the child is really cute and her name is ever cuter, Anjor – meaning light. Mauli says every child is innocent and cute.
At home, Dida was thankful to God that they were finally back home. Mamma says the visit was really strange, it feels they dodged a trouble in the past two days.
Mamma says Nandini was just saved, she must now take some rest as her cooking classes are started from tomorrow. Mauli wish Nandini all the success. Nandini gives the credit to Mauli. Mauli gets a call from Prerna, then informs everyone that she sent a surprise for them. Mamma was afraid as Prerna’s surprises can be strange at times. She and Dida leave to sleep. Mauli stops Nandini and asks what happened, it seems she stole something and is now afraid of police. She looks so shocked. Nandini looks towards Kunal and says she is just a little tired and needs rest. She will feel better if rests.
In the room, Kunal sat lost in thoughts of Nandini. Mauli says life is really unexpected, we have never expected what turns it takes. She unpacks the clothes and brings Kunal clothes to change. Kunal holds Mauli’s hands and says she always knows everything, then if she can search for something that is lost? If he gets lost she must find him as well. Mauli hushes him up and says she felt she lost in in the temple already. She gets teary saying she can’t bear that feeling again, she will never lose him. They can never part for at least seven lives; did he forget their contract for seven lives ahead. She kisses his forehead and hugs him tightly.
In her room, Nandini curses herself for even thinking this way. Her friend lightened her life and she wish to burn her house down. She wonders how she can even think about it.
There, Kunal comes to washroom. He curses himself for not being able to look into his own eyes. His life is so beautiful, he can’t even think about betraying Mauli then why?
Nandini apologizes in front of Mauli’s photo and cries hugging it.
Kunal cried in the washroom while Nandini cried in her room with the photo.
In the room, Mauli enjoyed watching photos of the trip. She thanks God for the beautiful photos. She calls Kunal to come out of washroom and asks if he is annoyed? Kunal thinks he is annoyed of himself, but he must come out of this feeling now. He has to become worth looking into his own eyes.
There, Nandini wonders how she and Kunal can even think like this. Kunal is her Mauli’s husband. She vows to undo everything as it was, else she will have no right to live.
Mauli was concerned when Kunal comes out of bathroom with red eyes. He lies that something went inside but its fine now. He and Nandini sat awake all night while Mauli had slept. Kunal thinks he knows what Nandini feels, her eyes and her nervousness shows it all; they must bury their emotions right here.

PRECAP: Kunal comes to save the candle flame with Nandini in temple area. Nandini was confused and looks the other way. Kunal says he knows she is tensed and is aware she can’t even discuss her worries with anyone else, not even her friend; if he is the reason to her tensions he won’t confront her anymore. Before Nandini could speak Kunal had left already.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I can’t understand Kunal, he says that he loves mauli then how can he fell for nandhini. Confusing

  2. By the way good decision Kunal, hope u stand by it and protect ur relation with mauli, por girl so much in love with u

  3. Poor Mauli ?how can you be in love with 2 woman and that to with your wife’s best friend… don’t fancy nandinis character either, she should know her boundaries- clearly it seems it is fine to fall in love with your best friends husband ?

  4. I don’t understand why so much negative comments for this show….why if viewers are against it they still watch….and bashing kunal and Nandini guys they are just fictional characters bash the producers not the actors….i even read someone blaming how Nandini dress…reallyyy guys come on that’s low….maybe there is a back story that’s why kunal give in to his attractions so easily or some reason to it all..either ways you guys should give the show a chance or don’t watch if you are against it but this is what the story is base on and i doubt they’ll change it even if all these negative comments are post….just my thoughts on it all I’m a silent reader but everyday all i see is negative comments on these feed…dont feel offended guys

    1. Well said ?

  5. kunal shouldn’t be doing like this he needs to love Mauli and have no extramarital affair with Nandini it isn’t right doing so as he is married

  6. This show is abt ema which is wrong.if makers want to show that this type of relations are there in society that’s ok but then don’t show that their love is pure or true love etc etc.why that temple drama that both are made for each other etc.they must show that whatever they are doing or feeling is wrong. Mauli ‘s love is true love for her husband.kunal nandini relations are just attraction .Kunal is not mature enough to understand true love of mauli which is very rare and only lucky person can get it.he loves mauli but still attract towards nandini .Hope he realises his mistake and don’t leave mauli for nandini. If he does then it’s kunal’s loss.he can’t get woman like mauli.

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