Ishqbaaz 10th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye seeks forgiveness

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Ishqbaaz 10th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye reaches Anika’s house and knocks the door. Gauri opens the door and says you…. He calls out Anika and gets in. He asks where are you, I need to talk to you. She says she isn’t here. He asks where is she. She says she was with you at your house. He says yes, don’t know where did she go. She says tell me the truth, what did you do with my sister. He says I misunderstood her, I realized my mistake, I came to apologize. She holds his collar and says I don’t care for your apologize, I want my sister, where is she. He says don’t know. She says it was your duty to take care of her, if anything happens to her, I won’t leave you. Sahil’s mum comes and says you here, I told you that girl is characterless like her mum. He says not a word against her, else I will teach you a lesson, because Anika’s respect means Shivaye’s respect, you better mind it Chachi ji… Gauri cries. He says I promise you Gauri, I will find Anika and bring her back to you. He leaves.

Anika is on the way. Some men sing song Akele akele kahan jaa rahi ho and tease her. The man asks how much do you charge Shivaye for one night. They laugh. Shivaye looks on shocked. The man says where are you going darling, tell me your rate. He goes to hold Anika. Shivaye stops the man, holding his hand, and beats him. Anika turns and gets shocked. Shivaye beats all of them. She looks on. The men fall down. Shivaye says how dare you touch my…. Anika says enough, will you kill them. He says yes, how dare you raise a question on your character. She says you have started this, they didn’t say anything which you didn’t say, this is what you wanted, that the world regards me a rich man’s mistress, what’s your problem. He says I was wrong, I have realized my mistake, tell me what to do, I m ready to do anything. She says you have done a lot already, please leave me alone, your repentance can’t wash off the stains or the insults that I m going through. He says listen to me, punish me, please don’t stop talking to me, Anika. She goes away.

The men get up. Shivaye asks them to beat him. The men beat him. Anika stops and gets shocked. Shivaye looks at her. She turns away and cries. The men get kicking him. Anika shouts just go, I will call police. The men leave. Anika holds Shivaye and says why don’t you listen, I told you to leave, why are you doing this. He falls in her lap. She sees her mangalsutra in his hand. O jaana….plays… He faints. She shouts Shivaye… She gets his phone and calls Om. She asks Om to come quickly.

Shivaye gets conscious and says Anika… He sees Omru and Priyanka. She asks Shivaye to rest. Shivaye says I want to meet Anika. Om says she doesn’t want to meet you. Shivaye says how will I repent if she doesn’t give me a chance. Rudra says its not easy to be forgiven if mistake is big. Priyanka says my accident happened by my own mistake, you punished Anika for it. Shivaye says I know, I want to apologize. Om says you were demanding forgiveness, you have to earn it. Rudra says try sincerely, you won’t lose. Shivaye says you are right, i have to earn it. He sees them and says you guys are the best. Rudra says pinch me, I just heard that he praised us. Om pats him and says this is my style to pinch. Priyanka hugs him. He says I m hurt. She says sorry. Om says they have beaten you a lot.

Gauri says you have your own house, why will you live here. Anika says Chachi has ousted me from there, how can I go there, I don’t want you all to fall in any problem because of you. Gauri says I will also stay with you. Anika says you have to take care of Sahil, go now, I have to leave for an interview. Gauri says fine, all the best, I will come in evening. She goes.

Anika gets ready and leaves. Shivaye looks on. She gets a call and says I m leaving, what, now? I will be there on time, don’t worry. Her slipper breaks. She says I have no time to go to the cobbler. Shivaye gets down the car and removes his shoes. He walks on the rough path. She asks what are you doing here, just go. She stumbles. He holds her. She asks what do you want to prove. He says I want to apologize. She sees people looking on and says don’t create a drama here, go. He says I m feeling bad seeing you this way. She says why, it doesn’t matter, everything is over, you took revenge from me, now our ways are different. He says I won’t go till you forgive me. She says do anything you want, you don’t listen to anyone. She goes.

Its night, Gauri comes there and sees him. She says you here…. Anika comes home and says Gauri, you here. Gauri says I got tiffin for you. Anika sees Shivaye and says you are still here. He says I told you I will stand here outside your house till you forgive me. Gauri asks what’s happening. Anika says nothing, come with me. Anika sees Shivaye from the window. O jaana…plays… Anika asks Gauri to go inside. Anika pulls on the curtains. Gauri sees him and says he is still there. It thunders. Anika says let him be, you come and have food. Anika sees him and couldn’t eat food.

Gauri says its raining heavily, if he stands this way… Anika says if he feels hungry, he will leave. Gauri says if he continues to get drenched in the rain, he will fall sick. Anika sees Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hiiii guys,
    Short comment.
    I m feeling bad for Nakuul mehta, how much he has to struggle because of Shivay bhaiya…lol.
    Ok felt bad fir bhaiya also but he deserves.
    Precap- Again feeling bad for NM.
    @banita di, @arpita di @luthfa di. Thanks.
    Tania di where r u??
    Lots of love guys

    1. Hiiiii Ritu dear..
      Welcome dear..
      Ooooo you are feeling bad for Nakuul bhaiya..
      Don’t worry Annika will handle it….???..
      Reel will handle real….

    2. Luthfa

      Go Ritu Go.Congratulation on being first…?
      You are right to feel for Shivaay those.But he himself is responsible for it.Anyway,looking forward to next progress.And you are most welcome?

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Today i m just Wooowwwww!!!!! after listen “O Jaana” redux male version song….
    Last weekend we got female version as weekend gift nd this week we got male version…. But i like this one moreee then female version ( No offence )…. Meri toh weekend bangayi…!!!!!
    Now coming to epi ,
    Gouri , she nailed the first part… But i was expecting her this andaj when Shivay took Anika from mandap…
    Nd Chachi ki chonch toh humesha humesha ke liye band krdeni chahiye…
    He asked forgivness to Anika…
    Ok truely say i don’t like these fighting scene when d hero beaten by goons in front of heroin just becz of his own guilty nd al….
    Nd one thing not only d song that new BG of “O Jaana” also nycc…
    But i like that part when beat goons with one hand nd other hand he was holding MS… That part was touching…
    Anika shifed to her new house… She didn’t go to her chachi’s house… This is our #KHIDKITODEANIKA… I like this spirit of her…
    How much i wanted Shivay to get punished on his crime , but yrr bande ne apne liye soft corner bana deta hain like always…
    He stand there d whole day nd night barefoot…
    I m expecting this Anika moree…
    Precap –
    Don’t know what to say…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Hey banita welcome back dear. Didn’t see you for awhile but you would have been happy with the past trp. IB in one of the 10 slots. Cvs are mixing the right ingredients and I hope they keep it that way. I think the old aunties love this how Shivaay is begging for forgiveness. Yes bani I love the male version of the old jaana. Nice nah. Enjoy your weekend dear?

      1. Banita

        Hlo @Sindhu dii….
        Yup dii i was missing for 2 days , but yesterday i commented….
        Yeh i m happy with d increase in rating of IB , it’s 1.9…. But still dissapointing with 18th position… I hope rating will increase more so will be d position…
        Yeh new version of male “O Jaana” is really nycc so as it’s additional lyrics…
        Lotss Of Love dii…

    2. Hiiii bunny yup…male oh jana is just awesome….
      I was expecting this Annika in Real Universe…
      But thank God….Cvs fulfilled my wish…..
      Sso is standing in bare foot..
      Ziddi Singh Oberoi……

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Bani,
      Anika is right on showing strictness towards Shivaay and khidkitode Anika is always best.Redux O Jana is really very beautiful.Very nice and soothing music.
      I am waiting to watch how love is going to develop between Shivika.Take care?

  3. Banita

    From last page,
    @NSK dr…
    First decied karo Shivay ko bhaiya bulana ya nahi…
    Nd i don’t want to beat my brother yrr , i want Anika to beat him…
    At least 1 or 2 slap… But i know ir will never going to happen…
    *sad emoji*..

    1. Bhaiya nahi bulana…WO sirf Shivaau/SSO hai mere liye…air Nakuul Mehta meri jaan ha I?????

      1. Banita


    2. Lol kyu?aapko nakuul acche nahi lagte hai kya??

      1. Banita

        Arre i mean u don’t to make him brother that’s why i said that…
        I like both Shivay bhaiya nd Nakul bhaiya…

    3. Accha accha,SSO ki fan hu na…uski tarah he bewakoof banti ja rahi huh…?
      Btw,how r u?

  4. Pushpa

    Wht an episode gals….
    Anika words pierce SSO heart so badly till he got himself bashed up.. broke my heart ???wht a flawless expression when she was beating the goons and when the goons ws beating him so mesmerized wt yr acting skills mr mehta…. SSO in so much in luv wt u ???? but 1 thing sorry gals mujhe acha nehi lagta when gauri hold SSO shirt…. i cant accept this… tht can b Anika but no one else..
    Yes chachi…… u better get tht right chanci SSO will cm bck if u question Anika character….mind it..
    I was thinking the reason why he fight wt 1hand …. acha he ws holding on 2her mangalsutra… this the music broke my heart…

    Shivaye standing barefoot outside her house … broke my heart too
    Standing so long ….broke my hreat..
    Standing under bharish…. im really hurt…
    But nothing much can b done…. he hv to win Anika by hook or crooke… karna padengaa..

    Luved the ShivOmRuPinky bond here …. beautiful…. yes Shivaye u hv to earned it yr apology doenst help ….. say sorrry in frm heart she will sure accept yr apology ….. its Anika….. she cant even eat looking at him standing wt no shoe under the rain.

    Gals…… the male version of Oh Jaana ???????????…… im in luv wth the music singer song and all of it…. beautiful owsm

    Precap….?????stand strong dun faint please SSO

    1. Way to go Anika, dont forgive Shivaay so soon.

    2. Hey pushpa I think you must be crying to see Shivaay bare feet under the rain without food. I was thinking about you. Don’t worry everything will be fine. Anika will get him inside. She is too soft and if she can forgive Payal who betrayed her twice she will soften towards Shivaay. That is out beautiful Anika

    3. Go Pu di….
      And give a tight hug to your Shivaye..
      He needs it…very badly…
      He is shivering out of cold…..

      1. Annika hug de de….pura episode baan jayega???

    4. SSO might faint.?
      Aap kyse ho??billuji ko takleef me dekhna acha nahi lag ta but he deserves it?

    5. (PS: i love billuji most?,my comment seemed rude?)

    6. Luthfa

      Hello Pu di,
      You must have felt heart ache watching Shivaay in such devastating state.Don’t worry di,he will win back Anika again and love will blossom.And male O Jana is simply superb.Waiting for Monday episode.Take care?

  5. Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 40..
    So today my comment will be two person’s pov
    Sso and Annika.

    Sso’s POV..
    What I have done..I broke that person who never was wrong at all.but I did wrong with you..I cant tell you I am dying in every minute ever second
    I know you will not forgive me and I know I don’t deserve it.but as it is said SILENCE IS THE BEST WEAPON OF WORLD..
    And your SILENCE is killing me. I am not able to breathe Annika..
    I need your help to get out from my crime…you can shout at me show your anger towards me.. hate me but plz talk to me.
    My blood boiled listening those words..
    And even I closed my eyes. Bcoz I can’t bear that M word from you..
    I am hating this word..And more hating my self for saying it.
    I am holding your MSno it is the proof of our marriage. I broke it but today I am saving it from broken…
    I asked those goons to beat know why..I want to feel pain..But I realised that this pain is nothing much as compared to the pain I given you..
    I was……………going to……
    You cared for still care for me..
    I see tears on your eyes that also for me…….

    And Today I have no tadi. I have guilt amounts of guilt.
    But you know I am stubborn. I will wait till you forgive me.
    I want to see your smiling face.

    I failed to understand this man.. He himself did too much with me.
    I should be mad at him..yes I am angry on him.i hate him.
    I don’t want to see his face….
    But what happened to me.when goons were beating him..
    My breath stooped seeing him.lying on floor..He is mad..He is stubborn. But why he is giving pain to himself??????..
    What he wants now ???if he will break me once again ??…..
    No…I have to ignore him
    But he is standing in front of me asking for forgive ness. You might be think that I am.angry so I don’t want to face him..But truth is I am scared..what if I will melt seeing him like this…seeing him in pain..I am.also getting so much pain..
    But he is just don’t want to listen anything….
    Plz Sso go from my eye side.
    I am melting seeing you like this..
    I am melting..

    Today Noks actually did it fantastically.
    Sso was fighting in one hands..holding MS in another hand.
    That was really tough.
    And CHANDU DI you also portrayed Annika’s emotions perfectly NARBHI NAILED IT.
    Now I have nothing to say.
    Precap-,???????????ok I admit I am melting..seeing Sso shivering in rain….
    OH JANA MALE VOICE..UFFFFFF full on shivika feels…
    And honestly I cried today… was really a good episode…
    I am sleepy..? byyy

    1. Well said Arpu and Glad you are back and hope feeling good. Yes you are right Arpu dear. Silence alone can kill that person. When he shouts and she raises her voice at least they will be talking but when one is really silent and the other keeps pleading that can kill that person. This is the biggest punishment. Nice analysis dear. Happy weekend ?

      1. Hiii Sindhu di …thank you…..yes you are totally right….
        Happy weekend to you too di…..
        Lots of love…..

    2. ???aah

    3. Luthfa

      Hi Arpita,
      Nicely written point of views of Shivika.Now it will be great to watch how they are going to fall in love.Waiting for it eagerly.Take care?

  6. I think our old shivika is back with more romance. I don’ t like anika’s character now . Shivaay become so innocent. The think that i didn’t jnderstand is that what is the reason behind shivika’s breakup.if anyone know how it happens plz explain it to me.

    1. Nazrin dear it is now difficult to explain
      So I can suggest you one thing watch episode of 18th and 19th June ..
      You will understand.
      One thing I can say they are now in alternative is a challenge.
      You need to watch…
      It is bit confusing

    2. Luthfa

      As Arpita mentioned,watch those episodes and you will understand.

  7. Hello everyone, have a good weekend ahead. Hello to my dear Arpu Luthfa Banita, Kadhambari, Jeevi Shiny Beauty Ishita Tania Sneha Shivya and many many more.

    Today’s episode is redemption episode. Nothing wrong in Anika feeling very furious with Shivaay. She won’t be angry for very long. She won’t be able to take it to see her husband without food and standing in the rain. Her wife is always a wife. Wife values their husband more than husbands value their wives. That is the tradition and culture of Indian women. So Anika will bring him in at home next week but she may not be in the best talking terms with him. The you tube showed Anika and Shivaay returning home to the mansion.

    Well I did feel sorry for Shivaay when he got beaten by the goons and standing barefeet under the rain. My heart did go out for him. Then I am thinking about what he did with Anika and tried to tell myself I think nothing wrong in Shivaay suffering a bit.

    This is what a marriage bond is. Anika knows what it means patidev and biwi but Shivaay is only realizing it now .She did not allow him to say that she is my wife. She does not trust him to say that word. It was nice of him to see that Shivaay was holding the mangalsutra in his hand.

    Shivaay it is true what Anika said. You labelled her mistress and now the whole world knows she is your mistress. She has accomplished her mission and saved Priyanka so what right she has to come with you, You still have not admitted to the fact that you called her mistress. Omru are right. You don’t demand forgiveness you need to earn it. It takes hard work to earn the trust and forgiveness. Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

    @Arpu are you feeling fine dear? Hope you are well again

    All of you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your day with your family

    1. I am.already back Sindhu do…
      I am totally fine.
      And yes….Annika is right.
      Yes feeling bad seeing Sso standing in rain that also in bare foot….

    2. Luthfa

      Hello Sindhu di,
      You are absolutely right.Whatever is happening with Shivaay is the outcome of his atrocious action.But Anika is so soft by nature and she will forgive him at the end.Anyway,take care di?

  8. I like old lovely romantic and fighting shivika.can anyone plz explain the reason behind shivika’s breakup

    1. They will be back.
      With double romance.
      But now watch 18th June and 19th June episode…..

  9. One word- wao!

    1. Yup Di…..

    2. Luthfa


  10. Omg! I was soooo angry at SSO…but yeah I too felt sad for him.?I am not melting yet though…? I want him to suffer more…?
    But Billuji I love you most?
    And what i feared for came true? I loved SSO-Gauri bhaiya-behena wala bond so much…but in redux,Gauri doesn’t like SSO?Ahhh,I want their so lovely bond again?
    All the love?

    1. NSK dear….
      your biluji is back…you can accept it..??????..
      Sso will be suffer and he is suffering now.
      With this your Jaan is also standing there …
      ( you know what I mean,??????)..

      1. Haeeee?. SSO tarpe.?but NM hameshaaa khush rahe.?
        Aap kyse ho??

    2. Luthfa

      Hello NSK,
      Seems like you have fallen in love with Shivaay/NM head over heels.Carry on dear????

      1. No.nothing like that honestly. I have fallen for any of them (SSO/nm)
        Me toh masti kar rahi thi.sabne seriously le lya.?

  11. Hello guys im back from the trip how are you i missed you alot i think this episode was very good as im seeing shivaay seeking forgivness from anika as im seeing in his eyes that he loves her so much and he wants her back to him and she loves him as well i think she will forgive him in the next episode and she will be back to oberoi mansion and he will tie the mangalsutra in her neck i told you that daksh will be exposed soon love you guys im waiting for the next episode

    1. Hey Imane welcome back from your trip and I am sure you enjoyed the episode today

    2. Hiii Imane dear welcome back.yarr..
      How was your trip????..
      Yes he will tie MS but it will take time…
      Yes Sso will win her back.
      Yeh waiting for next episode

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Imane,
      Welcome back to PKJ.How are you and how your trip has gone?Hope everything is fine.
      Don’t know when love will knock at the doors of Shivika’s hearts.For the time being Shivaay is trying his best to win Anika?

  12. we audience told this be4 that when shivay will know truth he won’t be able to look at his own eyes. I also want that annika should not forgive him easily like previous track. feeling bad to see condition of shivay but it is ok cause he himself has done a lot with annika which is more than this.
    but hopefully annika will forgive him. in you tube shivay is taking annika with him somewhere n they were dressed up well. is shivay going to announce annika as his wife publicly..???
    but seems like he is forcing…maybe annika won’t forgive him n he will back to his sso avtar…
    whatever eagerly waiting for Monday…
    kaab ayegi….

    1. Annika is dressed up bcoz it’s her birthday…
      And Sso is taking stand for Annika…
      He is giving muh tod jawab to chawl walas……
      Monday will come on 13th August…???

  13. Luthfa

    When you have every right to hold,keep someone close to you and your heart but you simply just can’t,how does it feel?Emotions of heart don’t want to follow the rules of regular human world owing to its stubborn nature and these emotions always push people to do unimaginable,cross extreme limits,what not?Shivaay’s relation with Anika few days back was not even a relation to him which he hated like anything.Now he is trying every possible way to get back to it,to accept it with its due respect.That nuptial chain,symbol of his relation with Anika at one time has seen in Anika’s hand in a scattered and broken state.Now it journeyed back to Shivaay and surprisingly he has taken every care not to part with it no matter what.This is the same nuptial chain which Shivaay claimed one can buy in exchange of 100 rupees from market,seeing it with Anika as a Proof of their marriage,once upon a time.All of a sudden it turned out to be more valuable than his own life because it seems like his life is depending on its existence that he tied around Anika’s neck with the feelings of disgust,hatred,revenge.
    How table turns!The destination of this nuptial chain is very much visible yet so far.That was the time when Shivaay Singh Oberoi announced the fate of it by breaking it with his own hand,dismissed everything calling it a lie,has become the only truth of his life and Shivaay Singh Oberoi is ready to do anything to safeguard it like Anika did,in order to save his relation that she left to him along with her nuptial chain.

    1. Hey Luthfa dear very nice dear. Beautifully penned down. Loved it. Shivaay clenching the mangalsutra only indicates that is the sole connection he has now with Anika. There is nothing else between them besides this mangalsutra. Now he realised the true value and meaning of the mangalsutra. He can’t let go of it. He realised now that Anika is his life. He suddenly is so desperate to locate Anika when he got beaten by the goons and woke up at the mansion. I think Lu she will forgive him and they will return to the mansion but I suppose she will talk to everyone except Shivaay. She probably will be very diplomatic to Shivaay but will still fulfill her duties as a bahu for others’ sake. Shivika moments will be shown and he has to start all over again to love her. Will that not be cool!

      You know Lu this relationship of Husband and Wife is very special and if someone realised the goodness of that person after he or she leaves it is really very hard for that person to live. Shivaay is already getting all the punishment now without being attacked by words. The guilt in him and Anika’s adamancy if not forgiving him already has killed him totally. What worse punishment can he get??? Right nah??

      Take care my dear and have a sweet weekend?

      1. Luthfa

        I am sorry di.My comment got scattered because of network.
        I just loved your analysis and agree with your each and every point.Thank you so very much for your love.Love you di?

    2. KISSA NUPTIAL CHAIN KA…..???????????..
      Ok jokes apart…..
      I loved it Lu..
      It is amazing..

      1. Luthfa

        Hehehe….How to make fun of serious things,one should learn from you???????Okay,joking apart,thank you soooo..much darling,for your love?

  14. Luthfa

    Okay,I have enjoyed today’s episode throughly.Everything is just perfect.Hats off to everyone who was behind today’s episode making.So much is there to write about.Subtle feelings,unspoken words,emotional turmoil….the list will go on.I am going to write complete analysis one by one topic which I liked.God plz give me strength so that I can manage to live up to it.See you soon everyone.Good night?????

    1. Waiting…

      1. Luthfa

        You have to wait more darling.Unfortunately I got stuck with study right now.But I am going to write those analysis definitely?

  15. Mona_2005

    This week was the best week in redux so far
    Another great episode from CVS ( thank u)
    Gauri’s emotional attachment and love for her sister can be protrayed in the first few minutes
    She hold shivaay singh oberoi collar, badi baat hai yaar , this shows that a sister can go to any extent for her sister
    Shivaay yaar TU Kya hai
    Today’s episode was mixed emotions
    I really want to kill those goons are how can they hit sso and how did they say anything about Anika
    After listening anika’s conversation i felt that she shouldn’t forgive him so easily but when goons hitted him, i felt like Anika ja yaar maaf Kar de galti hogayi
    Vaise Anika ne Jo feel Kiya hai na voh kisi bhi ladki ke liye ek nightmare see Kam nahi hoga
    Tu yaar it is justified bit what to do i cant see sso in that state
    Vaise he made all goons fall with just one hand( awesome yaar)
    He was too cute holding M.S in another and he doesn’t use his other hand beacuse M.S is v. Precious
    Vaise omru u always give correct advice to shivaay, love u both
    Male version of oh jaana is lovely
    Anika Chalo yaar ab maaf bhi Kar do
    Truely, i can’t see sso can This
    First i wanted that she shouldn’t forgive sso easily and than I’m saying forgive him
    Mad ppl like me
    Take care every1
    Vaise ek Cheez samaj me nahi aayi ki om ko kaise pata ki shivaay ne Magi mangi thi ya demand Kari thi, voh uss site pe nahi tha

      This is what exact our SSO…?????

    2. But when did SSO demanded forgiveness? I mean how can someone demand forgiveness? Really CVS?

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Mona,
      Whatever it is,we can’t watch Shivaay like that as it hurts.But he is getting his deserving punishment.Waiting for Monday episode.Nice analysis?

  16. Everyone knows that all the actors did justification to their roles especially shivika with the silence and anger and the emotions that were invoked out of the individual heart we’re just too good. No words to describe. He just took all the bashing for anika as a punishment to him.

    Every role was justified properly.

    1. Luthfa

      Agree with you di?

  17. Why billuji can faint in the next episode ? :
    1.because of heavy rain he can get high fever and faint
    2.he has some heart problems and since he has not taken his medicine whole day he can faint
    3.he is already wounded and he can feel dizzy and faint
    4.he can catch cold and have breathing issues and faint
    5.he has not eaten anything whole day and so he can faint
    (But billuji forgets to eat,as Omkara said in the first of redux episodes so the last point is kinda off?)

    OK,billuji agar apko faint hona hay,toh Annika me samne maat hona,aap faint ho Jana aur WO apko baad me dikhegi.Warna aapko dekhke koi bhi bighal jaye ya.???
    SSO ko takleef me dekhke bahut bura lagraha he…??? awe mera cuteeeee billuji…par Annika di unko zyda jaldi maaf na kare…bura toh lagraha he par ye track touching bhi hai…akdam thaa karke lagi hi mammi kasham???

    1. Ooohooo itni sari expectations…..
      Sso kaise behosh honge…..
      Ok go and handle him …woh bhi Annika se chup ke…????

      1. OK ok arpu g….? no,its not expectations ! Its imaginations ! ? harneet g has copyright of making leads faint.As per my counting, Annika fainted 11times,SSO fainted 8times,Omkara 5times,Gauri and Rudra Once.??? i mean see how many times they had fainted,so SSO can faint tomorrow too.? n yeah I like NM.par aap meri taang maat khicho!?? billuji ko serial me sirf Annika aur real me sirf Jankee g pakad sakti hai.mujhe iss pakdam-pakdai me sacchi me koi interest nahi hai.???
        Btw,aap kyse ho?hope acche ho.lots of love?
        (Ps:don’t take me serious.i am almost never serious.i am loved how were sweetly pulling my leg??)

      2. I loved* (in the last sentence)?

    2. Luthfa

      Hahaha….Pushpa di has gotten her competitor in showing love for Shivaay.Very good going???????????

  18. Guys report this video from the link stated below,someone roasted IB!

  19. Luthfa

    Yeah,almost everyone is feeling sad for Shivaay but he himself brought such disaster.And Anika is dressed up for her birthday?

  20. Luthfa

    Wow di,you have described it so,so beautifully.I agree with your each and every point.Don’t know what will Anika do next but waiting to see Shivika in love with each other.
    Thank you soooooooo…very much for your precious love.Love you di?

  21. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is good… Please cvs end this track soon

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