Dil Dosti Dance Chappter 1

Hello guys this is my first article so sorry for mistakes:)
This is continued a month after the real end.
Rey,Kriya,SHaron and Swayam are dancing together. It is a wedding.
kriya goes to changing room because her outfit is icthing. Rey follows her.Rey pulls kriya to corner and they have eyelock and romance. kriya runs away.
ey laughs. kriya starts talking with sharon but sharon is staring at swayam who is talking with a girl
kriya notices and teases sharon. kriya says go go find your love.
sharon goes and pulls swayam swyam says what! i was talking with her!
sharon says go go marry her! sharon crosses her arms and turns around.swayam pulls her close to him and hugs her and says sorry.
kriya is walking there is a puddle of juice on the ground kriya is about to step on this but rey runs and saves her. they have a eyelock .
a girl and boy come to rey,kriya,sharon and swayam and say its time.
Whos wedding is this and who were those boy and girl

Thank you guys this is my first article so tel me what you think in the comments down below:)

  1. wow…wow….woow… d3 …thanq for recreating the magic yaar….

  2. Nice one yaar

  3. Osm……thnq for an fr on d3…….pls continue……and give us long updates too pls?

  4. Thank you so much guys im from canada and when i found out about d3 i thought it was awesome but by that time it was already finsed so i read the writtin updates and when fan fic came out this was my first atricle.
    And Tttt my next chapter will be longer
    Thanks once again! 🙂

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