Promises To Keep Chapter 2 (Part 4)

Part 4: True Silence
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I looked at Aadhi and I didn’t know what to do. Was I supposed to say hi to him… or was I supposed to talk about the issue between Ashwin and Lakshi. My head was bursting with questions, until Aadhi finally said, “I am so sorry for what my brother did, he just got very frustrated.”, he said. I looked at him, and then I took a deep breath. “Why are you saying sorry? It has nothing to do with you”, I said to him assuringly. “Well I should have told him on the spot and explained to him that Lakshi would never do anything like that.”, he said ashamed. “Aadhi,I didn’t say anything either, I was just shocked, I didn’t know what to say, so I just stood there. Makes me a great sister”, I said sarcastically. “I know…. but Lakshi would’ve stood up for us”, he said. I looked at him, and examined the words that just came out of his mouth. “Lakshi would’ve stood up for us”, I repeated. “Ya… you’re definitely right.”, I said. I felt bad about myself at that point. I was her one minute older sister, yet I wasn’t able to do anything. Why though? I didn’t have the answer to that. “Well, the past is the past. Let’s just hope they become friends again soon.” He forced a smile across his face. “Ya you’re right.. let’s head to class.” I smiled at him and we walked to our first period class together. Aadhi was right, now this problem was in the hands of Ashwin and Lakshi.
Lakshi was walking into her class, thinking about the day before. She was tired and exhausted. She finally got to the door. She walked into her class, but stopped as she looked around. “Lakshi you are late. What have you been doing?” Mrs. Anderson asked. “I uhm.. ya sorry.. won’t happen again Mrs. A.” She stammered. Mrs. Anderson motioned Lakshi to go sit down, so Lakshi sat down. Ashwin was already in class, and was now staring at Lakshi. “Maybe she forgot.. or maybe she doesn’t care anymore..” Ashwin thought. He looked towards Lakshi but Lakshi didn’t look back. She was copying the notes that were on the board, and didn’t care to talk or look at Ashwin. Class seemed longer than usual to Ashwin, but finally the bell rang. All the students got up from their chairs and left the classroom. Lakshi grabbed her bag and walked towards her locker. Ashwin really wanted to talk to her, but his ego just didn’t let him give in. Lakshi opened her locker and started to put her binders in. Meanwhile Ethan was walking past Lakshi’s locker. Seeing that, Ashwin yelled, “Yooo man, what are you doing here, get away from her!!!” Lakshi turned around and faced Ashwin. Then she turned her head and glanced at Ethan. She raised her eyebrows. Ethan gave Lakshi a baffled look. “This is the way I go to my physics class dude, what’s your problem?”, Ethan said. Ashwin looked at him in the eyes. “Sure…”, he said. “Ashwin why are you even here? Ethan isn’t even trying to talk to me and he’s minding his own business.” Lakshi responded staring at Ashwin. “What? But he..” Ashwin began, but Lakshi cut him off. “Why do you care anyways?”, Lakshi said to him indignantly. “And Ethan… please get out of my face!”, she said, so he turned around and carelessly walked away. Lakshi closed her locker, but as she put the lock on the locker door, Ashwin said, “Lakshi I’m..” Lakshi paused and looked at Ashwin. “You’re what Ashwin?” Lakshi asked as serenely as she could. “…Nothing.” Ashwin responded after a long pause. Lakshi stared at Ashwin in disbelief. “Wow are you kidding me? Can’t even say it after I give him the chance to speak.” Lakshi thought. With that Lakshi slammed her locker and walked off the opposite direction,as Ashwin just watched her leave.
Class was finally over, so Aadhi and I walked to my locker as we talked about our new lab report assignment. “Ughhh…. do you have a partner for your lab report?”, he asked unassuringly. “Uhh.. no… not yet.” , I said. “Oh… wanna be my partner?”, he said quickly. “Oh no!”, I said to him. “There’s no way I wanna be your partner, you’ll make me do all the work, and you will sit there watching, and then tell the teacher you did fifty percent of the work.”, I said rolling my eyes. “I promise I will help you! It’s a promise I will keep!”, he pleaded. “No thank you, that’s what you said last time too”, I said as I opened my locker door. “I swear, I owe you anyways.”, he said. “Owe me for what?”, I asked confused. “Well I didn’t tell you about my twin, you came outside for me during the lockdown risking your life, and my brother embarrassed your sister.” He said as we walked down to the cafeteria. That’s when I stopped and looked at him. When I stopped he looked at me, and that’s when I saw benevolence and sympathy in his eyes that I’ve never seen before. Aadhi seemed like a different person. “What’s wrong?” He poked my shoulder. “Oh uhhh…. nothing”, I said, and we continued to walk. We entered the cafeteria and that’s when he said, “It must be fun being the youngest.”, he said to me. I looked at him weirdly. “Youngest? I’m not the youngest.”, I said. “You aren’t?”, he asked. “No, Lakshi is younger than me.”, I replied. We sat down at a table. “Really? She just seems more fierce”, he said. I glared at him, and I knew what he was trying to say, but I still asked. “What are you trying to say? I’m more responsible than her”, I said. He smirked. “And who’s the youngest between you and Ashwin again?”, I asked. “I am”, a voice said. That’s when I turned around, and Ashwin was just standing there. He stood there with an innocent smile across his face. I was about to smile at him because that’s what I do, smile when someone smiles at me. But I remembered what he did to Lakshi, so I quickly turned my head away. “I gotta go”, Aadhi said. “Wait…. no no….”, I whispered to him, he could tell I really wanted him to stay. I didn’t want to be alone with Ashwin, he ruined my sister’s reputation at this school! “I gotta go, I didn’t finish the test from yesterday so Mr. Smith wants me to do it now.”, He said rolling his eyes. I frowned at him, but he glanced at me, and then disappeared. “Jerk”, I thought.
Ashwin sat across from me. “Where’s Maya and Sayohn?”, he asked casually as he took out his container from his bag. “They’re coming…I think”, I said, and I knew he could tell I didn’t want to talk to him. “Funny how you didn’t ask about Lakshi”, I mumbled. “What?”, he said. “Nothing”, I said, and I continued eating my sandwich. He looked at me, and then he started to say something. “You know… I…”, but then I saw Lakshi walk in. She was shoving something into her bag when she walked in but then she looked up, saw Ashwin and directly turned around and walked straight out the way she came from, she didn’t even stop. I dropped the tissue beside me on purpose. “Oh… could you pick that up for me?”, I asked Ashwin. Ashwin looked at me as if I was crazy, and then he bent down to pick up the tissue. “Lakshi!”, I whispered loudly. Lakshi paused and turned around, she could hear me from anywhere. I motioned for her to come, but she shook her head. “Nuh uhh”, she mouthed. I put my hands together so she could see that I was begging for her to come and save me from this awkwardness, but she shook her head again.

“Oh my god!”, I yelled, and then I put my hands over my mouth. “What?”, Ashwin said, and with that, Lakshi ran away. I looked at Ashwin and then said, “nothing… just hit my toe against the table…” Then he said, “I’m sorry, are you ok?” That’s when I realized that Ashwin was innocent and legitimate, and that if it wasn’t for Ethan, he wouldn’t have doubted Lakshi in the first place. I felt empathetic for him, and I realized I needed to speak up for Lakshi now, before it’s too late. “Ashwin…Lakshi just walked in and left.”, I said, looking guilty. “She did?”, he asked, and he turned around and looked at the cafeteria door entrance. “Yeah…”, I said. “She never meant to hurt you, I mean Lakshi is insane, and is the irritable type, and is sometimes obnoxious, and very stubborn, and selfish sometimes….”, he smiled at me and agreed as I said this. “I don’t know where I’m going with this.” I said. He chuckled and then he said, “she didn’t do it… I mean she didn’t spread rumours about me, I figured that out after”. “You did? But how?”, I asked him. “The way she talked to me that night after I yelled at her… the exasperation in her eyes told me that something happened, and it had nothing to do with her.”, he said as he took a bite out of his food. “Oh well, you should talk to her then..”, I said. I didn’t want to tell him to say sorry to her because that would sound controlling, so I let him choose the meaning of ‘talking to her’. “I was trying to… but it’s difficult”, he said. Clearly Ashwin was different than Aadhi. Aadhi had the biggest ego ever, he could never say sorry and he wouldn’t even try,he doesn’t even help with work. At this point, I felt like I had to help Ashwin, because I needed a better friend than Aadhi. “We can help”, Maya said as she walked in with Sayohn and they both sat beside us. “I can help too”, I said, and Ashwin smiled at me. “Thanks Abi”, he said, and I smiled back at him. “Now…”, Sayohn said. “I have a plan”.
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