Ek anokhi kahani (friendly accident) Episode 3

Its a four road junction
Laksh and arjun are travelling in one car .
Ragini and dev are in another car .
Both cars are opposite to each other,when signsl turns into green colour. They started their respective cars.
When laksh car is about to turn suddenly a car which is before them breakdowns,because if sudden jerk, rags turns the cars wheel forcily towards laksh. And then they laksh hits breakdown cars .
Rags dev laksh and arjun gets down from car and check their cars goesvto towards the main cars
Rags and laksh asks them to come out .meanwhile dev asks her to deal calmly and she noeds yes to him.two ladies gets down from car( swara and sumi)
Swara says to sumi

Swara:- see they will make a big scene now.
Sumi:- mistake is our right so we have to face them. And by seeing them if we xplsin situation they will definetly understand us.
Swara:- really maa fo think like that kk then lets
see how they will create a scene or not.

They get down from cars before sumi tries to speak rags start speaking with out pullstop.
Ragini:- are you ok aunty . What hsppen your car suddenly stopped. Is your health good or
else tell us aunty we both are doctors.
Sumi swara open their mouth towards rags
Lsksh who slowly turns his head towards rags by opening mouth
Rags who observes this asks wat happen y u all are looking at me like this.
Dev:- by laughing because ragooo you are only talking and if u gave a chance then only they can tell something right.
Sumi and swara gets shocked by their nature and xplain entire incident .
Laksh driver comes and says car is not starting.
Laksh:- thinks a while and asks if any any car repair center us their.
Driver,:- yes sir
Laksh then u guide thier driver also and make two cars get repaired and we will get taxi ok.
Driver nodes yes
Sumi:- its ok beta we will manage.
Arjun:- its ok aunty dont worry .
We will arrange you tsxi

Rags,:- hi as your both cars get dreakdown. We will offer you lift come .
Laksh and arjun accepts but sumi and swara thinks awhile.
Dev who observes this and says .
Dev:- i know aunty u r thinking hiw to travel with 4 unkoen boys right but ur mistsken one girl is there and points towards rags but still u have ptoblem then tjink u r travelling with 3 humaneing and one monkey
Rags with angry face says very funny
Rags:- aunty do ever ever notice a donkey saying to himself as humanbeing .no naa then he is non other than my brother.
They all laugh and accpet thier lift
Before that a traffic police comes their and scolds rags as do u think this is your come ur doing comedy in between road in higher voice .
By lisening it rags eyes get wet

Dev:- who gets angry by seeing tears in and rags eyes and the ways he spoke to her sister he goes towards police and says.
Mind your language you have no right to speak like that do u nw wst happen here .first get that info and .
Laksh interrepts to calm dowm dev
And arjun goes to police and xplains everytjing
Ask them to give their and family information
Laksh and arjun give their entire info as sumi and swara does same
When dev say he is dev raichand cardio and her sister ragini raichand a general surgeaon her dad and mom are also surgeons.
By collecting info police says all are from highly society people thats why ur parents spoiled dis they ever make u learnt something or not.
By this laksh gets angry and says do u involue our parents upbringing here.they thought good
thats why we untill didnt use our fame and before he could speak arjun holds his hsnd and says.
Arjun:- bhai control plzz.

Police :- i going to inform whole incident to your parents.
Dev:- do wat ever u want but remember one thing dont ever talk to a girl like that and mainly
to my sister get that .
By seeing his anger state rags make with and remaing to move from that place.
Rags and dev are sitting in front sests sumi and
swsra are in middle and laksh and arjun are at back. There is a dead silence in car.
Rags:- bhai bhai
Rags:- bhai … its ok naa afterall mistake is mine .why are showing anger on him.
Dev:- why means wat rags . I kniw that mistake is ours but he has no right to dpeak in thst way that too with you.
Remaing all are moving their eyes towards rags and dev with heads constant.
By the way i m slso there right he c as n scold me instead of you .todays because of him i saw tears inyour eye and one more thing u better remember always.who ever will becone readon for your tears naa i will break their bones into pieces .
Rags :- done and u know wst i will do. I will collect that particular person and make him admit in our own hospital i will paste his bones back.so here deal ok ,abb tho smie karoo.
Dev:- atlast smilez

Rags get relaxed in seat snd says finslly my mad donkey brother smiled.
Swara :- congrates u succeded.
Rags smiles and they share hi five
Sumi:- i have two daughters beta i thought they share best bonding but today by watching u four of u i very hsppy .
God bless you all.
Rags:- swara i have seen you some were, if i was not wrong are u singer.
Swara:- yes,
Rsgs:- that singer who dont like publucity right.
Swara:- haa, actually because of overpublicity it will become impossible for us too move out like other nornal people thats why i hate .
Rags:-wow snd i love your all songs. I dont have that time but i nanage to lisen your songs love them a lot.
Swara:- thank you so much .
Arjun:- even our frds are crazy for uu
I will say to them that i met u ofcourse they wont belive still i m happy to meet u
Swara:- thank you arjun mean while rags phone rings and its shows as mom calling.

Episode ends with their dev and rags tensed faces

Sry for delay actually i uploaded yesterday but itd didnt show there is problem in my wifi thats why

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  23. Hi guys thanks for liking my ff and as per ur wish i uploaded next episode just now dnt know when it will updated

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