Dil Dosti Dance 8th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Dosti Dance 8th November 2013 Written Episode, Dil Dosti Dance 8th November 2013 Written Update

Sharon follows Swayam and tries to stop him by standing on the way of his cycle.Swayam stops and asks her why she is doing this.What if she gets hurt.Sharon says she dont care about being hurt.Swayam asks if she is mad.She says yes.Swayam says why she is making it difficult for him.He is trying hard to control himself.Sharon says why he is controlling himself.He can get angry with her as he is having right on her.He says he lost that right long time ago.He says he is not getting affected by her actions.She says she wont stop trying as she is trying from her heart.He says she is making him uncomfortable.When they have decided not to disclose about their past in front of anyone,why she is making him uncomfortable.He dont want anyone to know that a dazzler and a weakling were in relationship and he dont want anyone to know this.She says she loves him.He cuts her saying she dont love him.If she really loved him she would have cared for his feelings.He leaves the place leaving a upset Sharon behind.

Sharon is determined not to stop trying to get back her love.Swayam looks at the moon (BG music yun shabnami).Rey sings yun shabnami with his friends.Next day Swayam faces Sharon when he is in Lakshman’s attire.Sharon admires him in that attire.She looks at Swayam who is playing Lakshman on stage and gets lost in him.Team enacts Sita Swayambar scene and Sharon keeps on admiring Swayam who is on stage.Sharon leaves back stage and goes to the corridor still lost in Swayam’s thoughts.Rinni and Simi call her and she comes out of his trance .

Team enacts the complete Ramayan i.e. banvan,Sita haran and final battle .They complete the play and audience cheer them with applauds .After the play gang goes and changes into their dance costumes.Nana announces on stage that ST Louis dance team will perform next.Gang performs bhangda dance with great energy and coordination on Rang De basanti song.Girls perform a small piece of Lavni between the dance.

After the event team celebrates with Nana.Nana says they were very good on stage.He appreciates them for their unity.Rinni asks some silly question Nana gets hyper.Gang tries to calm him down.Nana says he was just acting.Rey says Nana they will love to work with him again.Nana says even he enjoyed working with so many youngsters but he didnt like Sharon.He calls her arrogant.All boys start teasing her.Vicky says they are tolerating her as she is their childhood friend but other guys dont like her.Especially Swayam hates her.Sharon asks Swayam if he really hates her.Swayam is shocked at her question and remains silent.Sharon repeats her question.Finally Rey changes the topic and asks Nana to says something about him.Nana says because of him Sharon got angry.Nana says she is harsh from outside but she is a soft hearted person just like coconut.Rey and Swayam silentsly approves his statement.Bharat says Sharon cant be like coconut.Simi and Rinni supports Nana.Rey says Nana is right,she is very soft hearted.Sharon says Swayam should answer her question if he hates her.

Precap:Swayam gets call from his Dad.He informs him Taani is getting engaged.Swayam says its not possible.His dad says he can ask her himself.Taani enters Swayam’s room saying surprise.

Update Credit to: deep_Tanha

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